Google Adsense alternatives

Google adsense alternatives

Google Adsense alternatives will be worth searching for if you want to increase your ad revenue on your website and are finding it hard to get AdSense approval from google however as a new publisher beginning to monetize your website, Google Adsense still remains the best and a fantastic place to start learning about ad revenue and ad tech. It is also the most widely used pay-per-click (PPC) service online, with over 10 million websites utilizing it.

Google AdSense is simple to set up, and gives authors a fair part of click-through earnings. But what if you are finding it hard to get approved? Then google AdSense is not the only option, because they are other google alternatives that can actually pay you even better than google Adsense, so if you are ready let us go with these 11 google AdSense alternative

11 google adsense alternative that pays higher

1. Ezoic


Ezoic, which was established in 2010, provides products that assist businesses and other digital publishers in improving the UX of their websites in order to enhance the money generated by them.

They boast that they were the first company on the market to incorporate AI and machine learning into their products and digital solutions. This move clearly paid off for them and for their customers, as Ezoic reported in 2021 that its combined customer base had exceeded 1.03 billion unique monthly visits.

Ezoic Pros and Cons


  • Is a whole suite of A.I.-powered technologies, such as big data analytics, site speed optimization, layout testing, and others, to boost ad revenue for your website.
  • Courteous client service
  • simple and convenient design
  • Google Publishing Partner Certified
  • No restrictions on the website's language or location


  • Uses DNS-level integration, which doesn't cause your site to load slowly
  • Obtaining permission might be challenging for smaller/low-traffic websites.
  • Traffic Requirement for Ezoic None
  • But to access premium ad partners, a site must receive at least 10,000 monthly visitors.

The Benefits of Ezoic Over AdSense

Ezoic can help your website generate more revenue than Google AdSense by using their A.I.-powered solutions.

In addition to providing a wide range of ad types from the AdSense and Google AdX inventories, they frequently do automate website testing to identify the best ad formats, placements, and combinations for your website or blog.

Ezoic made this list of google adsense alternatives offers a higher payout than Google AdSense, so as long as your on-page SEO is optimized, you may anticipate an increase in traffic and ad revenue.

2. Infolink


Over 100,000 publishers use the Infolinks ad publishing network, which is very popular.

The well-known in-line text advertising network Infolinks is best suited for busy websites. Infolinks displays advertising that are relevant to the content of your website. With Infolinks, specific keywords from the content of your website are transformed into advertising links, and you are compensated for each click on these links.

The greatest method to increase your Infolinks income is not to place more links on a single page; instead, try to keep them to six to eight per page, and you will undoubtedly see some positive effects.

Here are some incredible benefits of employing Infolinks on your websites

  • It is simple to set up and requires no modifications.
  • Infolinks advertising are seamlessly interwoven into your content, taking up no extra room.
  • Free signup with no strings attached and no risk
  • User-triggered, less obtrusive advertising that won't take attention away from the information on your site

Minimum Requirements for Infolinks

  • In comparison to AdSense, Infolinks can approve or reject your blog in as little as 3 days.
  • Any website linked to adult content, gambling, race, sex, religion, nation of origin, physical handicap, sexual orientation, etc., is not permitted.
  • The best aspect is that Infolinks is available to all website owners without setup costs, minimum page views, or visitor criteria.

Details of Infolinks' payments

They have maintained a revenue share of 70% for their publishers, which is a respectable figure (Google AdSense shares 68% of total earnings).

After $50 has been reached every 45 days, payment can be made using PayPal. The ways they pay include Paypal, checks, bank transfers, ACH, and more.

3. Mediavine


With the help of Mediavine, a full-service ad management platform, you can increase your ad revenue by displaying highly relevant advertising on your website.

This is how Mediavine functions:

You must integrate Mediavine's code into your website after being accepted as a publisher. That's it; once they begin displaying pertinent advertising on your website, you'll be able to see how much money you're making every day that will be way than google and that is why it made the list of google adsense alternatives

Advantages of utilizing Mediavine

  • Your Mediavine ad profits will be based on the total number of ad impressions, not the volume of traffic.
  • Automatic placement of dynamic advertising on your website increases conversions
  • Because of their light-weight ad technology, you won't experience troubles with slow page loading.

Minimum Requirements for Mediavine

  • In the last 30 days, your website or blog should have received at least 50,000 sessions (about 60,000 pageviews).
  • Your website should feature UNIQUE content, as well as long-form, high-quality content.

Details of Mediavine's payments

One of the most well-liked payables automation tools, Tipalti, is used by Mediavine to process all of your payments.

You can choose from a variety of payment options with Tipalti, including PayPal, domestic ACH, international ACH, domestic wire transfer, and international wire transfer.

4. Adthrive


Compared to Google AdSense, Adthrive is a far more focused advertising technology that is specifically targeted at the online community of lifestyle bloggers and websites.

