Free email marketing tools, a must for small business

Free email marketing tools, a must for small business

Marketing channels such as email marketing have remained consistent over time. Email marketing is still one of the most popular marketing channels for both B2C and B2B marketers you can use to nurture your audiences when you use the perfect free email marketing tools.

But one of the key challenges is simply the amount of time it takes to create a great-looking email from scratch. Without efficient email marketing tools, marketers may end up spending a lot of time creating and sending out emails that don’t exactly look stunning (attractive). This hampers productivity while degrading your email marketing ROI

Email marketing tools, if done well can help you amplify your business with the right marketing strategies and make your emails more attractive. Still, marketers face a ton of challenges in their email marketing efforts

There are tools that save time and money by simplifying the process, giving you a lot of options instead of just paying for expensive software. There’s a wide variety of free tools available to help with your email marketing as a small business owner which we shall discuss in this article.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing means sending emails, through the preferred customer contact channel or prospects. You can distribute abandoned cart discounts, for example, as well as user onboarding campaigns and site updates.

Why you should start email marketing with these tools

Outside of driving revenue, many companies have an email marketing strategy centered on providing value for customers and building relationships. Brands that are known to give helpful information in their marketing emails are much more likely to get engaged and when you get engaged with your visitors, they can actually trust you.

Email marketing software can help your business grow. It integrates with your contact database and does the aforementioned functions to track results and make sure your messages are effective.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies for businesses. Across all sectors, it sees a 4300% ROI

You have total control over email marketing which allows you to have better communication with your customers.

Many factors determine the success of your email marketing. One factor is using the best email marketing tools and ensuring that your emails are delivered through a reliable service.

When you don’t ensure that your email marketing service has all the features you need and are also concerned about email deliverability, then you’re going to find that you will end up paying more money for fewer features and terrible results.

Some of the Elements to Look for in a Good Email Marketing Tool

The best email marketing tools should enable you to create highly engaging content without complex design. The interface should be easy to use for you, even if you're not a designer so that the task is quick and straightforward.

Your email marketing service should be able to segment users into groups, track the performance of your email marketing campaigns, manage contacts, and send personalized, targeted emails without a lot of work. A good email service provider will ensure your emails are not marked as spam.

Best free email marketing tools you need as a Small Business


free email marketing

Constant Contact is one of the largest email marketing service providers with an easy-to-use design and is beginner-friendly.

You are able to send an unlimited number of emails to a targeted audience and monitor the deliveries with your account. Furthermore, you are able to share summarizing reports on Facebook and integrate your Shopify store with it

With Email Plus, you can test your email headers for higher open rates and send targeted email campaigns to maximize open rates.

Constant Contact has one of the best customer service departments, with methods such as live chat, phone calls, emails, and community support, and there are also live seminars to learn about email marketing in person.

Constant Contact is the best email marketing service for small businesses and startups, due to its affordability, flexibility, and simple design with its powerful features that can allow you to test your email headers for higher open rates and send targeted email campaigns to maximize open rates

You can sign up on Constant Contact with a free trial. After the trial, they have a variety of pricing packages starting at $9.99 per month.


free email marketing

SendinBlue software lets you send SMS and email messages to anyone, anywhere. They are the fastest growing platform in the email marketing space in Europe and they offer complete inbox management.

It is an easy-to-use platform: their drag-and-drop email editor makes it simple for beginners. sendinblue-focused features help you create engaging emails quickly without the usual hassles.

Sending transactional emails and using marketing automation tools can help your business stand out. In addition, SendinBlue allows you to easily segment users, select the best time to send bulk emails, and can automatically follow up with customers through workflows.

It offers a completely free email marketing plan. The free plan lets you send up to 300 emails per day and include their branding on each email.

Lite starts at $25. You can also add SMS to your account, which will vary based on your requirements. If you have a large website and you’d like the ability to automatically push content-based emails, SendinBlue provides SMTP for that.


free email marketing

Ready to grow your business with free email marketing? Get started with HubSpot, one of the most well-known CRM and Marketing software, tool, which comes with powerful automation features.

They offer an all-in-one email newsletter that can be customized as per your requirements. You can personalize emails for each subscriber using the HubSpot CRM, which has a native integration.

