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Best woocommerce plugins, free must have

The online shopping market has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, and the competition among retailers is fierce. To gain a competitive advantage over your competitors, you should make your drop shipping store as user-friendly and functional as possible through the use of best woocommerce plugins

It can be a challenging task to improve the performance of your ecommerce website unless you use special tools that extend the functionality of your site and improve its performance. These tools include add-ons that provide stable organic traffic from social media, promote your products, improve page loading speed, stimulate purchases, and so on.

It can be overwhelming to find the best plugins and add-ons for your WordPress site. To make the process easier, we recommend that you first read through our recommendations for plugins and add-ons in order to understand what is important to you. 

In this article, we have compiled the best free and paid WooCommerce plugins for store owners who want to increase sales.

The Spedigitals team has made it easier for you to find the best free WooCommerce plugins and extensions by compiling a list of the best resources available.

These plugins offer a number of unique features that make them well-suited for anyone who wants to boost sales of their WooCommerce store, drop shipping or do multi-vendor business.

Best free WooCommerce plugins for eCommerce


best woocommerce plugins

Dokan is a marketplace builder plugin powered by WooCommerce that can help you create an online shop and sell products through various platforms. With over 20,000 active marketplaces around the world, now it’s moving forward to power up the community of entrepreneurs through more advanced features and functionalities. You can turn your single WooCommerce store into a multivendor marketplace using Dokan in minutes. It has a stylish and user-friendly dashboard. It also comes with the Easy Order and Shipping Management System.

Dokan is the perfect solution for businesses seeking to sell their products directly to consumers or set up a multi-vendor like an amazon, drupal. It’s fast and easy to use and offers a wealth of features that enable you to manage your sales funnel and set up recurring billing.


DropshipMe is a groundbreaking plugin for AliExpress drop shipping stores. It streamlines the process of filling your WooCommerce store with the best and most promising products from reliable suppliers.

This free WordPress plugin can help you source products from AliExpress and import them into your store. It allows searching for and importing thousands of carefully selected and manually edited bestsellers to your store, which means you can add new products with ease.

Pro drop shippers handpick products and edit their titles, descriptions, images, variants, and other details. These features save you time on niche/product research and editing so you can enjoy your perfectly pre-optimized product pages without tedious manual work. You can start selling products with a few clicks of a button. The plugin also has other useful features—product ratings and reviews, recommended pricing markup, and so on.

Yoast SEO

best woocommerce plugins

This plugin is for every eCommerce entrepreneur who takes care of SEO. It enhances all necessary aspects of your store's SEO and we don't need to explain why it is so important for ecommerce websites.

Yoast SEO analyzes your content and automatically creates SEO-friendly texts. It helps you create more focus keywords, which makes it ideal for working with focus keywords in your articles. You can preview the snippet that will appear in search results to see how your site will look in them.

Using the options in Yoast SEO, you can optimize your site structure by utilizing both cornerstone content and internal linking features. You can also set canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content and to eliminate penalties from Google.

The plugin integrates with Google Search Console, which allows you to monitor and control your online store's performance in the search engines and fix crawl errors. You can also manage SEO roles so that your colleagues have access to specific sections of the plugin.

WooCommerce plugins to improve visitor engagement

Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce

The Abandoned Cart plugin helps you address the problem of customers who add products to their shopping cart but do not complete the order. It creates an automatic series of emails that remind customers to return to your store and confirm their orders.

This WooCommerce plugin allows your customers to easily recover abandoned carts. When the customer restores their order, you will receive an email notification.

The plugin can track abandoned cart transactions even if the user has not logged in. If a guest user's cart has been left on the Checkout page, it will be held until the site visitor enters an email address.

The plugin provides a default email template and lets you create your own unlimited custom templates. You can also specify how many times you want to send notifications.

Pixel Caffeine

Pixel Caffeine is a WordPress plugin that manages the Facebook Pixel and Facebook Product Catalog and creates highly personalized Custom Audiences on WordPress.

