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Gone are the days when you need PhD, masters, tech skills or a website to make money online, the days when you need to submit your cv to physical offices and get schedules for job interviews before you can get job.

Thank God for technology because from the comfort of your home you can apply for a job based on your skill and bum you will start earning real big without stress.

In this article I have outlined different website that will give you the opportunity to start earning from the comfort of your home as a freelancer.

What is freelancing you may be wondering

If you’re curious about freelancing, it means that you work independently rather than be employed by someone else. Freelancers are self-employed and often referred to as independent contractors. As a freelancer you can obviously do any job

When companies hire freelancers, they often do not provide the same level of compensation as full-time employees, nor does the freelancer have that same commitment.

With the rise of freelancing, it has become commonplace to discuss the topic. More people are freelancing today than ever before, with a recent study showing that 57 million Americans freelanced in 2019.

Freelancing means to be your own boss. It’s on you to find a way to fill your time with paid work, whether it’s client direct, subcontracting, or through a jobs marketplace.

There are many different types of freelance jobs, and companies are hiring freelancers more than ever.

Other benefits such as financial and health are not guaranteed when you freelance.

Now that you understand what freelancing is, let’s see the best secure freelancing websites you can use to start making money today


Toptal is a freelance site where only the best talent is listed, which is why popular companies like Microsoft continue to use them.

With rigorous screening processes, Toptal finds the best candidates available. They use reviews of language and personality, skills tests, live screening, and test projects to find employees with world-class talent. Toptal employs industry experts to hand-pick their freelancers for each project.

Toptal is a marketplace that connects companies with freelancers who are talented developers, designers and project managers. The only qualification is you will be a Toptal developer, designer or project manager and you'll be hired for projects that other firms might not take on themselves.

While Toptal may not be the right fit for all freelancers, it's a great option if you're looking for world-class talent. You can expect high rates and job titles with dense specialization.


Guru is a freelance marketplace for more than two million freelancers and 800,000 employers. Whether you're looking for programmers, designers, writers or anything else, you'll be able to find an expert in the field you need. Many freelancers on Guru can also be found in other fields such as engineering, education and law.

Freelancers on this site are verified, both through an extensive database and by customer reviews and feedback. This makes the site dependable when looking for freelance writers to hire or you wish to post a job.

Problems with freelancers in some freelancing websites like this is that, there is feedback ratings on the site, so you can see how well freelancers perform before reaching out to them. But sometimes an experienced freelancer may end up not finding a job that fast because of low or no rating, but all the same it is good for those who have done excellent job for clients in the past.

It’s possible to hire people based on a fixed price and others are hourly rate or task basis. You can manage projects from the site’s dashboard.

Guru is free to join as either a freelancer or employer, but the site takes a cut from both parties every time they get paid. Guru also offers paid memberships: if you are a freelancer, you can receive more bids and send quotes; if you are an employer, your fees will be lower and you will have access to top-level talent.


If you want to hire skilled freelancers for work, this site will provide you with every conceivable job and big industry. It also deals in marketing, software development, and graphic design.

You can hire freelancers with a reliable and trustworthy system. You can also check their work samples before you agree to hire them. Freelancers can find work, use articles and resources to grow as a professional, and share their experiences with other freelancers.

Employers can post a job and have freelancers apply, thereby allowing the employer to find the best fit for the project. On Upwork, there are many short- and long-term jobs. You can also chat with employers using text or video messaging.

Upwork helps employers to find quality freelancers. They have a talent scout tool, so employers can find the best potential freelancers for the job, and freelancers can find the best matches for their skills.

Freelancer is a trustworthy freelance marketplace for businesses to find work done by freelancers. It has more than 50 million freelancers with over 1800 skills across the world.

Within sixty seconds, 80% of the jobs list on receive a bid from freelancers. allows you to share your portfolio and allows employers to search for talent based on specific criteria, such as location or experience.

This website also has modules for coming up with ideas and learning about different topics that make for a great all-round experience.

