8 best hacks on how to do affiliate marketing without a website

8 best hacks on how to do affiliate marketing without a website

8 best hacks on how to do affiliate marketing without a website were only an idea that came to mind after 2020 when life had gotten constantly strange and companies had gone online owing to covid 19. Many individuals want to start an online business, particularly affiliate marketing. Even yet, most people are hesitant to go on board because they do not have an affiliate website. If you fall into one of these categories, I have a guide with the 8 best tricks for doing affiliate marketing without a website for you.

Is a website needed to become a successful affiliate marketer? It's definitely not. Today, affiliate publishers use a range of digital marketing channels to earn money online through quality traffic. Although not the most popular method, blogging on a stand-alone website is not the preferred method. We'll guide you through the major platforms to use and offer you recommendations on how to start affiliate marketing without a website.

Choose a Narrow Niche

Choosing a niche for your affiliate marketing business whether or not you have an affiliate website is the foremost step in starting your company. Reducing the amount of competition will help you no matter what traffic-generating channel you choose, even if you advertise on an affiliate blog with a specific niche. A narrower niche will enable those who advertise through PPC or search engine marketing to reduce their ad spending because there will be fewer competitors in the bidding process. On top of that, highly specialized affiliate offers typically pay higher referral commissions for publishers.

When choosing your niche, try to consider the following factors:

  • Choose a niche that has high demand and is narrow but still has a broad target audience.
  • Is there enough supply to ensure that potential customers are adequately targeted? If the answer is no, the intense competition for attention will neutralize the impact of your niche marketing efforts.
  • Is there enough demand for prospective clients? You will burn out if you don’t like the subject.

Unfortunately, a lot of sought-after affiliate programs don't accept affiliates without websites or prohibit certain online marketing strategies. You must carefully read the terms and conditions of the affiliate program before applying, so you do not waste time filling out their long form. But if you're committed to advertising affiliate programs without a website, it may take you some time to find them. but if you finally found them. here are some guides that will help you 8 best hacks on how to do affiliate marketing without a website

Consider having a website for affiliate marketing

It is very important to have a website to do affiliate marketing because an affiliate marketing website that brings in $2,000 per month could be worth as much as $80,000 if you want to sell it. It's critical to think about where you want to go with your affiliate marketing business in the long run. But let's say you're dead set on becoming a site-less affiliate marketer, casting evil eyes at the search engines. What choices are available to you?

8 best hacks on how to do affiliate marketing without a website

1. Google ad

8 best hacks on how to do affiliate marketing without a website

63,000 searches are conducted on Google every second, and most search results pages include Google ads. Google ads can be an effective method of driving qualified, relevant traffic to your website from people looking for the kinds of products or services you provide

For instance, if you look at the image above, you will see that immediately I typed SEO it was semrush ad that showed up with a target keyword of SEO. That is exactly how to google ad work

Google Ads allows you to set a budget as low as $10 per day. If 1000 people are searching for something and 100 people visit your website, and 10 of them buy something from you, you will make $100.

2. Post a link

A lot of forums are available for you to post links to your posts. You can reply to other people's posts with links to affiliate programs, or you can post them yourself. The concept behind this is that you join as many forums as possible and post links to your affiliate program in your posts or in helpful replies to other people's posts. In 2004, this was a somewhat novel approach to making money online, but it is still being peddled. Because forum owners and admins are fed up with this behavior, you will be moderated heavily and subsequently banned from every forum you join if you are an affiliate spammer. The only way you might be able to make this work is if you are a forum MVP and are promoting an affiliate program that provides a product or service that other members really need.

Your ordinary affiliate marketer would be fortunate to earn $100 in a year doing this, aside from the fact that he is called every name in the book in one angry post after another.

3. Solo ads

8 best hacks on how to do affiliate marketing without a website

Purchasing a solo ad enables you to use someone else's email list to sell products and services that you want to endorse to their subscribers. If you choose the right person, and their email list is full of individuals who are interested in what you're promoting, then, sure enough, you can get great results.

