6 SEO Hacks that will increase your site traffic

6 SEO Hacks that will increase your site traffic

These steps in this 6 SEO hacks that will increase your site traffic may help you rank higher on page one if you follow them. There is no guarantee for the results, as it depends on what your niche is. It could work sooner for me than it would for you, but if you follow the guide correctly you will see changes in your SEO search result

But before we proceed to the hacks lets understand what search engine optimization (SEO) is

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is the process of getting your website to rank higher in search results than other websites. This can be done through a variety of strategies, such as by creating quality content and linking back to your site or by advertising. In this 6 SEO Hacks that will increase your site traffic you will get to know more about what to do and how to implement them to your site

Search engine optimization is necessary for online marketing because search is one of the primary ways that users navigate the web.

Search results are listed in order, so if your website is higher up on a list of search results, more traffic will come to your site. 40-60% of traffic on a search query typically goes to the result at number one, with significantly less going to the second and third result. 2-3% of those who have looked up that search already have clicked past the first page of results.

Now that we know what search engine optimization is, which you can actually learn more on the best search engine to work with it's time to get started with critical steps of the SEO process that might help to improve your site rankings.

1.     Keywords techniques

The length of your article will determine which SEO strategy will benefit you the most. It's important to do your research beforehand and be aware that SEO is not fixed.

Experts that have studied SEO agree that 1% to 2% keyword density is needed for Google to be able to understand your article's intention.

A blog I read with good number of monthly visitors said that they write an article with around 800-1000 words with the targeted keyword used 7-8 times. However, this number goes up to 10 uses of the keyword if it is largely related.

Related keywords are important for search engines. It helps your article rank for different keywords if people are using related words when looking for information on the internet. Having more than one keyword listed in your article will help you reach more of your readers, who may be searching with a specific topic in mind, and 1-2% keyword density in your article will be of a good step to get your site ranked and with this 6 SEO Hacks you will get there before you know it

When inputting keywords in the beginning of your content, make sure to use them a few times. If you only include one or two keywords, Google may not easily understand the intent of your article. And with the use of keyword research tools can help you immensely

2.     Image optimization is another great hack

In case you don't know, images rank on Google too sometimes. There are some cases when images bring traffic to your site.

Optimizing images which can easily be done here is the next most important factor for optimizing a blog post. For example, with the following steps you can have quality images within your blog post. But if you want to get a complete detailed guide on how to optimize your site image then here are the complete tools you need

  • Reduce the size of your photos to minimize their load time and its negative impact on SEO.
  • Don’t just name your image file as “XYZ.jpeg”, try think about what the image will represent or if it offers a special memory. Give it an identity that you can talk about in the content of your blog post as well.
  • To keep Google bots up to date, define the alt tags for images so they can understand context and rank accordingly.

3.     Use captivating headlines

Headlines is the first thing people notice when they search for anything on Google and it plays a very important role in increasing your google search traffic

A catchy and attention-grabbing headline will help your blog posts rank well in google search.

Your blog will not be highly ranked if the headline is not optimized for search engine traffic.

You should include your main keyword in the beginning of your headline, as it helps Google understand your content. From there, you can go on to write a catchy headline. I never knew all these are past of website ranking but since I started using my site is performing well

For example, if your main keyword is ‘SEO Hacks', use this phrase: 6 SEO Hacks to crack Googles’ first page.

4.     Incorporate meta-descriptions into blogs

What is meta-description

The snippet below the headline is called a meta description and Google uses it to understand what your post is about so that when someone searches for it on Google, it will show up in front of them.

The meta-description is often automatically generated by Google, but you should still input one because it may not accurately represent the article. New AI platforms can generate custom meta-descriptions with machine learning for a post's quality and accuracy.

Make sure you are writing a well-structured meta-description. Include your main keyword, have strong sentences and a hook.

5.     SEO content hack of writing lengthy articles

Blog posts that are long tend to rank higher in Google than shorter ones, according to SerpIQ. Study reveals the role length plays in SEO ranking when written well

Provide an extensive and scientific analysis for your given topic that is not misleading to readers. Your post should provide information. This will make both your reader and Google happy.

I write articles that are on the longer side, so they’re ranked as one of the best pages on Google.

Try these techniques and see the results. If the techniques don't work quickly, they will eventually start working.

6.     Short post

Search engine optimization studies should be taken with a grain of salt because they don't reflect the actual correlation between search engine optimization success and content length, so don’t get confused when you see short and long articles among the hacks listed here. When I said short does not mean you should write 400 words and when I said long does not mean you should write 10,000 words

For example, I have an article that has the highest volume of monthly visitors – 1,789 words. This does not mean you will have success if your blog posts are similar in length or longer. There are many other factors besides the word count.

The data here is correlation rather than causation, but it does support the idea that you don't necessarily need to post long posts in order to generate organic traffic. My best posts are 1,789 words on average and 1,393 words on median.

I know, longer blog posts are popular, but I have posts that are over 5,000 words long that don't even make the top 50 most read posts on my website.

The above data shows that posts between 800-2000 words perform best on my site. Most of the organic search posts with the best performance fall within this word count range. So, your niche and how your articles are been written with other factor really apply but if you use this hack, you will see a great change sooner than later

Thank you for reading, please drop us a comment about your best practice. SHALOM

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