get paid to write articles

Get paid to write articles

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If you're just starting out or simply want an additional source of income while working from home and searching for a writing job that would pay you, then this post on get paid to write articles is for you to start making money during your free time.

You have the chance to make money working remotely through freelance writing. Being a writer and making a living off of your writing is interesting. You can work with domestic or foreign clients, as well as websites that catch your attention.

Freelancing offers a variety of options to make money, although at first we were unaware of them. In order to be chosen, you must excel in your skill.

If you want to get paid to write articles here are 13 top websites that will pay you awesomely for writing articles.

1. Vibrant Life

A website dedicated to health and wellbeing called Vibrant Life welcomes contributions on topics like nutrition, stress reduction, healthy living, spirituality, and mental health. If your writing is well articulated then be rest assured you will get paid to write articles

The articles ought to have a gender-neutral appeal that draws readers from both the male and female groups. If you have some rough thoughts or writings linked to a holistic approach from a wholly Christian perspective, we highly encourage you to contribute to the site. Depending on the subject, payment ranges from $100 to $300 each submission. To guarantee that readers can understand and enjoy the material, avoid using complicated medical jargon. Niche and subjects: Environment, Family, Spiritual Balance, Health, and Self-Help

2. Contena

get paid to write articles

A benefit of joining Contena is the professional writing coach they offer as part of their Platinum memberships. This coach will work one-on-one with Platinum members to help them craft their portfolios, individual pitches for jobs they find on Contena, and provide any guidance they need along the way. It's also free to create an account with Contena to start seeing how it can jumpstart your writing career. Contona was to help writers launch their freelance writing careers and locate specific writing jobs offered around the internet, Contena includes a ton of extremely fantastic features. It is ranked first on our list of get paid to write articles

Several of the characteristics are

  • Job-search aid
  • Notifications via email
  • Find Submissions
  • Pay rate information for more than 1600 businesses.

Access to Contena Academy, which offers members a six-module video training course and materials to help them get started with a freelance writing career, is included with every membership. Even participants with prior writing experience have nice things to say about the Academy since it gives them the resources they need to succeed.

3. Chicken Soup for the Soul

The book series Chicken Soup for the Soul is certainly familiar to you, but now you have the chance to have a piece of your writing published in a future volume. You must compose a first-person tale with humor, sentiment, or excitement for the book.

The only downside to the publication is that you have to wait several months, if not years, to get your essay published in the book. If your tale or poem is accepted for publication, you will be paid $200 and given 10 complimentary copies of the book.

If you really want to succeed here then we strongly advise contributing any stories or anecdotes that can be turned into tale write-ups, especially if they are at least somewhat heartwarming. Even if you don't get paid right away, you'll still be a part of a long legacy of heartwarming tales.

4. Money Pantry

The popular personal finance site Money Pantry is another great website to get paid to write articles frequently discusses matters pertaining to money, including methods for making and saving money.

Consider submitting your suggestion to the website if you have good ideas for saving money, paying off debt, or getting ready for retirement.

Your article's techniques and suggestions must be original and should come from a person with a fresh point of view that is simple for others to adopt. Think about performing a fast search on the website to check if a specific topic has been covered.

Only previously unpublished material is accepted by Money Pantry, and money is made via PayPal as soon as the piece is published. Although they have their drawbacks because they are selective

5. Constant Content

Similar to Textbroker, Constant Content is another content creation service that you canget paid to write articles , you can write for numerous clients in various industries, this writing service employs independent contractors.

With Constant Content, you have the freedom to choose your own working hours. Writers have the capacity to establish enduring relationships with clients, and pay scales are depending on the client and your own experience. According to Constant Content's website, the highest-paid freelancers make an average of $90,000 annually.

6. Strong Whispers.

Environmental, sociological, and lifestyle-related articles are available across a wide range of topics on Strong Whispers.

