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Whether you are a sole proprietor or in partnership with other companies, or maybe you are into sales or services. Information marketing has been proven to be the best and popular ways to win more contracts or make more sales in this twenty first century in any industry.

What is even information marketing? Well in a simple term, information marketing is the ability to provide a useful information that solves people’s problem.

Why should I provide information to people for free in the name of information marketing? I guess that is what is going on in your mind

Well to be honest with you in this present age, anybody that makes out time to read your write up is doing you a great service. People goes to the internet to search for either a solution to their problem or to make a purchase of something that will solve their problem.

Now if you think you don’t need to give out free information to people how then would they know what your products or service stands for.

It’s not just enough to write big grammar and push it out for people to read but will your big grammar solve their problem or a recommendation on how their problem can be solved?

If you really want to make sales, win contracts works or even get clients, you must have to answer people itching questions, “when you answer people question, they would want to know you more. With quality answers to their question or needs they are likely to trust and give you a test.

Testing you is just one step in the right direction for you but if what you offer them in their first test did not meet up with the standard of your claim, then there will be problem because you will certainly lose them.

Don’t say it doesn’t matter losing someone, note it is easier to keep your customers than getting new once. So, you must handle them with utmost respect and integrity besides there is nothing wrong by keeping your promise.

You must pay complete attention to your new followers and the old once, they all matter in your business.

Recommendable, setup a reminder to call as promised and don’t be rude when they ask you what you may consider as silly questions because our understanding is quite different and the state of mind of that person at that time in most cases may not be emotionally okay besides they are not an expert in your field. Before you let them go while on phone call with them try to ask if they still have any question or anything bordering them to feel free and let it out.

Complementary card is very important to carry alone anywhere you go, its more professional and command respect than asking for prospect number, but when you give out your card try to get same or ask the person for phone number if he or she has no card

Pen and note are also important to carry when you move out, sometime emergency writing may avail itself probably not from you but from others. On the note ensure your email and company address is written on it with what your company stands for because the person you assisted with the note may end up assisting someone else with that your note which is still a win win for you.

Be mindful of your dressing even if you are going few miles away from home because you can bump into someone that might be a great positive growth to your business or brand. Remember we are in a connected economy that requires more people and more people are more opportunity because you cannot do it all alone.

If you live in a large city, there are often industry-related networking events. The local Chamber of Commerce will also usually have a calendar of live events. They are always looking for interesting speakers as well, so if you have a hot topic within your niche, don’t be afraid to offer your time. You’ll get plenty of free publicity in exchange.

Trade shows and conferences are ideal places to meet clients and mingle with important people in your niche or industry. Even getting just a small booth gives you (and your staff) the chance to get walk-by traffic and increase your visibility. Remember, people do business with people they like, so be personable and sincere.

This might require more direct input, helping you forge connections with potential clients. Through developing a relationship with them, they are much more likely to be willing to give you a try. If they try you and like you, this could be the beginning of their becoming loyal to your brand.

Pay attention to the people who contact you directly, treating every one of them like a prospect. Be polite and courteous. Set up a reminder for yourself, or your assistant, to contact them again in a week to see if they have any further questions. This kind of follow-up will stand out in their mind.

Trade shows and conferences are ideal places to meet clients and mingle with important people in your niche or industry. Even getting just a small booth gives you (and your staff) the chance to get walk-by traffic and increase your visibility. Remember, people do business with people they like, so be personable and sincere.

Some people still prefer the old-fashioned telephone. If they leave a message, be sure to phone them back in a timely manner.

Pay attention to the people who like, comment and share regularly. If they are connected with you, you should be able to contact them via Messenger or other direct means of contact to say you’ve noticed them, appreciate them following you, and would like to know if you can help them in some way.

Nurture your email marketing lists which i have provided you with the best email provider and it’s free for beginners by sending out useful newsletters once a month, with special offers and the latest news – such as new services you are offering. Of course, you have to get them on the list first, so be sure to offer a free e-Course or eBook that helps solve a common problem in your niche. When you connect with people on social media, you can also give them the landing page for the free item and invite them to check it out.

Attend live event or seminar weather free or paid, attend conferences, business meeting and event and try to make new friends.

Make donations and stretch a helping hand to people without demanding for anything in return.

Personalize your approach to getting new clients using these ideas, and you will find more people who will be willing to give you a try but be yourself and don’t over claim or trying to force your opinion on others, respect them.

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