The plugin installs instantly, allowing you to track conversions and create custom audiences for different parameters. You can also manage your product catalog, as well as monitor any changes made to your store. This plugin is one of the most useful free WooCommerce plugins available.

Pixel Caffeine is a powerful plugin that allows you to create audiences based on standard/custom events, referrer sources, asset categories/tags, specific URLs and many other parameters.

The plugin also includes Facebook Dynamic Ads with WooCommerce. This option automatically tracks visitors based on what they've viewed—product names, categories or tags, and then automatically retargets them with Facebook or Instagram ads.

it creates and uploads product catalogs to FB very quickly. It can also permanently sync your catalog with FB. Using the plugin's advanced filters, you can select specific items for your product catalog to promote. All these features make Pixel Caffeine one of the most useful marketing tools for your eCommerce store.”

WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin

WooCommerce Wishlist is a powerful tool that can increase your number of website visitors and convert them into repeat customers. More conversions mean more sales and your profits increase. Let's see how it works: Often, website visitors are unable (or unwilling) to purchase products immediately. But if they have the option to save some products they like, it will encourage them to return to your site and complete the purchase. When customers can easily add products to their wish lists, it's easy for them to get new leads! Every time someone shares a wish list, it's easy for you to get new leads!

Free WooCommerce plugins to improve your store appearance


High-quality images are one of the best ways to attract customers to your store. And everyone knows how dramatic photos of happy customers can be. With the help of FooGallery, you can enjoy all these benefits and more. Album is integrated and enabled as an extension. You can add and manage your albums and galleries using a special menu item. FooGallery supports higher quality thumbnails on Retina displays. Now you can forget about blurry thumbnails and be sure your thumbnails will look great on any device.

Social Icons

Social Icons for WordPress is a WordPress plugin that allows you to display popular social icons through widgets and shortcodes. You can select and change the optimal size, shape, and color of social profile icons. The plugin supports many of the most popular social icon profiles – there are over 200 icons for you to use. You can also use shortcode and paste it on your page, post or anywhere you want.

Easy WP SMTP Plugin

This plugin for WooCommerce helps you send emails to your audience, allowing them to be delivered directly to your email inbox. You can configure the plugin to send all outgoing emails through an SMTP server and can be used with Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail SMTP servers. Easy WP SMTP has an option to enable debug logging to check if emails are sent correctly. It also provides the option to specify a reply email address.

Pepipost – a free plugin for email marketing

Pepipost is among the most popular email delivery services. It is another free WooCommerce plugin designed for sending outgoing emails that helps to make sure your emails satisfy all filtering requirements. Your email marketing efforts can fall flat if your emails go to spam or unimportant folders. With Pepipost, your emails get right to your customers' inboxes. The plugin replaces the WordPress wp_mail function, using API integration to send emails from your WP installation.

WooCommerce plugins for store management

Advanced Access Manager

Advanced Access Manager is a powerful and flexible plugin for managing access to content on your WordPress site. You can manage the main menu, roles and capabilities, and temporary user accounts. By using the Backend Lockdown option, you can restrict the access to the online store backend to any role/user.

More features

Useful features like 404 redirects and access denied redirects define a redirect zone if the page doesn't exist or access is denied. If needed, you can filter or replace parts of your content, set custom login and logout redirects for different roles or users, and more. In other words, you can take full control of your website.

Currency Switcher Plugin for WooCommerce

This extension adds currency conversion to your WooCommerce store. It automatically updates the exchange rate, using your IP address or the selected language to select the appropriate currency. You can restore a principal upon payment and set prices per product. The extension gives you the option to place the currency switch in different places and choose different formatting options. Alternatively, you can add currency conversion as a widget or shortcode.

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is a WordPress caching plugin that speeds up and optimizes your website. With the plugin, your site will load faster because it uses fewer server resources. The mechanism is as follows: the plugin generates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress site. Your server will serve this file instead of processing heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts.

The plugin serves cached files in three ways, depending on the speed of your Internet connection. You can choose between editing the PHP file and using simple mode. Simple mode is quick and easy to set up, while editing the file is more complex but faster when used with an Internet connection that is faster than average.

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