Hubspot has all the features an enterprise-level email marketing software needs, such as time optimization, high deliverability, and detailed analytics.

One of the reasons why HubSpot rates high with clients is that they offer an all-in-one marketing platform that includes email marketing, CRM, automation workflows, sales tools, website builder, operation hub, and more.

Hubspot has a free plan, which includes everything in the CRM and all of HubSpot’s free tools.

You can send up to 2,000 emails and store an unlimited number of subscribers with the free version. You can create custom signup forms and landing pages to get going. The free version has all the tools you need to start.

If you’re looking for more advanced capabilities, then the paid plan starts at $45/month.


free email marketing tools

Omnisend provides companies with a complete marketing solution that will reach people using different mediums. This service helps you increase your customer reach and gain valuable insight.

They offer a generous free email marketing plan because it includes many powerful features like pre-built automation workflows, subscriber segmentation, A/B testing, performance reports, and SMS + Web Push Notification.

Free email services like Omnisend offer unrestricted features, but the free package will not work as your list grows and you have to buy their paid packages.

Omnisend integrates with popular websites and eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, and more. They provide a variety of email workflows to help you increase revenue. These include welcome emails, cart abandonment emails, and cross-sell emails.

You can create beautiful, on-brand campaigns with their email builder. They have a large selection of email templates to choose from, and you can personalize the templates using their powerful targeting and segmentation features.

Omnisend allows you to send SMS messages in 209 locations across the world, and they have an internal SMS messaging system that does not require separate software. With the free email marketing plan, you contact up to 250 subscribers, with the prices of their paid plans starting at $16 per month.


free email marketing tools

Drip email software provides seamless integration for all popular website builders, including WordPress and WooCommerce. This allows you to easily add popup forms to your site and capture more leads. It has a wide range of intelligence and automation tools that can more efficiently target customers and give them the best experience possible.

It has multiple customer support options including live chat and email support, as well as online courses. They offer a free guide to get you started and also allow you to connect with customers and engage with them on a personal level, while also sending bulk emails at the same time.

The eCommerce revenue attribution feature shows you how each email marketing campaign gives you a different number of dollars of revenue.

Investing in this software will maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, as it features advanced features not found in most other email marketing platforms.

It is a company that offers affordable pricing plans based on your needs. They offer a free trial, with the prices starting at $49/month. They’ve recently added to their service the ability to send out SMS notifications to all of their plans. This means they can connect with users on both email and SMS marketing channels so store owners have access to an all-in-one email marketing platform.


free email marketing tools

Moosend is a powerful marketing solution for small businesses. With it, you can market from your platform and make use of email automation, landing pages, and list-building tools.

With a quick customization, you can easily create an email newsletter for your company in minutes. You can either choose from their pre-made templates, or create one from scratch.

Moosend offers marketing automation features to all their plans, even the free plan. You can use the automated workflow designer to offer a personalized subscriber journey for your newsletter subscribers.

Moosend provides email analytics that shows you important metrics as email opens, clicks, bounces, product views, purchases, and custom time tracking. Moosend also gives you predicted demographic data.

All our plans come with conversion optimization features such as A/B testing, email analytics, countdown timers, conditional content, product recommendations from AI engines, and popup forms.

With Moosend, you get access to an unlimited number of emails for up to 1,000 subscribers without ever paying a dime. This is only for their Pro plan, though; it starts at $8 a month and includes a landing page builder, transactional emails, and more.


free email marketing

Free email marketing is the most popular email marketing service, provider. They offer a variety of tools to manage and maintain your email.

Getting started with AWeber is easy. Connecting AWeber to your WordPress blog is not hard. Once you have set up, you can use the service steps outlined in this guide.”

They provide access to ready-to-use templates, list management, autoresponders, A/B testing, and email tracking giving you detailed insights.

AWeber also lets you create email marketing campaigns and send them straight to your subscribers. They offer a free plan for up to 500 subscribers, charged at $19/month after that. You can also save by signing up for a quarterly or annual plan.

The customer service includes live chat, phone support, email support, live webinars, and a vast library of how-tos and tutorials.


free email marketing

ConvertKit is an email marketing solution for bloggers, authors, and marketers. The interface is easy to use and full of features.

