Canva affiliate program

Canva Affiliate Program

Canva affiliate program is what you need if your business related to designs and you are spending a whole lot of money paying designers who may even end up disappointing you at the needed time? Or you just like to design but don’t have the knowledge, then Canva have got you covered. Check this out on fiver about how to remove image background

You can see how much this guy charges for removing background image for premium, standard and basic. Watch 7 step by step tutorial on how to remove background image for free and premium

Now imagine if you subscribe for Canva pro and let say, you were able to do the work for 10 people in a month. How much do you earn? i want you to look at the next email and see what Canva did with the background image. You can remove background image in less than 10 seconds, why work haerder instead of working smarter

I love design but I don’t know how to design until I meet Canva, during my one-month subscription I created some templates for one of my clients where I made x3 of my subscription. Canva is a great designing tool for people like us who knows nothing about designs?

So, if you have audience who are interested in the designing industry whether amateur or professionals, Canva have advanced tools to achieve any professional projects within few minutes?

Are you also a blogger or web signer? Then Canva affiliate program is a good deal to earn some bucks

In this article, I’m going to highlight some of the overview on Canva affiliate program and how to make money with it because after reading this you must have gotten enough ideas about Canva Pro subscription and how it works. 

Are we ready? Then let’s get started

Canva is founded sometime in 2012 by Melanie Perkins for non-designers and since then, the story has never remained the same because it has gained substantial heights of popularity in the designing industry with over 18 million users across the world. 

Can you imagine amazing offers from Canva, I wouldn’t want to post the article but I want you to read it by yourself or visit the website and see amazing offers you can get from Canva

The best time to crush with Canva both as an affiliate, internet marketer, or even a designer is now. You have so many opportunities to promote Canva and make real money from it. below also contain the picture guide of how to apply

Their affiliate ways of earning

We have different ways to earn from Canva affiliate programs through your referrer links to make a few bucks, and some and some make good mon

For instance, their commission is of different packages and below are more details you need to know about the affiliate programs relating to the commissions, duration of their cookies and many more… (in case you don’t know what cookies is, in a simple understanding, cookies are the duration of your tracking ID. Let’s say someone clicked on your link and made purchase within 30 days, you will get paid your commissions but anything after the 30 days you won’t get paid

  • Affiliate Commission Type: Single-payment (nonrecurring)
  • Cookie’s Duration: 30 days
  • They have different ways they pay their affiliates which also include PayPal and bank transfers
  • Commission Rate: 15% for a monthly subscription and 80% for an annual subscription
  • Affiliate Technology Company: Impact

Are you enjoying what Canva is made of? Your comment at the comment section please.

Canva’s affiliate program is an excellent way for social media influencers, blogger and marketers to make money promoting it. Their offers have all the information and tools needed to help you succeed as an affiliate. The program mentions cookie duration, commission rates, and email addresses. 

To be honest their commission rate is fantastic, 15% for annual and 80% on monthly subscriptions. You also get to benefit from its deep linking, advertising banners, and other promotional content when you sign up with them. 

There is no affiliate program’s that has no disadvantages to it’s affiliate, to me their 30-day cookie duration is what I don’t like in this competitive world, but they their tools are excellent

But all-in-all, Canva’s affiliate program is an attractive deal for digital markers, especially those in the design industry. 

I’m sure you were able to apply because is very easy to apply if you meet their requirements which are listed below

  • You have a substantial audience on any of the social media platform
  • Quality audience on your website
  • Ready to promote through paid ad

How to join the affiliate program


  • Go to the Canva affiliate homepage and click on the join now button AS SHOWN IN IMAGE 1, 2, AND 3 RSPECTIVELY. ONCE YOU’RE DONE ENTERING YOUR ETAILS, you will be re-directed to the Impact page for the program. WHILE IN THE PAGE, you will be prompted to choose Canva from the list of brands if you’re already an Impact account user with other affiliate networks else by default it be on Canva
  • Please cross-check to ensure you do not make mistakes to avoid your application been rejected. 
  • Then wait for their approval.

Once your application is approved it’s time to start promoting Canva but if your application is declined here are some of the reasons, ‘your platform is too new without audience, you don’t have quality content that will inspire your readers, or your website did not meet their standard.

To promote Canva once your application scale through, you need to login to IMPACT AND HOVER OVER CONTENT, AS SHOWN IN IMAGE -4, THEN CLICK ON ADS AND BANNER TO MAKE YOUR CHOICE OF BANNER TO USE’ after you have selected Canva as your BRAND IN-CASE YOU’RE ALREADY AN ACCOUNT HOLDER WITH IMPACT. Choose from an HTML code or a tracking link. The HTML code refers to ‘Ads/Banners’ for Canva.

Choose an attractive banner or copy and paste your tracking link into the relevant content. 


For making better affiliate commissions, I recommend you to study the Pro features first or even use it and with that you will understand how powerful Canva tools are

To earn money fast with canva here are few tricks that will work

  1. To really earn money fast with Canva is to run ads
  2. Create Canva tutorials on social media, especially YouTube, and embed your affiliate link
  3. Write blog posts about the amazing features Canva can offer
  4. Insert a banner in your header or sidebar
  5. Share your tips and tricks for using Canva efficiently on all your active social media handles
  6. Create videos on TikTok and share your Canva referral link
  7. Link promoting blog posts on Pinterest
  8. Use Canva and share your templates with your audience and encourage them to sign up

I hope this article helped, please don't forget to drop your comment and let us know how we can improve to serve you better

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