Best stock photo sites

Best stock photo sites

Best stock photo sites you should know and start using to help professionalize your site content as we all know that images or photo helps in beautifying your sites and also in driving traffic.  But do you also know that almost all images created in the last 30 years are still protected by copyright? Copyright is a protection that gives almost any author the exclusive right to use or reproduce their work. However, you can also find public photos with the use of Creative Commons images that may require attribution, or create your own from scratch.

As a website owner or digital marketer, you will sometimes need quality photos to add to your projects to make them look professional when properly optimized for SEO but ends up not finding the best photo because you don't now where to find the best stock photo sites, and using google images can quickly lead to legal action, so if you want to do it right, you should avoid it.

What is copyright free

Copyright free” literally means “no copyright. This means that it is in the public domain, such as works published in 1924 or before, works of the United States federal government, or works whose copyrights have been relinquished by the authors. Occurs when an asset enters the public domain.
Legally, you can do whatever you want with this piece of art. From an ethical point of view, attribution may be desirable, but not required, to avoid legal action. There are functionally no restrictions on what you can do with them including selling them, creating new works based upon them, or distributing them broadly online.

Misuse of terms

However, while simple, the term is often misused. For example, if you search for ” Copyright free Music” or “No Copyright Music” on YouTube, you will find many tracks that are not actually copyright protected but can you actually use them the way you want? Like some channels claim to offer “no copyright music”, but all songs require attribution, and use is restricted to YouTube only. Also, some tracks cannot be used in monetized videos, so be sure to check the terms and conditions even if they are copyright or royalty-free.

How to get images for your projects

The solution is a free image from best stock photo sites database that is available for free, some of them require an attribute while others can allow you to use it at any time without an attribute or whatsoever for your project or marketing content. 

Where to find best stock photos

There is one question we are often asked. Where can I find free, high-quality images for use in blog posts or social media? Well that is why I wrote this blog post to help you with some of the best stock photo sites you can start using to optimize your site

What you need to know before using free images

Here are a few things you should know before you start using any photo from the list of my best stock photo sites. The following terms come up frequently when discussing free image sources: You can check the terms and conditions of each site you try to know exactly when and what type of attribution is required. Reading their licensing agreement will help you in avoiding any legal action whatsoever that will jeopardize your site and I will also share with you the recommended once worldwide that many websites owners and I frequently use

Royalty-free images are not what you think

Royalty-free is one of the most popular stock photo licenses today. This is the default license provided by most online photo agencies as well. However, the name of the license often leads to misunderstandings and misconceptions about what a license is, especially its cost.

These errors can cause serious legal problems, especially when using optimized stock photos for commercial purposes, so it is very important to correctly understand the meaning of the term “free use” and the terms of the license.


First, let's clear up some of the most common misconceptions surrounding the term “royalty-free”: Royalty free is not royalty free as some may think- There are always copyright owners involved who license their intellectual property, but do not sell it. Copyright law still applies.

Royalty free is not free – Licensing images have a price, which you must pay to use copyrighted material. This is not a free license.

Royalty free is not exempt from terms or restrictions – License terms must be followed for fair use of the images available under this agreement. so in other to avoid all this grammar you need to know some of the best stock photo sites

What are royalty-free images?

“Royalty-free” simply means that a portion of the content is royalty-free, meaning that there are no ongoing fees. Often, this is because a company has entered into a license with the author to allow customers to use the author's creative content in certain mutually agreed-upon contexts.

When a song is used in a film or a work of art is used in a video, the producer negotiates some form of ongoing payment for the use of that content. This payment is called a royalty.

“Royalty Free” simply means that no such ongoing payments are required. This does not mean that the work is free or that there are no restrictions on its use. For example, royalty-free stock photo licenses cost hundreds of dollars, but no additional royalties are required later. After this payment, the image may be used free of charge as long as and in any manner permitted by the license.

Are there free photo sites

There are many free photography websites where you can upload and use images without the need to pay royalties or license fees. However, they are not public domain or non-copyrighted images and are subject to license restrictions. For example, the major free stock website, Pixar Bay, prohibits various uses of hosted images, including prohibiting the direct sale/distribution of images.

Final thought on royalty free

It's important to remember that royalty-free work doesn’t mean any upfront payments and no restrictions on using the work, it means no ongoing payments. Always take the time to read the license and follow it carefully when operating royalty-free.

What is Creative Commons?

Best stock photo sites

Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that allows you to share and leverage creativity and knowledge through free legal tools. There are different types of Creative Commons licenses, from allowing any type of use without attribution to only certain uses without modification.

Public domain

Works in the public domain are works whose copyright has expired, forfeited, or no longer applies. Just because you're looking for something on the Internet doesn't mean it's in the public domain.

1 Unsplash

According to Unsplash, it publishes 10 free images every 10 days that allow you to do anything, because it's CC0 licensed, so you don't need a license for every project. The pictures are really high quality and well selected. Our free image database is also well-organized, so you can quickly find the stock photos you need.  The selection of high-quality images especially from Unsplash is excellent and has been included in my personal favorites which I use regularly.


