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How to drive free traffic to affiliate products

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It takes time using free method to drive traffic, but once your pages and articles start showing up in google search, the results will be tremendous. SEO, writing product reviews, and making sure they are search engine optimized are the best strategies to drive free traffic to your affiliate products and make sales.

After finishing your optimized content, you can cloak your affiliate link for any product connected to the subject you covered that is available on any of the affiliate networks provided here, which cater to all categories.

Several of the articles listed below can be helpful.

  • Respond to a question in a Facebook group.
  • Write a get post for high authority website for backlinks.
  • Tweets on Twitter with relevant hashtags, Pinterest pins.
  • Create a review video, which you should then submit to YouTube and include your affiliate link in the caption.
  • Aks question and answer on Quora with a link to a bridge page or your website with the affiliate article
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