Is chapgpt in competition with google

Is chatgpt in competition with google?

Is chatgpt in competition with google or is it a threat to google including you as a blogger? Well, in this post let’s find out some of my finding while using chatgpt also known as chat.openai  after I must have briefly explained what chatgpt is

What is chatgpt

Chat.openai is a website that allows people to communicate with AI language models created by OpenAI, a research group dedicated to the development and promotion of friendly AI. The website offers a platform for users to ask questions and receive answers from AI models that have been trained to write human-like writing based on the input they receive. Users can interact with the AI models in a variety of areas, such as general knowledge, physics, mathematics, and others. The chat.openai website is designed to be a resource for individuals interested in learning more about AI and its capabilities.

You must have gotten a brief explanation on what chatgpt or chat.openia is, now let’s dive deeper into the question if chatgpt is in competition with google or a threat to google and you and me as a blogger.

Is chatgpt a threat to google

My simple answer is YES and NO and I will explain why as we proceed

Let me start with the NO aspect of my answer which is, since chatgpt is not connected to the internet for now it is not in competition with google because technology is evolving every second with new discoveries. Even though the team behind chatgpt are trying their best in updating the ai with the latest discovery which I will explain as we proceed because this finding took me two weeks to get some facts about chapgpt

My finding about chatgpt

Some weeks back, a few days after the commencement of the 2022 Qatar world cup I asked chatgpt who Cristiano Ronaldo was

The response was that Ronaldo is a Portuguese player who has won numerous awards for his hard work including the balloon d or. Cristiano Ronaldo has played for other clubs including man united and real Madrid but he is currently playing for Juventus.

However today that I decided to finalize my finding with other details I will be sharing with you as we proceed, I repeated the same question about who Cristiano Ronaldo was and was given a more recent answer that he plays for man united not Juventus as I was told two weeks ago while the world cup was going on, meaning they have updated it with recent information, as you can see my chat with chatgpt today the 25/12/2022.

Who is Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo is a professional soccer player for Manchester United as well as the Portuguese national team. He is widely regarded as one of the best soccer players of all time, having received countless trophies and plaudits for his ability and performance on the field. Ronaldo has been a significant player for both Manchester United and the Portuguese national team throughout his career and is noted for his speed, agility, and scoring ability. He has also represented famous clubs like Real Madrid and Juventus.

So, I recommend when sourcing for answers from chatgpt, you really need to verify from other sources even though none may be hundred percent accurate as at when the question is been raised

Today is 25 December 2022 I again decided to ask chatgpt another question relating to who Lewandowski is and here was the answer I got

Who is Lewandowski?

Robert Lewandowski is a professional soccer striker who currently plays for Bayern Munich as well as the Polish national team. He is widely considered as one of the world's top forwards, having received countless trophies and plaudits for his skill and performance on the field. Lewandowski is well-known for his goal-scoring skills, having scored numerous goals for Bayern Munich and the Polish national team. He has also played for clubs such as Borussia Dortmund and Lech Poznan.

With the above answer, you will see the reason why some checks and balances are required before you finalize your answer especially if your question is more recent to you don’t get a wrong answer, however, this is an amazing tool that is a big threat to google

Yes answer

Now for the YES answer, any day they decide to go live on the internet, it will no longer be a threat but they will be competing with google, and with what I have seen with chatgpt, I doubt if google can compete with their present standing.

This ai is so equipped that it responds to you as if you are actually chatting with professors who are knowledgeable enough in various subjects if your questions are directed accurately.

Now let’s continue because I had a more advanced chat with chatgpt like allowing it to write a code for me which other AI cannot but can write a fast blog post

Create a scroll-to-top button code for my website

Use the HTML and JavaScript code below to create a “scroll to top” button for your website:


Is chapgpt in competition with google

<button id=”scrollToTopButton”>Scroll to top</button>


Is chapgpt in competition with google

document.getElementById(“scrollToTopButton”).addEventListener(“click”, function() {


    top: 0,

    behavior: “smooth”



This code will generate a button with the text “Scroll to top” that, when clicked, will return the page to the top in a seamless manner. You can change the appearance of the button by adding CSS styles to the button element, and you can change the scrolling behavior by changing the window options. scrollTo() is a function.