The design platform is straightforward and contractor-focused, making it easy to contract with a freelancer on the go. You only pay when you’re satisfied with the work, rather than for an hourly rate. The chat feature of the site allows both parties to stay in touch, letting you support project-specific needs, and helps ensure contractors are focused on your requirements from start to finish. is an impressive and versatile platform for both freelancers and employers, with a massive database of users, a straightforward job posting process, and a mobile app.

They offers many different types of jobs, some of which include data entry, outsourcing, marketing and sales, human resources, content writing, and more. To get started on Freelancer, you first need to create an account then connect to the site with your account information. You may also want to consider bidding on jobs beforehand in order to increase competition for the job. Finally, it is suggested that you contact the Freelancer team if you are looking for advice on how to find work.



Employers can post any small or large projects on the website and freelancer ratings and reviews will help you find people who are skilled at producing quality work.

People Per Hour is a marketplace where you can find virtually any customer or vendor for your business, from SEO to marketing and content writing.

Freelancers can build a strong profile to help them attract employers and certifications make freelancers trustworthy. It also helps Freelancers by using machine learning to match freelancers with potential projects.

Freelancers and employers can use this site's Project Streams to communicate and share files efficiently. You can also use the site to invoice your clients, which is made simple by a secure payment system.


The Aquent marketplace has an emphasis on creativity and diversity. They use the machine learning algorithm to match up projects with the best recruiters to find talented freelancers.

Aquent oversees a freelancer’s performance. Aquent uses technology to improve how projects are matched with suitable freelancers, and to safeguard freelancing rates.

Aquent offers creative and techy services, plus a freelance marketplace to scout talent. The firm also has helpful online courses to help you hire staff and explore new avenues of creativity.

Ignoring the disadvantages of being a member-exclusive site, this site does have many perks for freelancers as well as most businesses. It also has a firm focus on creativity and diversity, giving it an edge.


If you're a freelancer in creative design fields, this site will be most helpful. As the name suggests, this site concentrates on design. If you need logos, branding, book covers or websites, this is the place to look.

If you're looking for designers, you can post your project and freelancers will bid on the work. You can also pre-qualify professionals with a description of your project, either to avoid wasting time or to capture a particular designer's style.

If you are looking to find work as a designer, join DesignCrowd for free where other designers compete for work and your feedback is reviewed before you can be given more work. There are over ninety design categories on the site, so you can find work in any field.

There are extra fees when designing starts with a new client, so this is not necessarily the cheapest site. But if you're a creative or need to find one and want to work in an environment with challenging tasks and quality, 99designs is worth the cost.


Solidgigs alerts you of the best opportunities in freelancing by manually checking more than 100 freelance platforms every day.

Solidgigs provides you with personalized job recommendations and curated lists of high-quality opportunities, which enables you to find the best freelance gigs for your experience level.

If you want to get a Solidgigs list of opportunities, then you'll have to pay $19 monthly fee. There is also a 30-day trial for $2, but if it doesn't work out, then you are charged the full amount. Other sites don't hand-pick their jobs, so freelancers may find this an excellent value for quality and an efficient service.

There are plenty of educational resources on Solidgigs. It is a website by the creators of Millo, which showcases freelancers and offers various educational opportunities.


Flexjobs provides job opportunities both in remote locations and flexible schedules. They are a great selection for employers looking to hire or remote workers seeking work.

FlexJobs is a hand-curated website that allows you to stalk legitimate listings from virtually every industry. It also verifies businesses, which means freelancers don't have to be worried about being scammed.

In addition to job listings, FlexJobs offers articles, events, and career coaching sessions. A memberships costs $6.95 for a week or $49.95 for one year, which gives you access to more information and lower costs on products.

With FlexJobs, you can find long-term freelance jobs in a variety of industries. You also have a guarantee of quality as FlexJobs prescreens and verifies each listing.

Flexjobs is a website that will help you find freelance and job opportunities, which has unlimited job seekers signed up. Once you sign up for Flexjobs, employers can find and contact you about jobs that fit your qualifications without needing to use an agency or headhunter. Flexjobs will send email alerts notifying when new jobs are available.


