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Best wordpress themes for bloggers

Best WordPress themes for bloggers especially if you are a new blogger, choosing the best wordpress themes for bloggers is very important and also should be inline with your niche. Each blog has its own requirements, which means that not every theme will be right for you. For example, if you want to create a magazine-style website, then you need to look for a theme that allows for sidebars and includes an archive page. When choosing a wordpress theme for your WordPress blog, as a blogger remember that one size does not fit all.

When choosing a wordpress theme from the wordpress themes directory as a blogger , make sure it fits the focus of your blog especially if you are not into design. You wouldn't want to install TinySalt if food blogging isn't your focus niche. Different niches require different themes with distinct features, layouts, and designs but before we continue in choosing the best wordpress themes for bloggers let’s understand some features a theme should have before choosing it as a blogger

Customization is Key

Themes are the design and layout of your blog, and having a customizable one is important for an easily navigable blog. If you don't want to spend money on your blog, there are still plenty of free themes available. However, many free wordpress themes have limitations on how customizable they are—some more than others—so it's important to look into this before choosing the best wordpress theme for bloggers


Every wordpress theme listed here today has some incredible features that work best for its particular niche. However, some themes have more unique elements than others, and it’s important to weigh whether you need them or a specific feature before making a purchase if needs be to upgrade for premium.

1. Newspaper

newspaper theme

If you need a simple blog that showcases your portfolio, we recommend the Newspaper wordpress theme. It's the number one bestselling news theme of all time, and for good reason. Beginners and professionals will love how easy it is to use. You can rest assured that none of the changes you make will slow your site down.


If you are always posting new content on your site, Newspaper is a great choice to use. Unlike most WordPress themes, this theme is completely integrated with the Google AMP plugin. This means your readers can enjoy what you publish on their mobile devices. Even though the majority of traffic comes from mobile-users, other WordPress themes don't load well on mobile devices. With Newspaper it is easy to create eye-catching images that help develop your story and brand.


Newspaper can help you eliminate hours from your monthly workflow and free up your team to focus on what really matters – creating great content. Newspaper includes many useful features like

  • Over 1,000 pre-made templates, pages, posts, and sections for you to choose from.
  • You have unlimited sidebars
  • Live search display.

The membership paywalls and rating/review system will allow you to create a site that will be popular with your users

Monetizing your blog couldn’t be simpler with Newspaper. It includes 14 predefined and 5 custom spots for banner ads, Google Ads, and Adsense. All ads are responsive, so they’ll look great on all devices. Newspaper starts you off with the premium version, which includes free future updates and 6 months of premium support for $59. After that, you can extend support for a full year for $17.63 if you wish.

2. Extra

extra theme

If you want to build a blog on WordPress, Extra theme is one of the best choices. It has been developed by the same developers who made Divi. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution, Extra is a great choice. You will be able to create any type of website with Extra, including business websites and portfolios.

Why choose Extra

Publishing your content is as simple as filling in a pre-made template. Extra gives you the power of Divi Builder to create your own unique layouts, but it’s within a framework that makes blogging easier. It’s the only true drag-and-drop editor that lets you build elegant posts and pages very quickly. Start from one of more than 800 pre-made layouts and customize virtually every aspect from there. Colors, fonts, sizing, spacing—all these are easy to adjust with clicks, not code. Whatever you design is fully responsive to any screen size. No extra work or double-checking on your part.

More features

Extra is a fully customizable WordPress theme and it comes with more features than most other themes.

  • It has a built-in ratings and review system
  • Customizable headers and menus,
  • Automatic WordPress updates,
  • 24/7 customer support
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Social media integration.

Extra makes it effortless to build a beautiful blog on your WordPress website. With a modern, clean layout and features like review, rating, and sharing tools, your blog is sure to stand out from the crowd.

Elegant Themes’ membership program is a great value for both new and existing Divi users. Extra is available for purchase through membership to Elegant Themes. That means for one price, you get access to Divi, Extra, as well as Bloom (email plugin), and Monarch (social media plugin).

