best loan app in nigeria

Best Loan App In Nigeria

Best loan app in Nigeria, before now, you will have to go through stress and vigorous scrutiny in order for you to access loan, but now, you no longer need any of them or even a collateral to receive a loan, and you can get one without the help of banks. These loans come with low interest rates and easy repayment times. The lending platforms are reliable and safe – you can even get approved for one immediately from your phone!

How does loan apps work?

From all indications these best loan app in Nigeria has come to stay and this is how they work. To use the loan apps all you need to do is download the app from your app store and install it on your phone.

Once you register with accurate details, your credit score will be calculated and you will be given a loan offer. You have to repay the loan by the due date in order to avoid extra fees.

You do not need to worry about collateral or guarantors when it comes to Nigerian loans because the majority of loan apps do not require these things.

Loan apps offer quick and easy access to loans for emergencies. You can get one in minutes by filling out a loan app and waiting for approval of your application.

Loan apps offer loans with a credit check and you can complete the process in less than five minutes with your smartphone.

To find and borrow money, there are many loan apps you can use on your phone. You never know when you may need to use one and because of that, it is a wise decision to have a few installed on your phone. The loan apps are available for Android, iOS, Blackbery and Windows phone.

Best loan app in Nigeria

In this article I have outlined some of the best loan app you can use in the case of emergency but I won’t be discussing their interest rate and amount volume because all these depends on your location, credit record, duration and amount to be borrowed, so giving you any of the above-mentioned details will not be just right to avoid misleading. But I will be telling you other things you need to know about the recommended apps.

Qualities of a good loan app that makes it better ahead of its competitors.
  • The recommended app will allow you to chose between 15, 28,30,61 and 365 days depending on the amount you collected.
  • Their interest rate is considerable
  • They will never call you before the due date nor call the people you included their numbers as relatives or friends during registration.
  • Even if your payment is overdue, they will talk to you with politely explaining to you what you stand to benefit if you repay on time and some charges for late payment.
  • Their disbursement takes between 1-5minutes maximum
  • They have different repayment options available but the fastest is the card payment option and your account will be cleared immediately.
  • Finally, they listen to you when you make a complain and will make amend immediately with sincerity.

Now that I have given you the reason behind my selection. Let’s dive into the recommended loan app but don’t forget to leave your comment at the comment section for your best app and your experience


Among all the loan app in Nigeria, quick check is my favorite and I highly recommend it for you in the case of emergency. But before I talk more on quick check and other loan apps, let’s look at the criteria’s I used in making them the top one

With quick check you have the options to chose between 15 to 61 days of repayment period and as a business person or you just need the loan for something else, you will be given a enough time to repay your loan with little interest rate that no other loan app in Nigeria can offer…watch this video to see the facts and why you should use then ahead of any other app but they don’t increase the amount that fast and that is the only disadvantage they have

To use the quick app, you need to download and install it. Then give it permission to access your phone data and location so it can offer you a loan. Once approved, you'll get your money straight in your account and their disbursement takes between 1 to 3 minutes and their repayment options are superb because there is no delay or errors whenever you want to repay your loan

You can download the popular QuickCheck app whenever you want so you can be able to receive loans in minutes depending on the criteria of the said lender and the information you provided without any hidden charges.

By downloading the app, giving it permissions to access your data, and applying for a loan, the money will be deposited into your bank account in minutes.


You can get an instant loan from the Plamcredit app. One of the largest Nigerian tech startups, Plamcredit has been used by million users who have successfully applied for a loan in just 5 minutes (and got one).

You can loan from Palmcredit with a customized interest rate, depending on the time-span and amount. Lending is available for a maximum duration of 28 days but don’t forget yours might be different depending on some criteria a explained above. There is no need for security or a guarantor. watch this video for more proves


FairMoney provides rapid loans up to 1,000,000 in a short period. It is easy to apply, and it is one of the most popular apps on Google Play.

The process to creating account and applying for loan on the fair money app is simple, just Download the app, register, and answer some questions about who you are and your location is in order to have genuine information about you to avoid stories that touch

After you get an offer, accept it and the money will be credited into your bank account. Accepting the offer is a fast and easy process and their disbursement is superb because the money will arrive in less than 2 minutes or a little more

Interest rates are decided on a case-by-case basis, depending on the package and amount of money you borrowed and you can repay the loan in installments of up to 12 months. Watch this video for more proves


With Aella credit, you can get a loan without collateral and paperwork. It is highly secured, and it is popular. You can take out the loan for up to one month depending on your credit score.

The app will automatically approve loans for people with a good credit score. Just download the app, register, and fill out an easy application form, but uploading your selfie is very stressful and you might end up not even progressing.


To use the ALAT Loan app, you will need to download the app from google play and submit some necessary details about yourself and location and the purpose for the loan

After completing required documentation, the company will evaluate your risk level after which they will present you with loan options that meet those needs. You'll also be given the interest rate and duration.

Accept the loan offer and your account is credited. You can use this service to borrow a reasonable amount of money without collateral.

ALAT loan offers a range of services like the Device-lending offer and the Goal-based loan, which allows you to receive a loan towards an appropriate goal. The interest rate is also designed to meet your needs.

Highly recommended for salary earners because people with salaries can receive up to 1 million and above within hours and will only be able to repay them within 3 months up to 24 months with a 2% interest rate per month on a reducing balance basis.

There is one thing I don't like about them: they charge a N301.00 compliance fee.

Why do we need loan?

You may be wondering why we need loan sometimes, but in life or in business, one will face emergencies at some point, and sometimes personal needs arise. It has been difficult in the past to find emergency loans, but now there are many loans available that don't require collateral from borrowers. With this application, you can get a loan without any paperwork.

Thank you for reading please share your experiences with us at the comment section after using them for any online business or question related to the article. Don’t forget to watch the detailed video here…SHALOM

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