Pexels is an excellent platform that offers royalty-free selected images under the Creative Commons Zero license agreement, also known as CC0. This means that the images can be used for personal and business purposes without attribution. Author's comments, etc. The site's excellent search feature also allows you to quickly find the image you're looking for. It's definitely one of the best free stock photography platforms for everyone, but the stock photos on the platform are used by a lot of people, so you can see good images more often.


Pikwizard gives you free access to high-quality photos and videos. You can also import any image and edit it with your own graphic design tool. No attribution is required. This means that you can take any image and use it for both commercial and non-commercial purposes as it seems appropriate. An excellent resource with over 100,000 high-quality images and videos, and an image editor.


Reshot is a new addition to our curated list of all free images for personal as well as commercial use. Great photos are available. You won't find “normal stock photos” in a wide range.  A wide selection of free images handpicked for personal and commercial use.


Flickr is also a great platform for posting and presenting your photos online. You can find images here that are free to use as well as commercial projects with a practical “licensed” filtering feature. Just set the filter to “Allow commercial use and mods”.  It is a large image platform that also provides free images for commercial use.


You can find royalty-free images on Burst, some of which can be downloaded under a CC0 license. Check the license for each image and read the full license agreement before using it. This website is owned by Shopify (an online image provider). The goal is to give entrepreneurs a good image. Shopify creates many images in-house and provides them under a CC0 license. However, some images are licensed under Shopify. Therefore, care must be taken before using images.


Another large image database with over 2,500 stock photos is Picjumbo. On this website, you can download a variety of free images from this website in one place in one package.  For large projects such as websites, blogs, etc., you can find everything here. Picjumbo offers high-quality images, premium content packs, and many plugins for Photoshop.

Death to the stock photo

The main idea of ​​the founders of death the stock photo was to provide beautiful, high-quality, royalty-free images to everyone. Premium members can fund more photo tours and projects to create better stock photos and share them with the community for free.  Here you will find images that have never been used 1000 times, and you can make them stand out in your own image language.

The New Old Stock image

The New Old Stock image database contains a wide variety of black and white images and truly unique photos. If you like vintage, you should bookmark this photography platform. Some images are not completely free to use. A really great platform that specializes in nostalgic, old or outdated photos. There are some non-free images, so read the image permissions here exactly.


Pixabay is one of the largest databases for stock photography and also offers other content such as videos, it should be a favorite site for everyone in our royalty-free image database who frequents beautiful stock photos.
A really large database of images, vector graphics, and more that can be filtered or sorted by orientation, media type, etc. Pixabay also provides free images and other content (such as videos, vector graphics, etc.) under Creative Commons CC0, so you can use them: They are everywhere with no problems.

Startup stock photos

As the name suggests, this website is for startups, for anyone who needs a mockup or pretty photo to put on their website from time to time. But even if you're not a startup, don't be surprised if you find photos for your company too. Images are specifically designed to display content, apps, and more, so you can easily look professional when taking pictures with models and more. If you need to promote a new app, or website, or want to take great presentation photos, this tool can help. Startupphotos is among the best place to find free stock photos.


StockSnap is a little insider tip for royalty-free images that are hard to find or costly.  The motto “don't use crappy photo stock” is very well implemented at You can scroll through great photos for hours and see masterpieces of hand-picked free images. It's worth a few lookups/clicks because you can find images here that you won't find anywhere else, that is why stocksnap made it in this list of best stock photo sites.

Free images

Please read the license agreement carefully before using images on free image sites.  They have a large database, but you should carefully review the image permissions.

 Freeimages have large database of over 300,000 online images and unique free images. However, be aware that users may be restricted in certain regions due to their own license agreement.


Karolina Grabowska's free photos are definitely special and set it apart from other best stock photo sites. A very beautiful and unique stock photo by Karolina Grabowska. Thousands of images are especially suitable for Instagram and social media. You can definitely find a special frame here. For your safety, we recommend that you read the license agreement.


What started out as a small project, this free image platform already has a sizable collection of stock photos. This collection contains more than 350,000 images under the motto “for creatives, by creatives”. Founded. Morguefile is a large photo database with thousands of photos from amateurs to professionals. If the image cannot be modified (eg with a logo), the artist must be sourced.


Looking for appetizing photos? Here is a great website with thousands of pictures of food, nutrients, ingredients, and dishes. All images are available under the CC0 license and are completely free to use for any purpose.  Foodiesfeed is a great website with free food photos and all food-related images.

Final thought

You will also want to know what I like the most and use the most. well. I like to usually use Canva, Unsplash or Pexels as my best stock photo sites to add their pretty pictures in my articles. As a blogger, website builder, and SEO content writer, I am of course addicted to free images. Thanks to this site to my limited budget, I am happy to find these beautiful stock photos and make my articles even better while respecting the licenses and rights to the stock images.

So, some of them can be used commercially in any way, giving you a great opportunity as you don't have to worry about choosing an image. When using an image or template from a canvas, make sure your design is unique, do not use images or templates without editing as it is against their policy. By the way, canva is my recommended design software I use for all my projects and you can try canva pro tool free for thirty days

Thank you for reading, let’s have your best stock photo sites in the comment section… SHALOM

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