With more individuals turning to the internet for advice on how to lead their best lives, this specialty is still gaining prominence. And Adthrive can assist you in earning a significant income from your job if you've developed a following providing lifestyle advice on a blog or website online.

Their lifestyle related

If you're unsure whether Adthrive could benefit you, it's important to know that according to their website, lifestyle-related content includes articles about food, finances, homes, pets, sports, technology, travel, and, incongruously, lifestyle.

Pros and Cons of Adthrive


  • Provide competitive advertising bids for the specialty of online lifestyle
  • Customers receive payment assurance.
  • Thorough understanding and study of the evolving aspects of their specific niche market.


  • Highly competitive; it's challenging to be accepted as a member
  • Only intended for advertisements relevant to the niche of lifestyle bloggers
  • Traffic Requirement 100,000 pageviews per month (Google Analytics)

Why Adthrive is superior to AdSense.

Adthrive isn't for everyone because it's especially targeted at blogs and websites in the lifestyle niche that are already moderately popular. This is a relatively large niche, but it doesn't include all websites.

Adthrive was included in this list of google adsense alternatives because it will surely provide better payment and larger earnings for you than AdSense, not to mention that the advertising on your site will be properly targeted to your audience and content, if you do own or run a blog that falls under the general genre of lifestyle content.

5. NeworMedia


Another header-bidding network, NeworMedia, combines analytics and technologies driven by A.I. to earn you a respectable compensation from maximized ad revenue.

NeworMedia is an excellent tool for blogs or websites who already have a following to exponentially boost their revenue, despite the fairly high entry barriers.

This is another powerful platform that made the list google adsense alternatives because It's simple to sign up, and NeworMedia gives customers the option to either utilize their suggested, optimized settings for ad placement or create their own settings for time, place, and ad kind. They allow a maximum of six adverts each page, but you are not required to use this many if you choose not to.

Pros and Cons of NeworMedia


  • Includes a complete ad-management service
  • Excellent catalog and several adverts
  • Availability of the entire Google AdX catalog
  • Big-data analytics and SEO are included
  • Non-exclusive (no need to sign an exclusive deal) (no need to sign an exclusive contract)


  • High admission requirements: blogs that are less than a year old are not allowed due to the minimum monthly traffic requirement of 30,000 page views.
  • Only English-language websites with significant traffic from the United States are eligible.

The Benefits of NeworMedia Over AdSense

NeworMedia offers a significantly greater income for your blog, similar to the majority of the AdSense alternatives on my list.

NeworMedia lets advertisers bid for the prime real estate on your website while functioning like an auctioneer whose duty it is to answer offers and secure the best bargain for you. It also offers comprehensive analytics and AI-powered tools.

The best part is that a number of providers, like AdSense, Yahoo, xandr, pubmatic, outbrain, smartadserver, and many others, can send you competing ad offers.

6. Publift


A Google-certified publishing partner should also make this list of google adsense alternatives, Publift uses its ten plus years of expertise to assist publishers in comprehending and utilizing the most recent ad technology. Publift provides ad layout optimization, reporting, deals, ad-block monetization, price automation, and Adwizard (blocks unwanted ads).

For publishers looking to increase their ad revenue and expand their company through a reliable, long-term collaboration, it offers an all-in-one solution. Publishers can get a free website or app review from Publift, which also offers recommendations for raising visibility.

7. Monumetric


Monumetric, which specializes in ad optimization, pays out based on the number of impressions. Despite the fact that an impression-based model pays less than a click-based model, this enables you to make money when users encounter advertisements on your pages.

In order to monetize client websites, Monumetric offers four different programs. These programs prioritize mid-sized blogs with a minimum requirement of 10,000 monthly page views and are based on monthly visits. This number is lower than those of several other top ad networks.

Minimum payout requirement

$10 minimum payments are supported.

8. Adsterra


One of the greatest ad publishing networks in the world and they have what it takes to be included in this list of google adsense alternatives, Adsterra was established in 2013 and today serves over 30 billion ad impressions each month.

With 100% fill rates, Adsterra is used by over 13,000 publishers and allows you to monetize every traffic impression.

Try Adsterra without a doubt if you're searching for a high-paying AdSense substitute.


Adsterra is compatible with AdSense and other publishing networks.

Here are just a few amazing advantages of joining the Adsterra network.

  • The minimum payment for Webmoney and Paxum is merely $5 ($100 for other payment methods like Bitcoin, PayPal, and WireTransfer), and payments are made twice a month.
  • One of the highest CPM rates can be found at Adsterra.
  • Very quick and simple setup

Above all, Adsterra offers a lifelong referral program that adds 5% of every sale made by anyone who joins their network using your referral link to your revenue.

