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How to choose best affiliate converting offers

The most typical question asked by beginning affiliate marketers who desire to advertise paid traffic is ‘How do I get started by choosing the best affiliate converting offers? As an affiliate marketer everyone wants to succeed, especially beginners want to succeed even faster with their readiness to invest in paid traffic if the need arises

But the truth remains that it is not as straightforward as you might think because of the narrative professionals put out in the internet

Beginners affiliate marketers want to start with offers those big super affiliates are promoting because they believe those offers work and are ready to start running the campaigns immediately. Please don't if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, don't let their big claims force you into doing the right thing at the wrong time

Why you should not do what super affiliate marketer does

Some affiliate marketers, especially the newbies don't see the work that goes into those mega promotions by super affiliates which are usually behind the sane, and the reality also is that your first campaign will most likely not be profitable right away, without touching it, you must work on your campaign to succeed, there are some prices to pay before you can get it right.

In this article, we'll reveal the best approaches to select offers that are most likely to generate profits. Because getting the right offers are still the most critical aspect of affiliate marketing. No matter what traffic network you use, without an excellent offer, your campaign will be hopeless and you will get discouraged.

Here are some examples of offers you should avoid

As a beginner in affiliate marketing, do not compete with the big players right away. As I mentioned at the beginning, you should not copy what super affiliates are doing when you're starting out.

Those affiliates are extremely experienced and spend large amounts of money every day to drive traffic to their campaigns, something that you as a beginner cannot do.

It is much more efficient to opt for offers with lower or medium competition as you won't have to compete with the mega affiliates and will have a much better chance of making a profit.

Why choose SOI and DOI offers

You should not choose your initial offers based solely on the payout. Yes, this is very important. When selecting offers, don't get trapped by only looking at their payouts.

You may make more money using high-payout affiliates if you have a big testing budget and are also an experienced affiliate marketer, but this is not normally the case.

In most situations, it is not a good strategy to begin as a newcomer. You should focus on lead generation offers and lower payout SOI and DOI offers. Which stands for Single opt-in offers and double opt-in offers

SOI and DOI offers

The Single opt-in offers, visitors only have to fill in their names and email addresses to make a conversion. It is the simplest type of offer to generate conversions.

For double opt-in offers, visitors must confirm registration by email in addition to filling in their names and email addresses, unlike the SOI offers.

Getting a conversion on this type of offer is slightly more challenging than Single opt-in offers, but it is still not difficult, and end payouts are slightly higher than those on SOI offers.

Here are the most popular SOIs and DOIs

  • Swapestack
  • Vouchers
  • Dating
  • Gambling
  • Mobile app download

Even if you choose one of these verticals to begin with, you probably won't go wrong. Since these verticals have high conversion rates, don't be afraid to try them even if the payouts are low. Avoid offers with ‘hard' conversion requirements.

You should not begin with offers that require a ‘hard' action from the visitor in order to convert as a beginner

Why you should start with low conversion

For instance, if a fantastic CPA offer requires the visitor to hand over their credit card details or deposit a substantial amount of money in order to convert, your conversion rate will likely be low and you may not have the money to spend in targeting the right people who may likely make the payment.


Spending $400 a day on testing is not a big deal for experienced super affiliates, but it would be difficult for a beginner to make money if he or she did the same.

The highest-paying offers aren't always the best for new affiliates, particularly those in the financial and crypto sectors.

For example, a $200 or more deposit is required to start these offers, and no matter how much money is offered, it will be very hard for a beginner to succeed if he or she does not have a conversion.

My humble advice

Therefore, you should look for an offer that pays less money per conversion but has a simpler conversion process then from there you can grow to start using the advanced offers.

I strongly recommend that as a beginner, starting with simple offers like, leaving an email or downloading something will be easy for the user, and as a result, conversion rates will be much higher.