Reforming education, the environment, global leadership, and resource exploitation are all topics you can write about. The ultimate rate is variable and depends on the topic and research; the minimum rate per submission ranges from $50 to $150.

We suggest sending a clear description of your post together with your expected payment in order to submit. If it's relevant, you can also include any previously published work.

Ensure you abide by their style guide while writing and once the proposal has been authorized. You will be paid via PayPal as soon as the publisher makes the decision to publish.


The top platform for comedy or comedic writers. Additionally, authoring articles earns additional money. Videos, infographics, articles, and photoshoots are all included in the website material.

How it work

Five subtopics and an article will be submitted together. Each article you submit will earn you $100. You will receive $200 for each article if five themes are chosen for you. You will receive a bonus if your article is chosen as one of the top 10 ones that were published. How incredible is that!

If you are interested in photography, you can also participate in photoshoot competitions. You can also enter a contest to design T-shirts, and if your infographics are used on their website, you will receive $100.

8. Watch Culture

Millions of individuals can access the news, commentary, and event coverage on this website. Writing for a five million readership about movies, music, video games, sports, television, and other topics earns many authors money every day.

Numerous stories written by contributors to the greatest news organizations, including Sky News, Radio BBC, Metro Radio, and Dublin FM, were posted. In the trial period, several authors made $700 off of just one article. It depends on the audience's response in terms of views. You can also email their editor at with relevant articles or popular videos.

9. Blasting news

With +80 million monthly unique on-site visitors, Blasting News is the largest worldwide social news publisher. Launched in the middle of 2013, it is currently among the top 200 websites in the world, according to Alexa.

With coverage in 25 languages and 34 nations, Blasting News pays up to $12 for every 1000 readers to its freelance writers and journalists in the US.

All articles are written by independent authors (Blasters), and a top-notch group of experienced experts fact-check and moderate them (Senior Blasters). News is disseminated by the authors themselves as well as by Social Blasters, a global team of top digital influencers, to ensure the greatest outcomes.

10. Listverse

get paid to write articles

This website is devoted to the most fascinating and uncommon knowledge. You can submit list postings on Listverse that are jam-packed with unique facts. If you have an intriguing list post that suggests that is 1500 words or more, you can submit it and get paid $100.

One of the quickest ways to get paid to blog is to have your post published at Listverse, but there is fierce competition and you can read more about the detailed guide on how you can succeed on Listverse.

11. Metro Parent

Do you believe you could contribute to one of the most popular parenting websites? Metro Parent is constantly seeking for skilled independent contractors to produce parent-targeted content. You can create feature articles with a word count of 1000–2500 or department columns with 500–700 words.

You will receive payouts ranging from $35 to $350 for the different types of articles you create.

12. WritersAccess

With the help of WritersAccess, clients and independent content creators may collaborate to produce outstanding content.

You can build a portfolio with WriterAccess, which then matches your abilities with clients based on artificial intelligence.

A writing test is a part of this platform's application process. You'll receive a star rating after your writing test. The projects you can work on and the pay you can receive on the platform are based on this star rating. The pay scale ranges from $0.02 cents per word to $2 per word.

13. Article document

Article Document is a platform where you can select among tasks that clients have submitted. There is no set minimum for how many articles you must complete; instead, fresh assignments are added to the list every day. You must submit a writing sample that will be evaluated when you sign up for this website. Your pay for writing on the site will depend on how well you are rated. Article Document only accepts residents of the United States and pays via PayPal.

Final thought

I created this list to get paid to write articles because I am aware of how difficult it may be to begin when attempting to launch a writing career.

If I had to pick only two of the aforementioned sites to begin earning money from blogging, it would be Liverse and Contena, especially contena. With their helpful training academy or, better yet, by checking Who Pays Writers to better understand rates before pitching, it brings together some of the top possibilities from across the web and enables you to effectively pitch for work. This website provides a regularly updated crowd-sourced list of websites together with information on each one's usual payment rates. wishing you success

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