10web booster vs Autoptimize which one is better

Today, a website’s performance is no longer the only factor to consider; speed is also crucial. The bounce rate, customer satisfaction, conversion rate, and income are all directly impacted by speed. Surface adjustments are no longer sufficient to increase website speed, and not all speed plugins offer a website’s best possible optimization. Let’s compare the features and functionalities of the top WordPress speed optimization tools, 10Web Booster vs Autoptimize, in order to understand plugin performance and efficacy better.

10web booster

10 web booster

A WordPress plugin called 10Web Booster aids in enhancing the functionality of your website. It may be used to enhance the performance of both simple and complex websites because it is made to operate with WordPress websites of all sizes.

The plugin offers a number of functions, such as caching, minification, and compression, that can help to enhance website performance. Other capabilities like slow loading and prefetching are also included, which might help to enhance user experience on your website.

When seeking a complete solution to enhance website performance, 10Web Booster is a fantastic option. It has a lot of useful features and is simple to use.

Features of 10web booster

Any website of any complexity can be used with 10Web Booster on both PC and mobile. Get the best speed service available by optimizing your website pages, experimenting with all of their modes, and seeing satisfying results.

View the entire list of features for the 10Web Booster below to learn more about everything they have got in stock for you.

  • Core Web Vitals Automated
  • 90+ PageSpeed Optimization
  • Improved search engine results
  • Increase in conversions of up to 7%
  • An increase in visitor engagement of up to 40%
  • Increased engagement of mobile traffic by up to 53%

What is Autoptimize?


A WordPress plugin called Autoptimize aids in the performance and speed optimization of your website. It can be beneficial to minify HTML and CSS code, optimize JavaScript code, and decrease the file size of your web pages. The lazy loading of images, which occurs only when they are visible on the screen, can also be aided by autoptimize. This can speed up how quickly your website loads.

Which plugin is best?

The main differences between Web Booster and Autoptimize make each plugin more appropriate for particular jobs.

The finest tool for optimizing the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on your website is Autoptimize. Additionally, it can minify your code, which could help your website load faster.

The finest tool for image optimization on your website is 10Web Booster. By lowering the size of your photographs, you can also speed up your website.

Overall, every plugin has advantages and disadvantages of its own. The plugin that is most appropriate for the job you need it to do should be chosen however keep reading and you will get more detailed facts on why one is still better than the other.

How to pick the ideal plugin for your needs

Autoptimize, and 10Web Booster are the main plugins that people employ to improve their websites even though we have more, in this article, we are comparing the two mentioned above.

Your intention for using the plugin should be your top priority. Autoptimize or 10web Booster are wonderful options if you want to speed up your website. However, Web Booster would be a better choice if your goal is to increase your website’s SEO.

10 web booster vs autoptimize
10 web booster vs autoptimize

Which plugin is therefore ideal for you?

Your particular demands and objectives will really determine this. However, using any of the two plugins can be a terrific strategy to increase traffic to, and speed up your website.

You should also think about whether you want a free or paid plugin. Both the Autoptimize and Web Booster plugins are free. The free plugins might be a better choice if you have a limited budget. The premium edition of 10web Booster is worthwhile if you’re prepared to spend some money to receive the greatest results.

Finally, take into account your level of technical proficiency. Even for new users, Autoptimize and Web Booster are both fairly simple to use. WP Rocket is more complicated and might need some coding skills to use it successfully, despite the fact that it is not included in our comparison.

More detailed features for 10web booster

10Web Booster supports mobile devices as well.

You can speed up your WordPress site on desktop and mobile devices with 10Web Booster.

All websites support 10Web Booster.

The speed of any WordPress website is automatically optimized with 10Web Booster.

Caching features that 10Web Booster offer?

Page and file caching are both used by 10Web. Dynamic webpages are stored in them as static files. When a returning visitor accesses your website, the cache instantly loads a “static” version of your website. Any website that has been enhanced using 10Web Booster, even one that is not hosted by 10Web, can use this feature. There are even more caching alternatives for websites hosted with 10Web, such as NGINX FastCGI Cache.