Elegant Themes memberships are $89 per year or $249 for a lifetime subscription. This includes 24/7 premium support and unlimited usage of every product.

3 Astra Theme

Astra theme

Have you struggled to find a blog theme that does exactly what you want it to do? With so many themes available, “needle in a haystack” really couldn't be more fitting. That is why is very important you choose the best wordpress theme for bloggers related to your niche

Astra might be a multifunctional theme but it is a great foundation for your blog for two main reasons: It gives you a beginner-friendly way to customize your blog's design using the simple, code-free WordPress Customizer. It's well-coded and super lightweight, so your blog will load fast and you won't encounter any bugs or issues.

This theme gives you an easy way to customize your blog's design without having to write any code. It's well-coded and super lightweight, so your blog will load fast and you won't encounter any problems.

4. Akea

Akea theme

Good Layers, a company that empowers bloggers who live by the “less is more” mantra, has released Akea a WordPress theme that’s perfect for people who don’t want too much information and stimulation on their blogs. With Akea, you get total control over how your content is displayed.


You can customize it until you get it just right to fit your taste by tweaking the size of your thumbnails and using a single image to fit any screen size with a fully fluid layout. Akea doesn’t have hundreds of templates; rather, it gives you an open field in which to express yourself with a relatively small selection of blog layouts that will give your blog that perfect look. Plus, Akea makes it easy to upload your own font and bring in any type of image or video. Finally, make a bold impression using a few commanding content elements arranged just the way you like!

Why chooses Akea

Akea makes your blog look sleek without sacrificing functionality, Akea is the perfect platform for you. Akea is a clean and minimalistic blog theme that allows content to stand out on the page, instead of being smothered by design elements. You get a floating navigation bar so your readers always have quick access to more content, but you are never overloading them at any point.


  • Drag and drop page builder lets you create a beautiful website in minutes. Unlimited customizable sidebars let you choose where your content goes.
  • Easy to use single-click social media integration.
  • 14 blog layouts for your posts, pages and products.
  • Create a WooCommerce store with ease.
  • Over 40+ pre-made skins to choose from
  • Customize any color you like.

While Akea offers fewer templates than some of the other themes I recommend, it offers a lot of variety in each one. The theme is ideal for bloggers or anyone who wants to showcase content on their site. Akea starts at $54, including free lifetime updates and premium customer support during your first six months.

5. Olsen

olsen theme

If you are looking for a theme that reflects your personality and provides a familiar layout with crisp fonts, Olsen is the perfect theme for you. It takes very little work to pull off a very professional blog. You’re not going to break the mold with something people have never seen before—Olsen’s strength is in its familiarity. Readers will immediately be comfortable with your layout, knowing how to navigate and share your content.

Olsen's marketing strength

Olsen is a theme for lifestyle and fashion bloggers who want to create a personal brand with an elegant, minimal design. Olsen's marketing strength is in its familiarity. Readers will immediately be comfortable with your layout, knowing how to navigate and share your content.

Instagram Footer Widget—This unique Instagram widget is only available in this theme as at when this article was written. It appears at the bottom of your blog and displays your most recent Instagram uploads in a single row, making it a good choice for fashion or lifestyle bloggers who want to showcase their photos.

6. Tinysalt

tinysalt theme

As popular as food blogs are, they can be tricky to create if you are using a multi-purpose theme. TinySalt is just that. It’s got every feature and formatting capability you need to blog in this space. Where a recipe would be difficult to get the formatting correct with an ordinary WordPress theme, TinySalt gives you turnkey options to produce this niche type of content immediately. Breakdown your most complicated dish into a series of simple steps. Include photos where you think it will help. Add a button early in the post to let readers jump straight to the recipe. And you don’t have to spend any time getting all of this to flow on your blog. TinySalt has 12 demos you can import to your website. Mix and match to deliver the exact experience you are looking for.