After writing this code I added it to my website just for testing and it worked with few adjustments to suit my need however I continued by asking it to create a css code since it advised I use css code the beautify the button color to match my website color

Create a css code I asked again

You may use the following code below to add a CSS style to the button element in the “scroll to top”

Is chapgpt in competition with google

#scrollToTopButton {

  position: fixed;

  bottom: 20px;

  right: 20px;

  background-color: #333;

  color: #fff;

  font-size: 18px;

  border: none;

  cursor: pointer;

  padding: 15px;

  border-radius: 4px;


#scrollToTopButton:hover {

  background-color: #555;


This will give the button some basic styling, such as a fixed position in the bottom right corner of the page, a dark gray background color, white text, and a hover effect that transforms the background color to a slightly lighter shade of gray. You can further tweak these styles by altering the CSS attributes and values as needed. For example, you might alter the background color to fit the color scheme of your website, or you could modify the font size to make the button more or less visible.

Wao, is all I can say about this powerful ai called chatgpt, I wonder what will become of it as the development continues.

One thing with this tool is that you can ask a follow-up question and it will amaze you with well-detailed answers, well align and numbered even better than humans

When was chat.openai launched?

Chatgpt was officially lunched on the 30 November 2022 however the team behind OpenAI has been working on constructing this AI language models for many years, and chat.openai was most likely created after the group began this effort. what are the advantages of utilizing chat.openai

Advantages of using chatgpt

There are several potential advantages of using chat.openai or engaging with AI language models in general:

Access to information: AI language models, such as those found on chat.openai, may provide information on a wide range of topics, which might be useful if you have a specific inquiry or want to learn more about a certain subject.

Interaction: Interacting with AI language models can also be a fantastic approach to practicing your language abilities, whether you are learning a new language or simply wish to enhance your communication skills.

Learning: Chat.openai can be a helpful educational resource for individuals interested in learning more about AI and its capabilities.

Convenience: Using chat.openai or other AI language models is convenient since you can access them at any time, without having to arrange an appointment or wait for a human answer.

Fresh ideas: Interacting with AI language models can also be a pleasant and interesting method to pass the time and interact with fresh ideas.

Will chatgpt be connected to the internet?

Though it is not now feasible, it is likely that AI language models like chatgpt will be connected to the internet in the future. So that it will be able to browse the web or access up-to-date information, like these Ai here although chatgpt AI was created to produce text that is similar to what a human would produce depending on the facts and knowledge that they have been educated on. However, as technology and AI capabilities grow, it's conceivable that AI language models might be created that have restricted and controlled access to outside data. Significant scientific progress would be necessary, and complicated logistical and ethical issues would almost certainly be involved.

The best ways to use chatgpt?

Give details: The responses of chatgpt will be more accurate and useful if you are clear and detailed in your feedback. If you wanted to be more particular, you could ask “What events led to the American Revolution?” as an example rather than a more general inquiry like “What is the history of the United States?”

Simple grammar and spelling: Using proper grammar and spelling will make it easier for chatgpt to comprehend your comments and give more accurate answers.

You’ve got to be patient; As an AI language model, chatgpt do not possess human-level cognitive powers. If your input is complex or pertains to a subject that is unfamiliar to it, it can take a little longer to process it and react.

Be concise with your communication:  Communicating with chatgpt in a clear and succinct manner will make things easy for you with comprehensive feedback.

Will chatgpt continue to be free?

For now, it is free and may continue to be offered as a free service to users as an AI language model. Users don't have to pay for my services until the people behind it decide but for now, chatgpt is purely out to help people by producing human-like language depending on the input you entered.

Final thought

Chatgpt is a very powerful tool that is capable of answering different types of questions ranging from plaintext to coding and can as well using the API to create and link to your website if you have the knowledge of how application work and can code very well.

It is the leading ai, for now, my personal opinion though, but I love the application because you can vitally do anything with just a few queries and your answers are well-detailed before you

Thank you for reading, hope this was helpful please don’t forget to drop your thought in the comment section and subscribe to my YouTube channel… SHALOM

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