gpl website

Gpl website

Gpl website are online platforms created by individuals, or companies with the legal backing to freely or monetarily distribute WordPress plugins and themes to others as long as they are available under the GPL license, the open-source GPL license. However, this license has certain rules, such as what WordPress cannot and can do.

The GPL has certain restrictions and may be reused, modified, and redistributed for commercial and personal use. WordPress plugins and themes are licensed under the same license. This gives you the freedom to reuse, modify, and redistribute free and premium WordPress plugins.  Redistributing or modifying plugins or themes developed by others is not at all illegal, but unethical which we have come to live with, at least for now. Many people use the GPL license because it allows you to modify and distribute other people's work under your own name.

Threats of using gpl themes and plugins

There are some threats when you fail to read this article bit by bit to know the best websites where you can get original themes and plugins that are free from malware and virus. Malware can attach to source code that the average user cannot detect. If you can afford it, consider buying a WordPress plugin or theme from the original marketplace or from a real developer. The reason is to get the most reliable and updated version without the possibility of virus or malware infection.

Today we are going to show you a popular GPL distribution website where you can get GPL themes and plugins at very discounted prices yet original. Remember they are not real publishers. They buy these themes from real publishers, sell them at lower prices, and don't offer the same support as real developers.

What is gpl

The GPL or General Public License (also known as the GNU License) is the most commonly used software license that grants or grants users the right to use, redistribute, and modify software written by other developers without been sue if used according to the gpl agreement which you can read more to know all you need to know about the GPL license

Softwares like WordPress, plugins and themes are all under the GPL license. In other words, WordPress is open-source software that anyone can use, modify, and extend.

Is it safe and legal to use gpl site

The GPL site is completely legal and secure and there is no risk to use it on the website. It does not create legal or securities issues. However, as a reasonable user, you should not trust any how platform instead choose a proven platform that have been tested and confirmed by many.

One of these tested and trusted platforms is Smehranclub followed by 960down, gpldownload and many others in this list. These sites are safe and I speak from experience, so keep reading.

Diference between GPL and GNU

GNU is a vast collection of free and open-source software used to build Linux operating systems. GNU is a recursive acronym for “GNU's Not UNIX”. In other words, the GNU software system looks like UNIX, but it is different from UNIX and does not use UNIT code. 

Software under the GNU Project is primarily distributed under the General Public License (GPL). This license was created by the GNU Project and gives anyone the freedom to run, study, distribute, and modify the software, provided that modified versions are also provided under the same GPL license.

The WordPress project treats the GPL license as its philosophical equivalent to the Bill of Rights. It provides the core values ​​that the project believes in.

 That said, it has become clear that WordPress plugins and themes can be distributed from the GPL sites mentioned below however you can be sued for in propitiate usage, therefore read the license agreement before useage

How affordable are gpl products?

Let’s use  elementor page builder which goes for 49 dollars for one year singe domain subscription form the developer which you can also get the same elementor page builder from gpl website for as low as five dollar twenty one dollars or even lesser depending from the website, the originality and can be used for multiple site

GPL plugins and themes are very cheap for the following reasons:
All WordPress elements, such as plugins and themes, are licensed under the General Public License (GPL). If the respective owners of the GPL site purchase these elements, they are free to redistribute them.

Money paid on this GPL site will be used to maintain the website and purchase new third-party WordPress plugins and themes to enhance the functionalities and deliveries. This form of crowdfunding helps keep prices low and delivers profits to customers however the said product does not include premium support

Advantage gpl products

  • They are cheap and original
  • The files are free from malware, viruses when you buy from trusted platforms
  • All products work with any number of sites (no limit on the number of sites).
  • All products can be downloaded via direct link.
  • All WordPress plugins and themes are updated regularly and new products are added from time to time.


  • There is no support,
  • Malware or virus
  • Nulled when you buy from fake platform
  • Venerability when you buy from untrusted platforms
  • There are no automatic updates

By now, you might have understood that GPL sites are the best alternative to buying premium WordPress plugins and themes at the lowest price especially if you are a beginner.  However, these products should always be purchased from a trusted GPL website and not from any website. There are several websites that offer these GPL products for free. However, free products downloaded from these sites are invalid and at risk to your site.

Zero GPL licensed WordPress plugins and themes are modified and embedded with malware that allows your website content to be shared with third parties or your website can be easily hacked. Therefore, it is very important to purchase this content from the trusted and verified GPL sites mentioned in the list below. So, let's jump straight to our list of the best GPL websites where you can buy WordPress plugins and themes that will serve you just like the original from the developers

Best gpl website 8 most trusted

Please remember that this site is not a real publisher, they buy these themes and plugins from real publishers, sell them at a lower price, and don't offer the same support as real developers. If you want your site to look professional, and you don’t want to take the risk but need premium support, we recommend that you buy these themes and plugins from real developers. Else buy from these tested lists and you will still get the same value like that of the real developers

I might have named Smehranclub the best GPL WordPress site, because Smehranclub is one of those clubs that offers a variety of plugins and services at very affordable prices, however you should read on to see the contender that will even give you the opportunity to test run their plugin or theme before making a purchase. Isn't that amazing? So, keep reading and I will avail you all you need to know about the list below


Smehranclub is the most popular website hosting more than 16,300 GPL premium themes, templates and plugins since 2016. With a customer base of over 42,500 users and over 12 million downloads, it is one of the top contenders for GPL Website. 

