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A reciprocal pronoun is a pronoun that refers to two or more people or things that are carrying out an action or have a relationship with each other. Reciprocal pronouns are used to indicate that the action or relationship is being reciprocated or returned by the other person or thing.

The most common reciprocal pronouns in English are “each other” and “one another.” These pronouns are used interchangeably, but “each other” is usually used to refer to two people or things, while “one another” is used to refer to more than two.

Here are some examples of sentences that use reciprocal pronouns:

  • John and Mary hugged each other goodbye.
  • The two teams competed against each other in the final.
  • The friends promised to keep in touch with one another after they graduated.
  • The children shared their toys with one another.

Reciprocal pronouns can be used with a variety of verbs to indicate a reciprocal action, such as “help each other,” “love one another,” “talk to each other,” and so on. They are an important part of English grammar and are used to show mutual actions or relationships between two or more people or things.

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