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How To Sell Online Course

Selling a course for the first time can be overwhelming and scary. But if you’ve done your homework before creating your course – that is, you’ve researched your audience, and you’ve identified a profitable niche that will make you real money sooner than expected – then half the work is already done because lots of people need that solution which your course has and learning how to sell online courses you created is worth doing

As a beginner, you may be confused about what course to create especially if you are versatile in many courses, below are some of the top-notch niche or evergreen niches you can consider

What is the evergreen niche

Topnotch niches or evergreen niches are those niches that stand the test of time no matter the market trend. Your sales aren’t limited or affected by certain times of the year. For instance, if you’re selling a weight loss product, your sales don’t necessarily slow down after during the Christmas season. That’s because there will always be people wanting to lose weight no matter the time of year.

Now, if you were selling a Christmas toy it would be a different story. You can, of course, sell it year-round, but chances are people are only going to buy it during the festive season like Christmas or new year. When you sell a seasonal product, then that’s not an evergreen or top-notch niche.

There are many evergreen niches to choose from. The main popular niches are Relationships, health, finance, and self-improvement. You can further drill down into thousands of sub-niches.

Tools required

There are plenty of tools you can use to find these sub-niches, the foremost of which are keyword research tools. Keywords are those which are used by people who search for something on Google or other search engines. You’d have to look at trends and the volume of searches. You’d basically have to do plenty of analysis to find the best niche for your business but if you don't have any ideas on where to start, check out these guides. Yes, it’s going to be a lot of work in the beginning, but once you find the right niche, and target the right keywords, then you can expect to live off some pretty nice passive income for many years to come.

Very competative

There may be plenty of competition for evergreen niches. That’s because people know just how valuable and how profitable a good niche is.

Just imagine doing the work only once and then reaping the profits for a long, long time afterward!

It’s the perfect business model if you ask me. You no longer need to trade your time for money or the rat race if you ask Robert Keyosaki, that is, you don’t need to go to work, and you’d still make a healthy income.

Once you have a passive income stream going on, you can take your attention somewhere else. You can spend your money on vacations or better yet, use your passive income to create other similar evergreen products for more passive income streams!

When you have two, three, four, or even more evergreen products giving you passive income month after month without any intervention on your part, then you can see why this business model is the absolute best!

Get to work

Now that you have identified the niche you love to work in that will change your financial status sooner than later, it’s time to let the world know about your awesome course and how it can help solve their problem, because if your course is not solving or not going to solve any problem, then your course is as good as not creating it at all

Guide on what to do

1. Describe the problem

Ensure that the description of the problem which your course can solve is easy to relate to and more welcoming when you give examples of just how bad the problem is.

For instance, say you’re selling a course on a stomach problem, then you can describe the excruciating pain you experience every time your stomach acts up. Explain how embarrassed you feel every single time you need to excuse yourself from the company, how your mind races to come up with explanations on why you need to go on break again.

2. Simple grammar

Use words commonly used to describe the problem, so your readers know you understand their situation. In short, you have to make your audience feel the pain. Make them go “ouch!” and say “me too” while reading your copy.

My short life story

My true-life story, my biggest fear when I was learning how to create my courses was the recording, I had no money to buy expensive gadgets for recording. You can imagine knowing what to share with the world but can’t share them because you are broke.

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Another thing that got me worrying was how to record with the phone, which is a phone screen recording, and how to optimize the size of my videos to make it smaller without losing the quality with little or free because I had money to spend on software.

3. Suggest actionable ideas

Just think about it, with your solutions and ideas on how certain things can be handled through a brilliant strategy you have in your head but don’t have the opportunity to share it with the world because you don’t have money to purchase the materials needed to execute the job. That was exactly how it happened to me but I kept learning, researching for ways to achieve that and ensure my voice is heard…. Guess what, I did find some powerful ways I used which you can access here

Alright, enough of my ordeal while trying to share my ideas with the world, and let’s get back to work on the things you must ensure your course have if you want to succeed and make six-figure selling them

4. Make the problem go away

Once the problem has been vividly entrenched in your audience’s mind, it’s time to tell them how much better their lives will be if they no longer needed to go through that problem. Tell them they don’t have to live with it anymore. Paint a picture of how they can do whatever they want, wherever they want if that problem goes away forever. Describe all the things they can do and places they can go to if they can eradicate that problem. Make them want a solution so bad they have to get it right that very instant!

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Just like my life story, I shared earlier, it took me many months to get things right, today I can do a professional recording with little or no expenses both on phone screen recording and computer, see some of them here

5. Present your course as a scalable solution

At this point, your target audience should be ready to buy. Pitch your course as the solution. Assure them that it covers everything they need to know to never experience the problem ever again. Tell them how exactly it’s going to solve their problem and why they need to buy it now if they want the problem to go away.

Ensure that your solution is scalable else you will not make that much because it will not get to enough people but when your product is scalable more people will get it which means more money

6. Testimonies

Use the power of testimonials if you have any but even if you don’t have any as a beginner, then include a demo video or screenshots of your course.

Final thought

A free preview that can actually show them a glimpse of what they stand to benefit from buying from you. Not only will they be able to see first-hand how well your course works, but it will also help assure them that your course is indeed the real deal that anyone would want to have.

Hope this article was helpful, thank you for reading, and please drop us a comment in the section and also subscribe to my Youtube Channel.. SHALOM

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