Avoid extremes niche-specific

  • It is also important to avoid selecting offers with a tiny audience.
  • Offers that are extremely niche-specific
  • Offers that are extremely unique
  • Offers that are not of interest to most people

You should be able to target your audience for these offers, and you can do so, of course, but only with traffic sources such as Google, and Facebook which will require more spending and testing. But when you're starting out, choose offers with a wide audience, as this will give you the best chance of winning.

Be careful when choosing EPC offers

It isn't the most important factor when choosing your first offers; you should always base your choice on how much you'll earn per click. The EPC, or Earnings Per Click, is a measurement of how much you will earn per advertisement click. While it may seem logical to choose offers based on the EPC, it is not the be-all and end-all. There are several reasons why you shouldn't choose an offer based exclusively on the EPC.

Why you should not depend solely on EPC offers

Expert advertisers typically saturate high-EPC offers, making it difficult to break through but it is still the best offer even though they may have more competition, you may be able to make more money, and your work might be more profitable if you achieve more conversions.

Remember that lower EPCs do not mean that the conversion rate is also low. In many cases, conversion rates are higher because lower payouts CPA offers convert better. If you are a beginner, it is vital to avoid certain things when selecting your first CPA offers.

Let's discuss the best ways to find the right CPA offer.

Choose the most profitable CPA offer using competitive intelligence tools also known as spy tools.

What are spy tools

Spy tools are large databases of landing pages, ads, and CPA offers operated by other affiliate marketers on various CPA networks and traffic networks around the globe.

Use of spy tool

You can see what verticals are currently most popular and what offers they are promoting by browsing through the results. You can also filter by country, language, and traffic source to target your audience.

How to find the most successful offers

To find the most successful offers, simply sort the results by the most traffic or longest duration. You can see a variety of offers if you click on any advertisement you like.

For a newbie campaign runner, we suggest using some form of SOI or DOI offers that we discussed earlier because it t is easier to convert, they have higher conversion rates, and will also be easier to learn to optimize and scale an affiliate campaign

The first thing you should do when choosing a traffic source

The first thing you should do when choosing a traffic source is to choose a cost-efficient ad format, like a push or a pop, because you can run more tests and come to understand the process without investing too much money in traffic.

You can also download and split test landing pages to discover your winning combo as soon as possible.

Affiliate network with CPA Offers

There are numerous affiliate networks that have several excellent high-converting CPA offers that both novices and advanced affiliates can use. More than 80% of their offers are exclusive and can't be found anywhere else.

Why you shouldn't target first-tier countries

With a restricted budget as a beginner, don't target the USA, Canada, Australia, or other countries like them. You may still make substantial profits with low payout offers because conversion rates are high in those countries.

Hacks to succeed fast in affiliate marketing

Every marketer should make use of forums, regardless of their experience level. All you have to do is register for an account, and you can find out about affiliate marketing. If you're just starting out with affiliate marketing, you should join communities and participate in them.

These online communities are an excellent way to learn valuable information about affiliate marketing. If you're looking for business opportunities, you may find them here. There are many active affiliates of all levels on these forums.

What to do after joining the forum

  • Post an introduction about your experience
  • What you want to accomplish
  • Introduce yourself, you should
  • Start interacting with other affiliates by asking them what offers they recommend for beginners
  • What affiliate networks do they recommend,

You can also find tips & tricks, how-to guides, and real case studies made by real affiliates here. There are a lot of moneymaking tutorials on the iAmAffiliate Forum right now. Whether you are a newbie or an expert, you can find everything you need there.

Why join iAmAffiliate

iAmAffiliate allows experienced affiliates to submit their success stories and case studies, so you can be inspired and learn how successful campaigns are made from beginning to end. You can follow along with the tasks of other affiliates and document the progression of your own journey, or you can learn from those who are going through it in real time and then share your achievement story.

The value you can find in affiliate marketing forums is priceless. Premium forums like iAmAffiliate are especially valuable. You can find free affiliate marketing forums, but the real gold nuggets are in the premium sections, so you will end up on a premium forum anyway.