Ad formats you can employ on desktops and mobile devices.

  • Banners to display
  • Popunders
  • Links directly
  • Pre-roll footage
  • Using push notifications
  • And the newly introduced social bar

The Partner Care Program at Adsterra

The 24/7 multilingual customer service team of Adsterra is available. This partner care program was created with the goal of offering professional guidance to increase your ad profits and performance.

All of their partner care managers have successfully completed Adsterra's Partner Care Approach, a distinctive internal training program. In order to provide your target audience better adverts, be sure to contact their support service anytime you need help.

The advantages of utilizing their Social Bar ad format

  • Compared to online push, Social Bar offers 20 to 30 times higher conversion rates.
  • It performs admirably on iOS and with cam sites (so if your target audience mostly use iOS devices, you should try Social Bar)
  • Easy to modify
  • Improved CPM rates

9. BuySellAds


One of the finest alternatives to Google AdSense is BuySellAds, a marketplace for purchasing and selling ad space on websites and blogs.

It is unquestionably the greatest substitute for sites with heavy traffic. Low traffic websites cannot join the BuySellAds network. When working as a publisher with them, you must add ads inventory to your account, and you must decide whether to accept or refuse banner advertising initiations.

Disadvantage of buysellads

You need quality traffic and a sufficient number of monthly page views if you want to profit from buy-sell ads. There is a drawback to using buy sell ads to make money; anytime a publisher is interested in placing their ads on your website, the buy sell ads network only pays you 75% of what they receive; the remaining 25% goes into their hands.

Minimum Requirements for BuySellAds

At least 50,000 page impressions per month should be made on your website.

You'll have higher chances if your site's main material is in English because their network includes mostly of English-language websites.

Your website should be routinely updated with 100 percent original content, and the approvals team typically responds in 2 business days.

Details of BuySellAds' payments

BuySellAds provides its publishers 25% of each ad sale, leaving you with the remaining 75% of total earnings. There is no minimum payout type for transfers made through PayPal, and you can transfer your profits twice every month.

11. Taboola


With more than 1.4 billion monthly users and 450 billion suggestions served, Taboola is the largest content discovery platform in the world and can easily take the position of AdSense. By employing tailored related posts on your blog entries, it directs visitors from your website to the advertiser's website.

You can insert these advertisements after blog entries, in the sidebar, or wherever you believe they go. If you operate popular websites with viral traffic, such as news or gossip sites, Taboola may be a viable rival.

Details of Taboola payments

Taboola's $50 minimum payment requirement is met 45 days after the end of the month in which you signed up for the service. For instance, if you began using their advertisements on January 1st, payment would be made 45 days later, or on March 15th.

In order to get payment from Taboola advertisements, you must have a Payoneer account (that too without any deduction or transfer feeds).

Minimum Requirements for Taboola

  • You must own and run your own websites
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Only publish content on your website that is 100% unique and original

10. Skimlinks


Looking for a place to monetize your content? Try Skimlinks next, as it's one of the most profitable alternatives you have for monetizing the content of your blog.

You can profit from your material that is linked to your product, brand, or industry by using the Skimlinks URL Shortener.

By including links from wherever you want, you can earn money using their URL shortener. You can utilize those connections in your blog entries, newsletters, social media posts, YouTube videos, and other online communities.

Minimum Requirements for Skimlinks

Joining their network is totally free, and it often takes less than 48 hours for their ad support team to review and approve your website.

If your audience is primarily located in North America, the United Kingdom, Western Europe, or Australia, you can make a ton of money from it (no adult content is required to get approved).

Details of Skimlinks' payments

They have a 90-day barrier since it can take that long for a commission to clear before being paid to you at the end of the month. Skimlinks pays your cleared account balance (as long as it is greater than $65) at the end of each month.

They provide publishers your payment by Direct Deposit or PayPal (for US or UK accounts). PayPal is the only payment method accepted for publishers who are based outside of the US, EU, or UK.

Final thought

You can use tons of websites that are comparable to AdSense to increase your online income, but you need to attract respectable search engine traffic to your websites in order to profit from these AdSense alternatives.

Always keep in mind that increasing your search traffic will help you profit more from these ad platforms. More search traffic means more clicks, and more clicks mean more money for you to make from these AdSense options.

Hope this article is helpful, did we forget to include any of your preferred Google AdSense alternatives? Let’s have your thought in the comment section and please don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and thanks for reading…SHALOM

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I combine AdSense with other ads?

Yes, it is the answer. With AdSense, you can utilize various ad networks.

What is the Google AdSense minimum payout?

Google Adsense has a $100 minimum compensation requirement, which is considerably high

Can I monetize my website without google ads

Yes, without Google Adsense, you can monetize your blog in a variety of ways, including affiliate marketing, product sales, sponsored content, link shortener and more.

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