10Web Booster takes the place of all optimization plugins for caching, images, and other things.

Yes. An all-in-one tool for website optimization is 10Web Booster. It uses a wide range of approaches for performance optimization, including basic minification, JS delay, crucial CSS creation, and super-fast hosting for the backend. Running another speed-optimization plugin in addition to 10Web is not necessary. The only significant feature that is still missing is CDN, although it is in the plan.

What distinguishes 10Web Booster from cache plugins?

In order to speed up your website, caching plugins simply cache files, delete site cache, compress cached pages, and conduct HTML minification. They run inside WordPress servers and don’t need external servers to function.

What distinguishes the four types of optimizations?

The following are the settings for your WordPress performance optimization plugin:

  • Minification and compression of CSS and HTML
  • JS minification and compression with page caching
  • Image Enhancement
  • Image Slow font switching
  • Image Format to WebP iFrame and Video Conversion idle load
  • Specific Image Resizing for Containers
  • Balanced mode incorporates Critical CSS Generation and Standard mode capabilities.

Strong mode offers the characteristics of Standard mode plus. Every JS Delay

Standard mode features plus Critical CSS Generation and All JS Delay are included in Extreme mode.

Conclusion for 10web booster

More than just a plugin, 10Web Booster is a service that uses a variety of optimization methods to speed up your website. Instead of running the solution inside the WordPress hosting server, these strategies can only be used using a specific service for website optimization (10Web Booster services).

More detailed features for autoptimize

  • WordPress plugin for optimization
  • Controls more than a million websites
  • Free license, no premium option because premium requires a manual optimization service
  • 4.7 stars out of 5 on wp.org
  • Does not provide page caching
  • Not a provider of image optimization
  • Only a third-party, paid add-on is available for critical CSS production, and JS delay must be explicitly entered.
  • Doesn’t possess a CDN
  • Does not guarantee specific Core Web Vitals Page Speed scores or Google PageSpeed rankings.
  • Suitable for all WordPress hosting services
  • Combinable with some cache WordPress extensions
  • pleasant user interface

Conclusion on autoptimize

When used in conjunction with other optimization plugins, settings may clash and result in compatibility issues.

When your optimization requirements can be satisfied by script and style compression, minification, and slow image loading, Autoptimize provides a limited option for optimizing webpages. It is deficient in advanced automated approaches including crucial CSS and JS delay as well as caching, image optimization, and other crucial optimization features. Its key selling point is that it is open source and may be used in conjunction with more sophisticated solutions. The drawback is that most caching plugins do the same functions as Autoptimize, so pairing plugins requires care and troubleshooting compatibility difficulties.

My experience

Even WP Rocket does not have the same robust frontend optimization tools as 10Web Booster, which I will describe in my subsequent article. Additionally, 10Web Booster provides tools at the hosting level that address problems that can only be fixed by switching hosts. It guarantees appropriate website functionality and eliminates the possibility of website breakdown.

My recommendation

If you ask me which one is the best, I’ll choose 10web Booster since it allows you to pass Core Web Vitals and obtain a PageSpeed score of 90+, which is necessary to increase a website’s Google ranking, bounce rate, user satisfaction, and conversion rate. While autoptimize is a basic plugin focused on file optimization and lacks essential capabilities for speed optimization, 10Web Booster, the WordPress optimization plugin, proved to be the most effective plugin for speed optimization in every way.

Final thought

To sum up, every one of these plugins provides a special set of capabilities that might be useful for any WordPress website. If you’re looking for a plugin to improve the speed of your website, Autoptimize or WP Rocket can be an excellent choices. However, 10Web Booster would be a better choice if you’re searching for a plugin that can also assist with other elements of your website, such as security and backups. The perfect plugin for you will ultimately depend on your unique demands and specifications.

10 web booster vs autoptimize
10 web booster vs autoptimize
10 web booster vs autoptimize
10 web booster vs autoptimize
10 web booster vs autoptimize
10 web booster vs autoptimize
10 web booster vs autoptimize
10 web booster vs autoptimize
10 web booster vs autoptimize

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