best keyword research tool for youtube

Best keyword research tool for youtube

The best keyword research tool for YouTube is something you should be aware of if you want to establish your own YouTube channel and expand it rapidly for monetization which is the aspiration of every YouTuber, however, it will be quite challenging to grow your YouTube channel using random keywords in this 21st century because a lot has changed significantly.

So, if you're interested in getting your youtube channel monetized as soon as possible, you'll need some powerful tools to help you achieve that in the shortest amount of time because in this post I'll provide you with the tried and trusted tools to use right now and you'll start seeing results right away with lesser effort when you follow the guide provided.

7 Best keyword research tool for YouTube

So, let's get started, but keep in mind that we'll be discussing both free and paid tools or extensions after a brief explanation of what YouTube is.

What is youtube?

For those who are unfamiliar with YouTube, it is an online website that allows people to upload videos using their Google account for free for others to watch. Educational, tech, coding, news, cooking motivational, games, reviews, and many more videos from around the world are available.

So, as long as you can make educational videos of any kind, you are good to start uploading to YouTube for us to learn or laugh if you are a comedian.

One advantage of YouTube is that you can learn a lot from it, and it is now the world's second-largest search engine after Google, with over 2 billion monthly visitors.

7 Best keyword research tool for YouTube

Okay, now that you know what YouTube is and how it works, let's get started with the tools you'll need to make your YouTube journey a success. Please keep in mind that these are third-party applications that are not officially endorsed by YouTube.

1. VidIQ

VidIQ is a Google Chrome extension that has a paid version but the free version allows you to do more. You don't have to leave YouTube to use the VidIQ keyword tool because it displays data such as search volume, competition, related keywords, stats, keyword score, and many more once you enter your keyword.

VidIQ does not have a specific method for finding competition, though they do state that they look at the total number of engagements across social media platforms, which is fantastic, as well as the viewed velocity and views with similar stats to tubebuddy.

Why choose VidIQ

One good thing about VidIQ is that you can import all the video tags to CSV with just a simple click, and the tags of other YouTube channels are shared with you with some powerful recommendations from the tool.

 When you go to a channel’s page, all the trending tabs will be available for you which to me allows you to discover the newly published videos and how they’re performing on YouTube. 


Their pricing is affordable but doesn’t forget that you can still make good use of the free version and later upgrade if you have the money, I recommend you start using the paid version starting from pro which is $7.5 per month, and Boost for $39 per month. A fantastic tool I must say, just give it a try and you will be glad you did.

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2. Tubebuddy

Tubebuddy is one of the most popular YouTube video extensions; in my opinion, it's a one-stop shop for everything you need to succeed on YouTube; the Keyword Explorer provides topic suggestions and search volume. It also aids in increasing your channel productivity, bulk processing, promotion, data SEO, and many other benefits, which I have listed below.

Why choose Tubebuddy

Video SEO is one of the features that makes Tubebuddy even better because it automatically translates your titles and descriptions, tracks your ranking, and performs video testing. 

Promotional features

The promotion feature informs you of the best time to publish videos on your YouTube channel. It also aids in the random selection of a winner if you run a contest. You can also use this feature to publish the same video on other social media platforms.

Productivity features

Productivity features are even more powerful because you can use them to do advanced video embedding, personalize your repeated messages, and format commenting on your channel.

Wait, you're not done yet because this feature allows you to schedule videos, generate thumbnails, and much more.

Free and Paid

Even though we have paid version of Tubebuddy, there is also a free version that you can do a lot with but if you really want to get the best from Tubebuddy, I recommend you go for paid version which starts from $7.2 to $39.2 per month, depending on your needs. 

Bulk process

Bulk Process as the name applies enable you to bulk delete, edit, and copy screens and cards for your YouTube videos. Automating the entire process becomes seamless easy for you

Data and research

Data & Research is used in monitoring any activity related to your brand, backup your YouTube channel, and enable you to see and analyze your growth via detailed analytics.

Keyword explorer

Keyword explorer is a feature that helps your channel rank high on YouTube because it allows you to discover trending tags to keep your YouTube videos relevant for a long time.

Truth must be told, it’s an excellent keyword tool for YouTube channels because it helps you get quality information about the keywords to help increase the rank of your channel in the search results and ultimately get more views. Why I like this extension even more is because of the long-tail keywords

3. Morningframe

MorningFame is another powerful but also affordable YouTube keyword tool that is newly springing up. This platform avails you the opportunity for keyword research tool and the channel analytics.

Morningfame may not be as old as other extension but with the powerful features in it, you can grow your YouTube channel fast beyond your imagination. Lets check out some of the features


Optimize Your Metadata: this feature helps in making your content relevant to keywords as much as possible. 

Choose a Video Topic: once you  come up with keywords based on your topic or video, this feature helps you in availing the common and uncommon keywords related to your main keyword search.

Search & Evaluate Your Target Keyword: this feature helps you to know the ranking opportunity of the said keyword.


Their prices are highly affordable $4.90 per month so if you are just starting your YouTube journey, this will be a good guide for you 

4. Ahref

Ahref Keywords Explorer is another powerful but pricy if you ask me for beginners and it has millions of YouTube keywords, which is phenomenal. You enter your search keyword and get valuable data from clickstream like global and local volume.


With Ahref keyword tool, you can see how many people searched for a particular keyword on YouTube and the number of click every month. Ahrefs enable you to export all the data to CSV or other file formats and you you’ll never run out of ideas with the paid plan because of tons of keyword search ideas they have…it’s a powerful tool and I must commend them

5. is another great search tools that have both paid and free version with powerful features. This tool doesn’t just avail you with one or related keyword but bunch of related keywords that you can choose from and narrow that with another search tool especially the freemium. It has many useful keyword tools both google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Wikipedia and many more

6. is another excellent search tool that offers both a paid and free version with numerous powerful features. This tool provides you with a plethora of related keywords from which to choose and narrow down with another search tool, particularly the freemium. It includes numerous keyword tools from Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Wikipedia, and others.


With this tool you can use the ‘Negative Keywords’ feature, which helps you exclude unwanted words or phrases from your keywords.

The tool also divides your keywords into questions, prepositions, and hashtags. Which is helpful when you’re looking to personalize your content. In addition, you can Sort for keywords in ascending or descending order just by the top right. 

7. Google trend

Google Trends is another great tool even though is freemium, it shows interest in a topic in a particular part of the world. If you have used yoast-seo you understand what I mean, because yoast-seo will allow select certain keyword phrase form a particular region of the world. This tool avail you with the trending topics on YouTube comparatively. 


With this tool you can select a particular country or the entire ‘world.’ For researching YouTube only, select ‘YouTube Search’ from the last tab and any of the topic that shows consistency in the graph, try and make a video on it. You can also compare between two or more keywords to see which one has more interest.

What I like about Google Trends the most is that it gives you a search result comparison and breakdown by subregion.

Final thought

Finally, even though this not a tool but can also help in building your YouTube channel fast, I also recommend you use it because it is very easy to use which is YoutubeAutosuggest

Once you are on their platform, hover over to the YouTube search bar and enter your preferred search keyword without pressing search. It will automatically suggest a few keywords related to your search keyword. This is so powerful because it will avail you with all the keywords that people are using to watch videos, including the long-tail keywords. Although it has its own disadvantage because you will not be avail with the monthly search result but still a good platform to start with.

Let’s know what you are using or intend to use at the comment section, don’t forget to include how you want us to serve you best

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