Strength of Tinysalt theme

Readers of your blog can quickly search through your recipes with a convenient filter, or browse your beautiful blog. When they find one, they like, they can print it out and take it to the kitchen to start cooking. They can also rate the recipe and share it with their friends on social media.

  • Your recipes can be customized in 32 variations
  • 10 post templates,
  • Recipe videos
  • 900+ fonts.
  • You can choose unlimited colors for your website
  • Showcase recipes on your homepage using the featured recipes slider.

TinySalt starts at $39 for a regular license. Future updates and six months of premium customer service are included at that price. It’s compatible with MailChimp, which means you can turn your food blog into a newsletter to build your subscriber base.

7. ConsultingWP

consulting theme

If you are looking for a WordPress theme for your business blog, you will want to check out ConsultingWP. This theme is great because it gives you tools that can be used by anyone at your company on day one. You won't have to hire out a professional or lean on a single person in-house to keep everything looking great. Simply browse through the hundreds of templates offered by ConsultingWP, find the one you like, and begin importing it. You'll have complete control over what plugins and options you want to bring over to your new blog. From there, you can customize the blocks, fonts, headers, layout and so on. Instead of having to mess around editing PHP or CSS files, everything is a few clicks away.

ConsultingWP theme

Where ConsultingWP stands out from other WordPress themes for blogs is the business-focused feature set. One of the most useful is the Cost Calculator Builder, which lets clients price out your services on your blog. Instead of having to call for a quote (which can be a tricky step to get people to take), potential customers can investigate pricing on their own using the simple calculator.


  • eRoom Zoom meetings
  • Webinars are easy to schedule
  • Professional booking for appointments.
  • Wide range of templates, including 100+ page templates.
  • Menu customization
  • Events Manager that will enable you to easily manage events such as meetings and webinars.
  • 24/7 customer support is always ready to help you solve any issues you may encounter.

Starting at $59 a regular license, this is a great deal. Trying to match the feature set by downloading individual plugins would be far more expensive and frustrating. A regular license comes with six months of premium customer support. You can choose to extend support for an additional cost.

8. Pearl

pearl theme

Pearl is a WordPress theme that has enough options to outfit any business. I recommend this theme to people whose blog is part of a larger website. Pearl may be overkill if you just need a blog, though you could make an incredible blog with it. It might be a good option if you are hitting your limits with your current WordPress theme. If there’s features and functionality you can’t swing now, Pearl will help you get there. To put it simply, with Pearl you're not making compromises–you're making a blog that's tailored to fit the needs of your industry and goals. Each of Pearl's demos has been carefully designed to include a suite of features and layout to meet the challenges businesses face in their industries.

Why choose Pearl

For a business in the entertainment industry, or any of the many other industries that Pearl supports, a blog layout like this is not only visually appealing but also incredibly easy to use. Your blog will be totally tied into the rest of your site, which is a must if blogging is a part of your company outreach. Readers can react to posts, leave a reply, share it on social media or get drawn further into your site and company offerings. You can add more than 55 different types of short codes (UI blocks) into your posts. This includes things like a music player, calls to action, events lists, icon boxes, galleries and pricing tables. Visual Composer drag-and-drop builder

Pearl have got a ton of options for you to customize your site, including

  • Mega menus with three drop down levels,
  • Customizable headers and footers
  • 800+ fonts.
  • Easy to use sidebars
  • Whole bunch of icons to choose from.
  • Available 24/7 and live chat

Pearl is a powerful, fast and reliable tool that can make all of this happen for you. It's a one-time purchase that includes lifetime updates and premium plugins worth over $300. You can get Pearl for only $59 while this introductory offer lasts.

If you are looking for a blog that will establish your business as a leader in its field, I recommend any one of these best wordpress themes as a blogger with the combination of some powerful plugins. If you can afford it, purchase the premium best wordpress themes as a blogger listed in this article to get the most features. Thanks for reading, and please leave a comment below! ….

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