ConvertKit is an email marketing service that enables you to offer content upgrades to your email subscribers and it has easy-to-manage auto responders for drip emails. They provide marketers with the ability to create more personalized emails by segmenting audiences and targeting them.

They offer all the functionality of a top-notch email marketing service such as a/b testing, email templates, and smart workflows.

ConvertKit provides a mix of email and lives chat support in addition to an extensive knowledge base. The paid newsletters are designed with creators and professional bloggers in mind, which is why they rank among the best email marketing services for professionals.

They’ve added new features for your marketing efforts that reduce the time it takes to sell digital products & subscriptions.

They offer a 14-day free trial, and pricing starts from $29/month. They offer a 30-day refund policy too. Creator Pro includes advanced features such as a newsletter referral system, subscriber scoring, advanced reporting, and Facebook custom audiences.


free email marketing

Due to it being one of the oldest and most popular email marketing software, we can't even have a list without it. Mailchimp has an email builder that is easy to use, autoresponders for you, and allows for segmenting your contacts.

You can easily use MailChimp with many different marketing platforms, including WordPress.

Mailchimp has tried to catch up with the changes in email marketing, but some of its features are not as advanced as other companies.

Mailchimp offers support in a variety of different ways, such as email and live chat. However, their level of customer service is not as good as Constant Contact’s.

Mailchimp offers a free plan, a monthly email send limit is 10,000, and 2,000 emails with limited features. Compared to more robust services offered by competitors, Mailchimp is less reliable for serious business, especially affiliate marketing.

In their paid plans, they charge $11 a month for up to 500 subscribers. Pricing increases in increments of 500.

To get more than 500 active addresses, advanced segmentation options, and more, you’d need to move on to the $299 per month plan.


It’s also a powerful email marketing software with attractive templates that made the list because it allows you to add site visitors to your mailing list and update contact information. With Getresponse you can create as many amazing newsletters and autoresponders as you wish. 

You need to see their landing pages which you can use to track your site visitors and also helps in storing their detailed information for a marketing campaign.

free email marketing tools

The auto-response feature allows you to send receipts messages or marketing campaigns with the use of SMTP. They have powerful email marketing tools that are highly reliable and consistent, so you can get the greatest return of investment no matter how much you spent using it.

Here are some of the features of GetResponse

  • Integrate with your online store
  • Take action on abandoned carts seamlessly
  • Recommend related products
  • Webinar,
  • signup,
  • promotion,
  • download,
  • Popups
  • Fixed bar forms on the pages to get more signups,
  • Easily publish landing pages under your WordPress domain as a subpage
  • It allows you to import contacts without any 3rd party integrations directly once they sign up in any of your landing pages.
  • It also allows you to export customer list custom fields and purchase history
  • Collect information about customer spending habits, products, purchases made, and shopping carts.

Their designs will ensure your customer's response to your list or marketing campaign and with the third-party integrations, you get to keep all your marketing apps under one house. 


Getresponse works with other third-party applications like Contact Form-7, BuddyPressand Ninja Forms in terms of integration. You can add the form anywhere around your site, be it on your pages or on your blog post for registration or opt-ins, and many more… You can see more of their features by clicking here

Hustle Pro

Hustle made the list because it is user-friendly and you can use it to grow your email list, sales, and conversion.

One good thing about hustle is that there is a large variety of templates to choose from and use in creating slide-ins, discount offer options, popups, display conditions, flexible appearance, colors selection, animations, layouts, drop shadows, display styles, and many more with auto responsive settings which also allow you to make adjustment if you wish to on mobile and tablet or any other gadget. 

free email marketing tools

Not done yet because they also included advanced settings like borders, spacing, shadow, module sizing, and custom CSS if you’d really like to make your modules your own.

And the list continues. Hustle makes it easy for you to do your email marketing without leaving the WordPress dashboard. But wait, there’s more.

Features of hustle Pro


Hustle has these behavioral and conditional settings you’ll need to target visitors with email opt-ins or ads. These conditions such as targeting visitors on specific pages and posts, source of arrival, post registration, browser cookie, visitor device/browser, country, and many more.


