How To Write Blog Posts Fast With AI For Free

How to write blog posts fast with AI was written because as bloggers, we are all aware of how challenging it is to write quality blog posts for that readers or customers needed to engage them, posts that will drive organic traffic, and increase the likelihood that customers will make purchases.

It can take between 1 to 3 hours to write a standard 2000 words of quality blog article with SEO in mind and to format, edit, and proofread it (speaking from experience as a full-time blogger).

Available solution

However, not anymore, technology has made things easy because in this article you are going to learn how to write blog posts fast with Ai, more quickly and easily while yet maintaining a high standard of readability or quality that would allow them to be listed on search engines.

So, if you’re interested in accelerating the process of creating blog posts, AI-powered writing tools can assist you in doing so with high-quality and well-designed SEO that will place your article at the top of Google search results.

In this article, I’ll provide advice on how to effectively use an AI content generator to produce blog posts and speed up the process very fast so that you will focus on other elements of your blog, such as keyword research, marketing, and business automation.

If you’re ready to learn how to write blog posts fast with Ai, I’m ready because I will not just show you how to write blog posts fast with Ai, but I’ll expose you to how to make money online with AI and some of the best AI writing tools that will change your blog’s history.

What Exactly Is an AI Writer?

AI writers, often referred to as artificial intelligence are SaaS (Software as a Service) applications that can create blog posts and text for many types of content, including sales pages, landing pages, Instagram captions, advertisements of all kinds, and other types of content.

How AI work

They operate by scanning a set of guidelines—the “template”—and using that data to produce an original piece of content.

Anything from learning how to write blog posts fast with Ai, how to produce content or meta descriptions, and assisting in creating eBooks can be done using an AI writing tool.

They can help you produce material very faster and at a cheaper cost than hiring ghostwriters, even though they can’t totally replace human writing skills but they are fast upgrading

I enjoy writing but however, no matter how writing can inspire us to feel creative, sometimes it can also deplete us and make us feel hopeless. Artificial intelligence can help us write regularly without the pressure of needing to update the site every single day, which is something we weren’t even aware was feasible.

Popularity of AI

Market share and popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) are rising swiftly, it comes as no surprise that content writing has done the same. By 2022, 71% of AI revenue will come from text, blogs, and news, predicts Gartner. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter are just a few of the companies using artificial intelligence to enhance their goods and services.

No matter how much you enjoy it, creating blog articles is undoubtedly labor-intensive. Along with the necessity of consistency that comes with writing every day, there are a lot of things to think about and balance.


It’s true that an AI tool can’t totally take the position of the content creator, but it will help you to write blog posts fast with Ai, however since these tools are not real humans, not all information is entirely accurate, it needs to be reviewed and proofread, but in a nutshell, an AI writer generator might offer a lot of benefits that will persuade you to utilize this service.

Benefit of AI

Utilizing an AI writer has numerous additional advantages. Your blog postings will be of far higher quality.

The AI writer will make sure that all of your posts have a good content density and well-written English sentences, as well as assist you in generally becoming a better writer. This has a particularly strong impact on non-native English speakers!

When it comes to linguistic restrictions, AI writers are not subject to the same ones as human writers. They can provide material that is well-written, entertaining, compelling, and SEO-friendly.

AI writer can help you produce a blog post of excellent quality in just 10 to 30 minutes. For bloggers who want to produce several high-quality posts each day, this will save them a ton of time.

With this tool, you can quickly create material for any purpose, saving you time and allowing you to multitask.

You can utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to write blog posts for your company if you own a small business and are unable to afford to employ a qualified content writer.


You can better meet the demand for content by doing this. Writing a blog post takes a lot of time, as you are aware. To resolve this issue, you can rely on an AI report authoring or writer generation technology.

You can create material that is search engine-friendly with its assistance.

Even more, information can be produced on the same subject, which would take a lot of time and be tedious for a person to produce.

How to write blog posts faster with AI

Yes, AI has come to stay and I recommend you start using AI writing tools however it cannot, without a doubt, take the position of writers. it can only, help them. to find out how


The content ideas produced by an artificial intelligence blog writer are varied. You will be given several various types of content ideas to write about, for instance, if you enter some keywords in the search box related to a blog topic, it will provide you with numerous other ideas related to what you have requested for. Additionally, these suggested blog ideas for artificial intelligence are correct and organic.