What to consider before joining an affiliate program

Knowing the best affiliate programs for beginners and the precise niche, you want to focus on is ideal before you get carried away with selecting the finest affiliate model for you. When selecting the program that will provide you with the highest return on investment (ROI) based on your company goals, knowing what you will specialize in can help you chart a course.

Enough research about the affiliate programs

Check to discover whether other affiliate marketers and bloggers have already identified potential in the chosen niche before starting any affiliate campaign. To determine market demand, find out if other WordPress and beginner SEO sites in your niche are offering affiliate products. If there are other affiliates, it is typically a good sign because you know they wouldn't try if there was no chance to increase money. Additionally, you may compile all of their affiliate partners' offers into a spreadsheet that you can use to rank your own website later on.

How to Select the Best Affiliate Program for Newbies

When selecting the best affiliate programs for beginners. with which to begin, there are a few things to keep in mind. You should research each program's offers, the markets it serves, and the caliber of the real and digital goods it supplies. Consider whether investing time and effort in promoting these products on your website and social media is something you want to do. With that being said let us scan through for a more detailed guide of what to consider that will make your affiliate marketing business more enjoyable as a beginners

Ease of usage

The ease of use is another factor to consider when choosing the best affiliate programs for beginners. for individuals who are just getting started. Read reviews on the dashboards of the programs, the level of assistance provided to affiliates, and the software as a service (SaaS) tool offered for people without an experience in web building or technology.


You might want to discover a solution that can handle this for you if you have no experience with WordPress website development, email marketing, leadpage development, or even plugin usage. Only give consideration to programs that demonstrate how joining their network benefits both you and them. You might want to look into another program if you hear affiliates lament the lack of real-time help or how challenging it was to sign up at first. the complaint is minimal in the best affiliate programs for beginners.

Payout structure

In any best affiliate programs for beginners, you should also make sure that the affiliate marketing program you choose has a defined payout structure that is well-written and presented. You will likely have better luck choosing a network that truly pays you for your hard work if you find feedback concerning affiliate commissions not being paid on time, payouts not being completed, problems with PayPal payments, or anything else connected to this.

Who are their partners

When choosing the ideal fit for the best affiliate programs for beginners. , it's also important to take into account how many merchants a particular affiliate network or program currently works with. Finding something that is at least making money for others is preferable if there aren't many successful affiliates marketing and selling the item. After all, why would you invest time and money promoting something with such a little likelihood of generating profits?

We should discuss the differences between the various affiliate business models now that you are more aware of what to look for based on your personal and professional goals.

In-House Affiliate Programs vs. Affiliate Networks: What's the Difference?

What are in-house affiliate programs?

An in-house affiliate program is one that is run by a merchant directly rather than through an affiliate network. For instance, a corporation like Amazon has complete control over everything through its own affiliate network. Amazon is one of the most well-known internal affiliate programs, while there are a few others as well. The network (in this case, Amazon) runs its own affiliate software, which may be custom-made or purchased off the shelf. It pays its partner's referral commissions through a dashboard they create.

What is an affiliate network?

This technique involves driving traffic to the network's offer, which could be a landing page or a form submission. The network will provide you recommendations on how to market the affiliate offer (often in accordance with a thorough marketing policy), and some even provide marketing materials that your company can use to increase conversions and foster customer confidence.

To expand the scope of their offer, these networks will aggressively seek new affiliates, and they frequently have an affiliate manager who is in charge of the entire program. This is a fantastic chance for business owners wishing to advertise a new product because these networks will manage the affiliates (in this case, you), freeing up the firm from making the offer to concentrate on other areas of the business aside from marketing.

Final thought

It's always a good idea to investigate other people's successes to see what promotions are working well, which ones are too difficult for a novice, and so on and also consider the following:

  • Avoid high-competition offers,
  • Do not choose offers based on the payout,
  • Avoid offers with difficult conversion requirements,
  • Avoid offers with small audiences,
  • Don't choose offers according to EPC only.

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