how to increase sales through blogging

How to increase sales through blogging 2022

Knowing how to increase sales through blogging 2022 for your store is a task every an online business owner should learn because you will not only have a great source for website traffic and a fun destination to connect with your customers while promoting your brand, but also a place where you can share knowledge that can translate into sales. To help you create a winning blog content strategy, we’ll discuss guides how to start up your website blog and create engaging content with this steps on

How to increase sales through blogging 2022

1. The goal of your blog

In the same way, you wouldn't want to publish a post on social media without putting some useful thought that will be valuable to your readers into it, you should also think about your blog posts. Are you trying to inform or persuade? Do you want to share more stories and details about your company, staff, or customers’ testimonies about your quality products and why they should try it? Whatever the reason for creating a blog is, it's important that it meets your goals which is conveying the proper message to your customers and prospective customers. therefore if you know how to increase sales through blogging 2022 then you will be placed ahead of your other competitors

2. Target audience

Knowing how to increase sales through blogging 2022 is not just good for bloggers who want to increase their sales alone but for any website that is into sales, once you’re clear on your site’s target audience and niche, you can determine what type of content will resonate with shoppers. For example, if you’re an online shop selling workout gear or accessories, you could create blog content around workouts, nutritional meals, ways to reduce stress, pain management and massage techniques.

3. Plan your content

Once you know what kind of information your audience wants and how often you should post, it's time to plan out your posts. If you're working alone or with a small team, try to aim for one blog post a week. If you have more people on your team or become part of a larger company, it could be great to publish daily posts. Think about whether you should delegate different tasks to different people. For example, one-person can-do posts that talk about trends in your industry and another can do write-ups that give insight into your company's history or employees (ex. Interview with CEO). The key is to stick with it and be consistent so that followers get used to seeing new content every week or day.”

4. Use keywords

When you create your content plan or start your posts, be sure to find one main keyword or phrase or a handful of phrases that describe the focus of each post. The Google Keyword Tool is a popular go-to (and it’s free). The SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool is also a great free alternative, as are other options such as WordTracker or Moz Keyword Explorer. Note: These all require you to register for an account to get started, and Google requires billing information in case you want to run PPC ads. Getting to learn how to increase sales through blogging 2022 is a task if you must compete with the trend

5. Informative and valuable post

Remember, blogs are intended to bring readers to your website and keep them coming back for more. So, the posts you make should be useful, informative, or entertaining. For example, did-you-know trivia about subjects in your niche, fun gift ideas for certain occasions (ex. best kitchen accessories for a first-time homeowner), or how to incorporate some of your products into everyday life (ex. How to make a grilled cheese sandwich using only your favorite knife set). You can see why you need to learn how to increase sales through blogging 2022 for any niche you are into

6. Regular valuable trending updates

Do you send out a weekly newsletter or monthly round-up email to your customers? Or do you schedule promotional e-mails? Whatever you choose, make sure your blog is a part of it! Work with your graphic designers and copywriters (or do it yourself) to dedicate a section of your emails to highlight your latest blog post or feature the latest post. This ensures your contacts list is seeing your posts.

7. Guest post


Guest bloggers can bring in a lot of traffic, so it's not surprising that featuring guest bloggers on your own blog is a great marketing strategy. You can also use influencers to help promote your content – for example, you could have an influential person write a series of posts about their experience with the products or services you offer. This can be a great way to get influencers involved with your brand – you can have a personality write about his or her experience in your niche (beauty, fitness, decor, etc.) or favorite items from your website.

Why you should start using a blog on your eCommerce store

Before we dive into why we should start using blogs on our eCommerce store, let’s get to understand what blogging is

What is blogging

Blogging is a way to create and publish articles, photos, and other forms of content on the Internet. It's informal and easy to do, with regular updates, tips, lifestyle, and a high level of customer engagement. A blog is very important for your online presence no matter what you offer for as long as you are online… now that you know what blogging is let’s continue on why you should have it on your eCommerce store

Blogging is a great way to inform your audience about your product. In a blog post, you can show how customers can use your product and why they might want to buy it. You can also tell them about yourself and your company. And you’ll be able to tell the story of your product from your perspective. If you’re, for instance, selling baby clothes on your site, a blog about children’s and children’s fashion is a great idea. Hope you are grabbing the reasons why you learn how to increase sales through blogging 2022

1. Trust and loyalty


Research from Content Marketing Institute (CMI) found that 81 percent of marketers said building customer loyalty and trust matters most to their long-term success. In fact, some of the key findings from CMI’s 2019 B2C report were about how content/blogging was among the major ways most marketers are building customer loyalty and trust (81 percent said it’s top-of-mind). Another 56 percent are increasing their content creation budgets, which is the top area for spending in 2019.

2. Always on their mind

If you consistently blog and share your posts on social media, you will stay top of mind with your audience. You want people to remember you even when they are not ready to buy anything right away. If a visitor comes across one of your posts on how to dress children on a hot day, for instance, this visitor may not be ready to purchase clothes for their children just yet. However, they have gotten to know you and your eCommerce site through this post. This way, you increase the likelihood that people think of you when they do need new clothes for their children.

3. Long term return on Investment

Blogging is an investment. You don’t publish a blog and get back all that you put into it in one day, one week, or even one month. Today you might get 50 unique views and a few new subscribers. In a week, as people share your blog and find it by searching Google or clicking a link in your newsletter, it keeps working behind the scenes. If it’s really good, it will climb the search engine rankings and earn traffic for years to come.

4. Improve your store SEO

The past few years have seen an increase in businesses moving into eCommerce. Local shops, retail chains, and manufacturers that used to sell only to other businesses have all added eCommerce because they want to reach customers stuck at home. That means there are a lot more eCommerce sites out there competing with each other for visibility in search results. And that means you need to rev up your SEO engine if you want your site to be found.

5. New customer

Whatever you sell, chances are there are customers out there who need to learn how to use it. This is true for everything from skin care products to sports equipment and home improvement supplies. So, give those customers what they’re looking for by offering your own how-to and tutorial posts that are so useful people will bookmark them and keep coming back to learn more.

Final thought

 A menu or a navigation bar is the visual representation of your website’s content. It should reflect the structure of your website and help visitors understand what you are offering. If you add a blog to your eCommerce site, make sure it also appears on your menu. You can put it all the way left (next to home), or all the way right in your menu, for instance. Make sure visitors can click through to your blog from your homepage; after all, you want visitors to find your blog easily. Also, make sure your blog is on the same domain as your eCommerce site; this way both will profit from each other’s rankings.

Blogging is a great way to market your eCommerce site, as well as to increase your search engine ranking. When writing posts, tell readers about your brand and products, and perhaps also about yourself. Do proper keyword research before you write, and make sure your text is enjoyable to read. No excuses here, just start blogging with this step by step guide on how to increase sales through blogging 2022

Thank you for reading, if you found this post helpful, let’s have your thought in the comment section…. SHALOM

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