It is difficult for a human to generate several blog ideas like an AI program. They must utilize a different tool or do a search on a search engine to find different content ideas but once you start learning how to write blog posts fast with Ai all these will be minimized and easy for you especially beginners.

Competitors Analysis

Using this AI writer generation tool, you may conduct competitor analysis after you have article ideas. For instance, what keywords were covered on the blogs of the websites that published the blogs on this subject?

Simply use these AI products’ competition analysis capability to accomplish all of these tasks. This will instantly display all of your screen’s competition analysis data. As a consequence, you may perform competition analysis without the usage of additional software when you use good ai wring tools because not all are advisable.

Keyword research

With the help of AI, you can conduct thorough keyword research because these keywords will drive visitors to your website. The idea that keywords should be picked based on their search traffic is incorrect. Actually, the search volume and keyword difficulty should be considered when choosing keywords.

An artificial intelligence blog writing tool will list all the keywords, together with their search volume and keyword complexity, after just one search. This will enable you to identify your primary and secondary keywords.

Title generator

Ai is not just useful for keyword research tools alone because it can help you to create proper, focused titles by simply typing a long-tail term in the title creation search box, and you will be presented with a variety of suggestions. From there, you can pick the one that best fits your blog post.

Easy and content suggestion

Artificial intelligence software is so potent that using it, you will also receive many suggestions for blogs with outlines that are SEO-optimized. From there, you may select the outline you want to provide for your blog. Once you’ve selected that outline, an artificial intelligence program will produce material using that outline.

Saves time

This saves a ton of time for small business owners as well as content writers who create content for numerous websites.

No matter how quickly you write, it takes a lot of time and effort to compose the body of a blog post. A 1600-word blog will require at least 1 to 3 hours to complete if written well and properly optimized for SEO. On the other hand, a 1600-word blog article can be produced by an AI program in a matter of minutes.

You can use the time you save by using AI writing tools to accomplish other vital tasks which will help in increasing your productivity. But I still maintain you ensure they are edited, considering the fact that these blogs will be optimized and original, they can be as original and a hundred percent free like than of human writers

Meta description

As bloggers or content creators, we are all aware of how crucial meta descriptions are. For instance, the meta description is the second element that search engine users will see after the title. Before reading a full blog, visitors view the meta description. Therefore, it must be properly optimized for SEO.

An effective meta description with the focus keyword is produced using AI tools. For instance, if you use artificial intelligence (AI) like surfer SEO which I highly recommend, frase which of one of my favorites, writesonic which is topnotch in displaying different written article to choose from, copyai which allow you to choose what you want or copymatic which was my first writing tool to write blog posts, you can quickly develop an optimized meta description. These ai tools have similar features but some are still better than the others also in price

Error check

Proofreading and grammar checking are the final steps in creating and publishing a blog. If you utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to write blog posts, you may do it quickly by using the Grammarly or Quillbot Chrome extensions. To discover spelling or grammar issues, use these tools online without copying and pasting the entire document

For quick and high-quality content creation, AI technologies are always improving, and this trend is not expected to stop anytime soon. Even while it can’t take the role of bloggers or content creators, this tool is quite powerful when used by people.


AI writing tools are getting greater attention as a result of the persistent demand and that is why the market is now filled with numerous AI tools as a result. Nevertheless, none of them work well with producing high-quality blogs. Although some of them can give up to 80 percent accuracy, the greater the accuracy the higher the price. Below are some of the Ai writing tools I recommend

  • Surfer SEO
  • Frase
  • Wrisonic
  • Copymatic

Final thought

These are a few techniques you can use to learn how to write blog posts fast with Ai, it is the new trend in generating quality content however must be done with human editing to increase your readability score

Also, the process of obtaining images and adding links can both be automated in some cases just like prettylinks and betterlinks even though they are not used for writing blog posts but for cloaking affiliate links with ease I highly recommend you start using prettylinks or betterlink if you intend doing affiliate marketing because it with help you to create a central dashboard where you make a simple change and all your affiliate link are affected. Read more about it here and how to use it in video format

I hope this article was helpful. Please share your thoughts on your favorite AI writing tool in the comments section. Thank you for reading, and please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. SHALOM

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