Attraction Marketing

Imagine the last time you went to the bank for transactions or you went to pay the electricity bill. Many things have changed, businesses and services have gone online and you are advised to follow the trend if you don’t want to be left behind attraction marketing will help in achieving that

In this article I will be sharing with you how information or attraction marketing works and how you can use it to sell products or services even if you don’t have what to sell, I have got you covered, so read through

What is attraction marketing?

Attraction marketing

Information or attraction marketing is one of the most popular ways to sell items both digital and physical products online today. Through attraction or information marketing, people will get to know more about you, your products, or your service

More and more people are going online for various reasons, some would want to buy digital products while others will go for physical products, and even degrees can now be acquired from any country in the world. Even a degree can be acquired online now

But how did we get here you may ask, well we got here through information marketing. People are looking for solutions to their needs and the best place to get it without spending more in cash and time is the internet.

So, if you can offer the world any types of solution that will help solve their people, then you are good to go because people in that industry are really looking for you on the internet

How to start Attraction Marketing

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? How do you start or better still don’t even have an idea of what to start with, what type of product or how to put the solution out there for people to see?

Well, I’m here to guide you to achieve that height

There are numerous information products you can sell to people online and make real money,

Are you ready? So, let’s dive in


The E-book is one of the most accessible product information you can create to solve people’s problems and make money online. You can watch my video step by step tutorials if you don’t have any idea of what to write or how to even start

It can easily be created on a google doc, and Microsoft word, and sold on amazon kindle after they have helped you convert it for free into a kindle readable article and ready to publish as soon as you have given them permission to do so. You can as well watch my step-by-step tutorials on how to publish your e-book on Amazon Kindle

When you are brainstorming topics for your eBook, start with the title. It should offer a value proposition such as “How to …….”

Cover page design

Next, you will need an attractive cover because people really do judge a book by it. You can connect with excellent artists at and get a professional-looking cover at an affordable price or you can do it yourself using Canva. You can as well watch my video tutorials on how to create an eBook cover with Canva

Your book cover should also speak to people about what it entails, write your back of the book copy, or marketing blurb, in a way that speaks to your target audience. Use keywords and phrases and mention some of the key things they will learn if they buy the book.

Once you have set up a digital copy online, Amazon allows you to create a paperback version through their print-on-demand publishing unit. You would use the same Word document, with page numbers added, and what is termed a cover flat.

The flat is the front cover, spine, and back cover of the book laid out one after the other, with the spine the correct size of the thickness of the paperback book. You can easily find someone on who is able to do this according to your specifications if you can’t do it on Canva.

Online Courses

Online courses with Sites like, skillshare, and schools tool pair up those who have a topic to teach with those who wish to learn. You can make good money and raise your profile in your niche.

Some content sellers like to create multimedia courses with eBooks, audio, video, handouts, and more. It does take time, but it also adds to your prestige and these products will command a much higher price tag than a simple eBook.

If you really want to grow fast in information marketing, then consider using a template because pictures convince more than words. Cheat sheets, spreadsheets with formulas, and more can all help your target audience work better, faster and smarter.

When creating any information product, be sure to put your logo and URL on it. Try to make everything look consistent in terms of color, fonts, and style. This way, you will soon create an entire product line representing your brand.

Information or attraction marketing is taking the center stage in online marketing because people get to know the offer you have for them before typing in their card details

So, if you are not already offering information products in conjunction with your business, begin brainstorming what your audience really needs and start planning your first product.


Tips on how to succeed through attraction marketing are by sharing relevant, interesting, and valuable content with your targeted audience.

And the fastest and most reliable way to achieve that is through a website or blog, which sounds very scary especially for beginners when it comes to creating quality and fresh content every day to keep your readership happy. However, there are a number of techniques that can help you maintain an up-to-date and vibrant online presence so that your target audience will keep coming back for more.

As an information marketer you don’t have to sell everything, you must have a niche, for instance, if you are working as a freelancer or service provider, chances are you have specialized in a particular area, also referred to as a niche or topic. Some of the most popular topics for content online include health, finance, and self-help.

No matter which niche you are working in, you need to show what you know in your field or industry by producing great content that demonstrates your expertise. However, it can be really tough to write from scratch all the time and still run your business successfully. You can watch my step-step tutorials on how you can create quality content every day without breaking the bank to pay freelancers

Also, you can use content curation, that is, sharing great content at your website without having to write it from scratch yourself through automated services that you can plug into your site, such as or, which will post interesting articles on your site in the location of your choice – usually under content, you have published. If you’ve ever visited The Weather Channel or popular entertainment sites, chances are you have seen this form of content curation.

You may also like Ho to make money from content creation

Taboola and Outbrain are easy to use and can become an additional stream of income for your website, but if you want to impress the people in your niche, sharing the latest news with them is a sure way to impress them because the issues with this automation services is that most of their articles are not up to date, I mean a very firsthand article, so watching my video on how to create quality and up to dates contents will also help you to decide.

Final thought

When you are planning content for your site, make a list of the most important topics that should be covered and with that, your writing will be orderly arranged.

I hope this article was helpful, let us have your thought in the comment section. Please don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel..SHALOM

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