Hustle makes it even much easier for you to schedule the exact time when you want your offer or slide-in, pop-up to start and the date time you wish to end the display,


With hustle, email list building or email marketing becomes easy because it will allow you to send a welcome message manually or automatically and that makes it even better to establish that initial connection.

4. Social sharing

It allows you to enable the social share floating and other settings you may wish to use in engaging your followers on social media like

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Twitch
  • YouTube
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Houzz
  • Telegram
  • WhatsApp

5. Third-party email service

Hustle allows third-party integration with all the popular email services, once your account is linked every other thing is done for you, that is how simple it is. Below are some of the third-party email services you can integrate hustle with

  • GetResponse
  • AWeber
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Campaign Monitor
  • MailChimp & MailChimp groups
  • Constant Contact
  • ConvertKit
  • Mautic
  • SendinBlue
  • MailPoet
  • MailerLite
  • Mailster
  • Hubspot
  • Sendy
  • Mad Mimi
  • iContact

Final Thoughts on Email Marketing Services

Constant Contact provides affordable services that are easy to use and are backed by a fantastic customer service team. They will help you build a successful email marketing campaign immediately after sign-up.

If you run an online store, we recommend using either Omnisend or Drip for their eCommerce email marketing software. You can use the personalization and automation features to increase your conversion rates.

For professional bloggers, we recommend ConvertKit. They offer an easy-to-use platform with advanced segmentation and funnels that will help you take your blogging business to the next level.

SendinBlue combines email marketing and SMS to create an easy-to-use platform for business owners. They have a forever free plan that is the best free email marketing software.

One of the best all-in-one email marketing solutions on the market is HubSpot. They offer an integrated suite of tools like CRM integration, as well as website building and a fully developed customer relationship management system. The free version has no limits in terms of email subscribers, which is perfect for lead generation.

Tips and tools to increase your subscribers

Once you have found a good email marketing service for your business, you may want to increase the number of email subscribers by either notifying them with another signup form or offering a free trial.

We use and recommend OptinMonster and Hustlepro. This software has a powerful conversion optimization toolkit that helps you convert abandoning website visitors into email subscribers and customers.

They have a simple, one-step way to quickly set up your email marketing campaigns. It's compatible with all of the other tools we've mentioned for automation.

WPForms is a powerful form builder just like its counterpart the metform, my favorite anyway because of the simplicity, these form builders allow integration seamlessly with all major email marketing services. It's trusted by over five million website owners.

You can also create landing pages with SeedProd to boost your conversions and integrate it with any email marketing service. With SeedProd, you can save a lot of time and energy.

Another way to grow your email list is by using chatbot software and connecting it with your email marketing service.

Another good way to build your email list is through giveaway, contests, and forum platforms because everyone likes free things with value, you should learn how to give out free things with value and you will be trusted when it’s time to send them more advanced value with a price tag

All of the email list tools we have shared in this article have great email deliverability rates.

Taking a few simple actions can ensure that your marketing emails always get delivered but remember you can't use everything at once, just select what represent your brand and implement the guide discussed so far.

Why you need a professional email address for your business

A professional business email for your company is necessary. Do not use a generic Gmail or Hotmail account. This will help your emails stay on brand and achieve a higher-than-average deliverability rate.

It’s also important to include a clear, unsubscribe link in your emails so that users can unsubscribe from content with ease and avoid having their emails marked as spam.

Are there any other email marketing services that I should consider?

There are many email marketing services out there, but we have not listed them all here. We believe that making a full email platforms list would be too confusing for non-techy readers.

The top email marketing services we have tried include MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, and Ontraport. If you can afford a more expensive, powerful service with a free trial period of up to thirty days such as Sendloop, getresponse, Campaign Monitor, or InfusionSoft (now Keap), I recommend using them.

We chose to include email marketing services in our list that offer the best features at the best price.

We recommend adding push notifications to your website. This is another way to connect with readers after they leave your site. I use onesignal on spedigitals and this has become a major traffic driver to the site because anytime I publish articles, my subscribers get notified and usually visit to read new posts.

These have been some of the email marketing services that you should consider for your company. You may also want to check our article about the best SEO plugins, and how to choose the perfect theme for your website

Thank you for reading, what is your best email marketing service? Let us have your thought in the comment section and please don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel… SHALOM

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