One of the more popular websites among Freelancers is Fiverr. Since 2010 the company has been used by more than three million employers. Some major companies include Netflix and Facebook.

There are freelancers for every type of task on Fiverr. You can find a prospect with your budget set and project size in mind. If you're looking for work, there's plenty of variety to be found on Fiverr!

It's free to join the Fiverr site, and they offer free contracts. Businesses can also use their upgraded packages to enjoy verified freelancers, talent matching, and a dashboard to manage their projects.

Fiverr has plenty going for it but low transactions fees mean that you may have to sift through many unsuitable projects or freelancers before finding the right fit. Free listings also mean higher transaction fees than many other sites.


Adobe is one of the most well-known companies for creatives, which makes it no surprise that Behance, which is their company website, would be considered one of the best for creative freelancers.

With the job site social network, you can find your next job or connect with important people in your industry. Signing up allows you to create portfolios and mood boards that display your work, making it easy to show off your uniqueness in an industry.

You can search creators by their field, colors, and tools. So if you are upfront about your work on your profile and in the main feed, you'll be easier to find when people are looking for a new freelancer.

With services such as Weebly and Mashable, you can post portfolios, case studies, work-in-progress projects which expire in 24 hours, and even live-stream your process.

You can browse jobs from all over the world on Behance and after reading a job description, you can apply for it as well. There are many jobs and depending on your field or discipline, you will have different salaries or remote-working options to choose from.

If you're a creative freelancer, Behance is the top choice for you. You can find any job posted on the site and it's free to use with some basic features.


UpStack recruits top talent in engineering for scaling companies. They have an expert matching team which connects top candidates with the appropriate positions. Sign up, and you won't be charged any upfront recruiting fees.

You will receive consistent revenue from clients at Upstack instead of searching for new jobs. Upstack offers above-average payments and projects with a long time frame.


Servicescape provides an online job board and forum for freelancers in the corporate sectors to help with startups and SMB's. Servicescape can be a great resource for beginners finding jobs in settings like Editing, Translating, Graphic Designing and Writing. You can get in contact with clients by sending messages or making phone calls through Servicescape.


You can find jobs through Hubstaff Talent. You can get hourly contracts with a fixed price and work as a networking and infrastructure manager, helpdesk manager, receptionist, account executive, product marketing, etc.

You can create your service’s free profile and have access to eager members looking for someone with your skills.


CloudPeeps is a freelancing site that offers marketing, copywriting, and social media services. It has more than thousand professionals who work remotely. Once you are signed up on CloudPeeps, you can start accessing these freelancers to get their services.


Truelancer offers online jobs to beginners, work from home jobs, marketing trainers and more. You are able to easily make money by freelancing on Truelancer. Truelancer is available through a browser, android and iphone devices.


Zeerk offers jobs in many categories, such as website reviews and writing. Once the buyer approves of your work, you can request for a transaction. It contains a built-in payment system to provide feedback to sellers.

. is a site for remote jobs that are not advertised on other sites. It allows you to find high-quality jobs and organize them by category. They also have tools to help you find a job that suits your needs best.


Smashing Magazine has a variety of jobs for UX designers, web designers, JavaScript developers, Java developers, Mobile app developers. You can search for job listings with a range of time commitments.

10x Management

10x Management is an agency that helps developers, designers, and coders to get jobs. When you register on this website, you'll be provided support from representatives who will answer any questions and provide a resolution. Once you complete the project, you'll get paid by the employer.


Envato Studio provides community of designers and developers, who together provide designs and design services. It is an easy-to-use platform perfect for beginners, as the job will be completed within the agreed turnaround time with a total number of revisions.


One of the platforms is Angel List. Job seekers can use this website to find work with startups. It is possible to find a job on this site, since it contains all sorts of information like location, technology, and salary. Your email will be automatically notified if any company finds interest in your service.


Beginners can find a variety of freelance jobs, like developing a website or marketing strategy. Storetasker connects freelancers with clients in order to provide an easy way to find one's next assignment.


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Thanks you for reading, let’s hear your preferred freelancing website at the comment section… SHALOM

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