This website is trusted by thousands of customers including me who download GPL licensed content from the website every day.

In addition to offering affordable membership plans, the website also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with their products.

There ae the most trusted site to provide 24/7 support to our customers with a wide range of genuine and proven products. The most interesting thing is that in addition they provide automatic updates with, Srmehran update plugin. This tools plugin allows clients to manage all their WordPress websites from a single dashboard on their website.

Membership Plans

gpl website

2. Gpl love

GPL Love is new in the market place but have evolved into one of its major predecessors at the time. Most of the popular themes and plugins are available on this website. The site adds new products daily based on bestsellers and customer requests. Their plugins and themes are among the cheapest in the market.   What makes this site better than others is the customer service, which is also evident in the reviews. The technical support provided is fast, efficient, and sometimes more than just a plugin. GPL Love has been translated into 3 languages, making ordering much easier for non-English speaking users.

Membership Plans

gpl website

3. 960down

The 960down gpl website is simple and user friendly, it tries to update all of their products, they don't offer good support, they always insist, but in my personal experience I haven't even gotten a response to a lot of tickets. This is not good. Otherwise, this is also one of the good sites on the GPL market, but don't expect good tech support. 

With a GPL membership, you can easily access new versions and use themes and plugins on an unlimited number of websites. The beauty of this website is that you can download 5 or more items per day depending on your membership plan.

Membership Plans

gpl website

4. Festingervault

Festingervault is a very popular website offering thousands of premium WordPress plugins and themes. You will find all the popular plugins and themes you need to create a successful WordPress website.   The auto-update feature can give you an edge over other GPL sites. So, sit back and relax, all the WordPress plugins and themes installed on your site are automatically updated from their database.

This site offers 100% genuine and original products.  24/7 customer support makes it easy to access service anytime.

Festingervault offers a variety of plans depending on your requirements. You can buy a monthly/yearly/lifetime membership plan or use one WordPress plugin/theme that automatically updates for a year.

Membership Plans

gpl website

5. Nobuna

Nobuna is one of the best GPL WordPress sites where you can download all plugins and templates for free. Yes, good to hear. All new updates, no changed or reworked files, on-the-fly plugins and theme updates are accessible for free when released. You can receive free updates while your subscription is active. There is no zeroed or hacked version.

Memebership Pans

gpl website

6. GPLdownload

GPLdownload is the best website offering original WordPress GPL plugins and themes at discounted prices. They offer over 4400 WordPress plugins and themes, and the number keeps growing. They provide themes and plugins without modification, so there is no risk of using the purchased product.  All WordPress plugins and themes listed on the website can be purchased for $3.99 with an annual license. Alternatively, the website offer a membership plan to access all premium content on the website. Download the various membership plans offered by the GPL

Membership Plans

gpl website

Here comes Smehranclub's contender I mentioned earlier because they allow you to use their plugin for free and test if is good for you before partnership, permit me to introduce

7. Gplking

Gplking is the best trusted GPL site that I personally consider to be Smehranclub's best or competitor, and I highly recommend it for GPL themes and plugins. The platform offers an amazing collection of thousands of original GPL themes and plugins.  The site has themes and plugins for all popular CMSs and all major brands.

 If you want to create a personal or business website, you can use gplking themes and plugins. This GPL site has an easy-to-use user interface. One of the most trusted sources for the best GPL themes and GPL plugins you can find out there. 

Gplking has affordable membership plans with free trial plans you won't find anywhere else. They offer about 4 plans for you to choose from. You can choose the membership that best fits your budget. 

Gplking offers 100% original products legally purchased from GPL theme and plugin developers. Unlike other GPL sites, all products are safe and secure.

Membership Plans

gpl website

8. Pluginking

Pluginking is one of the best sites to buy GPL WordPress themes and plugins. All themes and plugins at a very affordable price with no download restrictions. There are over 9600 themes and plugins. They provide themes and plugins without modification, However, there is one problem with this site that most people won't like. Payment methods are really stressful.

Why are they this cheap

Well, there is no trick. This is absolutely legal. As you know, WordPress is distributed under the GPL license. It simply means you are free to do whatever you want with that particular product. The gpl website buys genuine plugins or themes from developers and resells them to others at a much lower price. It's always a good idea to check the plugins or themes downloaded from the site to get the latest version, and some have the option to update product requests. It is also best to make sure that the available downloads are compatible with your current version of WordPress.

Final thought

You can choose the best plan depending on your needs. However, I would personally recommend you to go ahead with a long-term plan to save some extra bucks and get rid of monthly renewals.

WordPress is the best content management system that powers millions of websites on the internet. Plugins and themes are an important part of WordPress because they provide additional functionality to your site.  Regular licenses for these WordPress plugins and themes are expensive. However, the best GPL websites mentioned in this article have covered everything you need to know

Hope this article was helpful, please let’s have your thought in the comment section, thank you for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel… SHALOM

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