10web booster best speed optimization plugin

10web booster best speed optimization plugin

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10web booster best speed optimization plugin has got me thinking about how it works because I still can believe how the plugin was designed that makes it to perform speed increment magic of 90 plus. As a blogger a reader or say you want to buy something on the internet and you come across a slow-loading web page especially when you are so much interested in getting the said product, you know how frustrating that could be that you may even end up not making the purchase because of a slow web page.

As a website owner it is safe to say that you are actually here because you are searching for a WordPress page speed plugin that will naturally accelerate your WordPress site so your reader and customers will happily navigate around your webpage without speed limitation?

Then 10Web booster best speed optimization plugin is the precisely exact thing you're searching for and I will prove it to you in this article, just keep reading and you will be glad you came across this article

What is 10web booster

10web booster

10Web booster is not just an ordinary WordPress plugin but an advanced plugin with a speed advancement module for working on the general performance of any website. Once you have 10web booster on your site, then forget about speed load and concentrate on the more important things because that section will be handled by the plugin

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10Web booster is an across-the-board answer for upgrading sites. It carries out many speed enhancement strategies from basic minification to JS delay and basic CSS for frontend advancement and super-quick facilitating for backend improvement. With 10Web booster there is a compelling reason need to run another speed improvement module alongside 10Web. They have got all you need to make your website speed be recognized by google

Why choose 10web booster

With 10Web Booster speed optimization plugin a 90+ PageSpeed score and pass Core Web Vitals automatically is guaranteed. Your site will rank higher on Google, increase conversions and grow your business. This Powerful WordPress performance plugin will transform your website in no time to something that will surprise you because it will be enhancing the visitors’ user experience, SEO, engagement, and conversion rates. With 10Web booster the speed optimization plugin, rather than driving your site to stack a colossal picture when the client's just searching for a thumbnail, you'll have a holder explicit picture available to you.


By merging and minifying CSS and HTML, it is possible to cut the size of files by a few bytes. This is significant since larger files use more resources, which could slow down how quickly page loads.

It is common practice to compress large algorithmic JS programs. Crunching JS code, or eliminating any superfluous spaces and comments, speeds up WordPress by cutting down on the time it takes to download JavaScript.

Only through the prioritizing of crucial CSS and the deferral of JavaScript is it feasible to have content that is instantly accessible when a user enters your website. This is how 10Web Booster, the finest WordPress performance plugin, guarantees a 90+ page speed score.


10Web Booster speed optimization plugin works on desktop and mobile versions of websites of any complexity. Optimize your website pages, experiment with every mode we offer, and obtain rewarding results from the best WordPress speed plugin in the market.

Lazy load

How to increase WordPress performance is to cater to the user's attention span. You accomplish that by executing only the most important information in the first few seconds and lazy loading graphics. Images that maintain low latency and a high speed on your website reduce bounce rate and work in your favor.

According to studies on WebP compression, a WebP picture file is typically 25–34% smaller than a comparable JPEG image.

A comparable PNG picture is 26% smaller.

Therefore, it seems sensible that this conversion would significantly impact and enhance your WordPress website speed.

Complete CSS downloads slow down the appearance of your WordPress website. The least number of stylesheets required for the appropriate rendering of the web page's visible content is loaded when a user first views the pages, with the remaining stylesheets being delivered as needed. Critical CSS aids in passing the Core Web Vitals and doesn't prevent page rendering.

Web font optimization

The optimization and compression of web font loading may help you pass the Core Web Vitals test and improve your Google ranking.

For the following reason, your material will be presented in a generic font to bridge the gap until your original font style is set up because the competition is fierce and every millisecond matters.

Benefits of using 10web booster

There is a variety of stuff on your website that is hidden until the viewer scrolls down, from graphics to video adverts because when a user doesn't scroll, they shouldn't have to download a lot of data.

This idea is represented by 10web booster the best speed optimization plugin, which believes that consumers shouldn't ever be made to pay for a slower website.

With 10web booster best speed optimization plugin, you may use a container-specific image rather than making the user load a large image when they only want to see a thumbnail.

  • improved search engine results
  • Increase in conversions of up to 7%
  • Increased engagement of mobile traffic of up to 53%
  • 90+ automated Optimized PageSpeed Core Web Vitals
  • An increase in visitor engagement of up to 40%
  • optimization of the homepage and five additional pages with embedded photos

How compatible it is with other hosting services

On any hosting, 10web booster best speed optimization plugin operates without issues. Even websites housed on cheap, slow hosting servers can be made faster using it. The most efficient and secure way of optimization for your website is found by 10Web Booster. Before publishing the optimized version, all optimization techniques are evaluated in a sandbox environment on a copy of a webpage to guarantee optimal performance and proper operation. This lessens the chance of a website crash.

Because 10Web Booster best speed optimization plugin is continually updated and in step with Google's algorithms and updates, the effects of WordPress speed optimization will continue for as long as your website is connected to it.

Front-end optimization

On any hosting, complete frontend optimization using 10Web Booster is possible. You can greatly improve your website's performance and Core Web Vitals by doing this. On 10Web's high-performance hosting, which is a part of the Booster Pro, you can improve the backend if you genuinely desire a performance boost.

You will be routed to your dashboard once you have connected your website and begun optimizing your homepage. You can add and optimize more pages using the URL slot found in the General tab. The free edition lets you add up to five inner pages. They will be optimized in the manner specified as the default for your homepage, but you can always alter the mode from the Custom rules for a particular page.

Does 10web booster available in pro

10web booster is available in the pro version and that is where you will even enjoy it to the peck because of premium features that are not available on the free version like

  • The 10Web hosting, which is a part of Booster Pro, accelerates your backend
  • Google Cloud's lightning-fast hosting architecture
  • enhancing server performance
  • Increased WordPress performance
  • PHP and MySQL versions that are current for faster performance
  • quicker than 200ms TTFB
  • Automated updates to the WordPress core and plugins
  • faster dynamic pages and the WordPress admin
  • Additionally, automated real-time backups

Final thought

We all know that when there is only one-speed optimizer patch active for any given website at once, WordPress's functioning is at its peak.

So, I highly recommend not to install another speed optimizer plugin when using 10web booster but for any reason here are the recommended plugins that will also help to boost your website but remember it can never be like 10web booster

Hope this article was helpful, let’s have your thought in the comment section on your best WordPress optimization plugin, and also please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel… SHALOM

What is 10web booster?

With a 10web booster 90+ PageSpeed score and pass, 10Web Booster is the speed optimization plugin for enhancing the overall performance of any website. Core Web Vitals comes with a guarantee. Google will rank your site higher, conversions will rise, and your business will expand.10web booster

Is 10web booster mobile friendly?

Yes, 10web booster is compatible with mobile, it optimizations your website for both mobile and desktop

Is 10web booster free?

Yes, they have free and pro versions of 10web booster and you will be glad to test it out if you really want to increase and improve your website performance

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