how to increase online sale

How to increase online sale

When summer rolls around, it's time to get outside and enjoy the great weather. But just because you're spending time outdoors doesn't mean you have to stop shopping online! In fact, many eCommerce businesses experience a sales spike during the summer months thanks to all the special holidays that come with warmer weather. In this article I’m not discussing summer sales but just thought you should know that more sales happen during the summer holiday but whether with summer sales or not, this article will guide you through on how to increase online sale with ease

1.     Store design

Design sells. We all know that, but we often forget about it when we’re talking about the design of our website. Even if you and your friend like your store’s appearance, it still may not be attractive to others. Luckily, that doesn't have to be a problem! Lots of research has been done so we can learn what key points of successful website design are. Here they are:

  • Color Scheme

Colors are one of the most important things to consider when decorating your store. Colors should not be too bright or too dull. For example, red and green look nice together during the Christmas season, but both these colors are too bright and may tire a visitor’s eyes if your website is using them often. However, black and grey colored buttons should also not be used because they don't seem appealing to customers and may even be thought to be inactive. When picking a color for buttons make sure that they stand out from the background by being brighter or darker than it is. Hope you are learning why I created this article on How To Increase Online Sale

  • Relevant pictures

We all like beautiful images, and the popularity of photo-sharing sites such as Instagram & Pinterest proves that. So adding stock photos of women on white backgrounds to your sliders is not something that will add value to your store. When picking photos, try those that tell a story. For example, if you sell coffee mugs, forget about boring office workers, and set up a beautiful coffee mug shot on the bank of the river. That is how important it is if you want to increase your online sale

  • Brand logo
How To Increase Online Sale

A logo is a symbol that represents your business or brand, so it shouldn't be of poor quality or too big or small. A brand icon should also not be cluttered with too many details about your business. A simple logo is what will truly stick in people's minds. Companies like Adidas and Apple have logos that are easy to remember because they're fun and creative.

2.     Detail targeting

Get to know your target audience in as much detail as possible by creating detailed buyer personas. You can use Facebook to learn more about your customers' interests and habits, such as where they live in relation to their workplace and where they plan on going on vacation.

3.     Checkout page

When you want to subscribe to a newsletter, but it keeps asking you questions about your name and other personal details, you get bored—and don't complete the form. Your customers are no different. Each year $4 trillion worth of online merchandise is abandoned in shoppers' carts because websites didn't make it easy enough for people to buy things on their sites. So don't let your customers slip away just because you didn't walk in their shoes. Skip all unnecessary details like birthday date or preferences, you won't be using that information anytime soon. Also make sure customers can add a product to the cart and go to checkout almost immediately.

4.     Build trust

Reviews from real customers proved by photos work better than some professionally written product descriptions. Make sure there are reviews (positive, of course) no older than one month on all your product pages. The reviews on your bestseller pages and pages you’re going to advertise in turn should be no older than two weeks.

5.     Limited product options

Remember how you usually scroll through AliExpress while looking for a winning product, find a cool phone case, and there are more than 25 ordinary options for this product on the page? Well, cringe. And you’re not alone in this—it’s a proven fact that lots of options make us choose nothing. Probably, you don’t want your customers to feel the same!

6.     Offer solution

  Offer your customers solutions to their problem, when you're selling online, it's important to provide enough information about your products. If you don't, you risk losing customers. Make sure your clients understand which product they're buying and how to use it. Use photos & animated pictures to demonstrate the product in use.

7.     Use popups and email subscription form

In fact, for many online businesses, the majority of visitors do not make a purchase when they first visit. That's why so many companies spend money on advertising to get those visits in the first place. However, this doesn't mean you can't do anything about it. If you use email marketing in conjunction with pop-up forms or subscription boxes, you'll be able to capture more of your website visitors' information and make a greater profit from them in the long run.

8.     Urgency strategy

Urgency is a powerful motivator to act. Many online retailers use this strategy to promote their products. If you’re using time-limited coupons, make sure they don’t look fake. For example, a limited stock doesn’t look very pursuing if you’re selling socks, however, a time-limited coupon does.

9.     Trusted and convenient payment processor

If you want to work internationally, you should consider how your customers will pay for their purchases. It’s best if they can use bank cards on your site. Other options don’t look as trustworthy and can turn away clients at the last stage of the checkout process. PayPal, Stripe, and Paystack are the most convenient payment processors, and location matters when choosing one of them

10. Money-back guarantee

how to increase online sale

One of the most important aspects of customer service is to avoid loss. Most often, this perceived risk is financial in nature. Why should someone buy from you? What if the product doesn't work, or they don't like it? Even small purchases can carry the risk, so overcome this objection from the outset by offering a bulletproof money-back guarantee. One of the most important aspects of customer service is to avoid loss. Most often, this perceived risk is financial in nature. Why should someone buy from you? What if the product doesn't work, or they don't like it? Even small purchases can carry the risk, so overcome this objection from the outset by offering a bulletproof money-back guarantee.

11. Responsive

It is vital to create a mobile-friendly website. Although more than 50% of web page views are done through mobile gadgets, the tendency is only going to grow. If you are an owner of the website, you can be sure that your website is mobile-friendly. However sometimes, there are still things that you should do carefully because they can spoil the picture. For example, if you're going to add a subscription form or embed a video, check the result in different browsers on your phone for little adjustment that might becaused by plugins.

12. Remarketing

Remarketing is one of the most effective strategies for digital marketing. It works whether you’re running a PPC or Facebook advertising campaign, but regardless if you’re not using remarketing, it’s basically like you’re hoping for customers to convert instantly, which is rare in itself.

13. Customer service

Great customer service is essential. Customers report that they depend on it when deciding whether or not to do business with you. So make sure your website includes a separate page with your contact information; include a phone number, email address, and chat link if you have one. To help people get answers right away, add an FAQ page to your website.

14. Remove sliders from your homepage

If you've been keeping up with the latest website design trends, chances are that you've at least considered including a slider image on your homepage. The reason is because this feature is popular among some big sites as well as many small businesses; its purpose is to display a number of different products or services and introduce new visitors to the content you have to offer. However, if you want to increase sales, it's best to remove it immediately—even though there is no research showing that this type of feature increases sales—and there's quite a bit of evidence demonstrating that it actually confuses customers and drives them away. For example, imagine going to the home page of a store and seeing one product you like all of a sudden being displayed alongside other similar items; wouldn't that confuse you about which one is better? In some cases, this may end up discouraging potential buyers from purchasing anything at all because they feel overwhelmed by all the choices listed on display slides .

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