Solo ads aren't the cheapest option, but if you're experienced and have some bucks, then you can use this method. If you make just one small mistake, it could cost you a lot of money

4. Viral content

This advice follows a very basic pattern every time. You can use an eBook or a series of videos to give those in your niche what they want to learn. But the secret is that your book or video series will have links to affiliate programs embedded in them.

When somebody clicks on one of those links and makes a purchase from the affiliate program, you can earn money. But do you have what it takes to create viral content? Because less than 1% of all online content has the potential to go viral.

If there was a sure-fire way to create viral content, everyone would be doing it, so viral content may help you in making money on affiliate marketing but not the best ways. It's true that anyone can become a writer, but you need to be willing to put in a lot of work and there is absolutely no guarantee that you will make money.

5. YouTube channel

8 best hacks on how to do affiliate marketing without a website

A major reason why more people are going to YouTube than other search engines is that YouTube has a lot more traffic than other search engines and if you can share some reviews about a product on your YouTube channel with your affiliate links you can really make good money from it

YouTubers often share links with discount codes by pointing to the box or telling you to input a code on the website.

But if must succeed on YouTube, then you must learn how to produce great videos that solve people’s needs, how to use the YouTube keyword tools not always talk about affiliates else your account will be terminated, and add an affiliate link in your video description. Don’t forget that it will not happen overnight because you will need a substantial number of subscribers to achieve that that

One good thing about using YouTube videos to promote your affiliate links is that Google does display a YouTube carousel of keyword-focused videos on the first page of their search results, although judging from the low engagement that some videos seem to receive, it seems like this is an outdated method but doesn't ignore any chance because when it comes to the 8 best hacks on how to do affiliate marketing without a website, especially the free techniques, give it a try

6. Email Marketing

Building an email list is one of the best ways to do affiliate marketing without a website, apart from having your own website site, this method is the best that can easily earn you good fortune as an affiliate marketer. Start with a list of customers to recommend products to

You may wish to read.. How to build an email list

The best way to build an email list is to offer a free course, guide, or information product in paid advertisements on social media sites to enable you to send your list useful weekly and monthly information about their interest where you promote affiliate links

How to earn big in affiliate marketing through email marketing

For affiliate marketing to be successful through email marketing, you need to have the following

  • A good email copywriting skill.
  • You need to increase the size of your subscriber list
  • You need to constantly work to maintain it.
  • It is easiest to build your own list because purchased lists tend to disappoint, with low-quality subscribers.

This week I received a marketing email that included a link to a shared Google doc. You can share content through the Google Docs platform with a link containing your affiliate products.

You can create a landing page and drive traffic to it to build your email list. Systeme is a free landing page builder that can help in this endeavor.

7. Social media

Affiliate marketing through social media can be difficult since you would have to be an influencer with a lot of followers. However, it is one of the best ways to make money. Manufacturers and affiliate networks will come looking for you if you have a large social following.

A person might make a better-than full-time income by combining social media and affiliate marketing. However, this will only work if you have a following already else you will need to build your audience in the coming months and years.

It is also possible for your content to go viral, a relatively rare event.

8. PPC affiliate marketing

PPC affiliate marketing is a competitive way to make money. You need to target an audience with ads that will take specific actions, like clicking on your links.

With affiliate marketing, marketers receive revenue from visitors' actions such as clicks, impressions, and leads. The best way to be successful with affiliate marketing is to choose a niche that you know well and build up an engaged audience that is likely to take some of your pay per clicks actions such as clicking on your ads.

Final thought

The overwhelming feeling of intimidation is the main reason why people desire to embrace the “no website” paradigm.
In order to avoid the technical jargon that was perplexing to them, they conducted research on Google to find what they believed to be less expensive and simpler alternatives.
They failed to anticipate the fact that it is a bad idea to base your company on a publishing platform that is not your own.

A free landing page is a good place to start if you want to avoid issues with affiliate websites, which can be simpler and less expensive than you might imagine. These networks are among the most well-known; they're typically just as simple to use as any other affiliate network, and many let you upload unique visuals and text to sell products.

Thank you for reading, hope this article was helpful, let's have your thought in the comment section, and please don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel… SHALOM

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