must have WordPress plugins

Must have WordPress plugins

Must have WordPress plugins is something I think I should share with you because they helped me in enhance my WordPress website as we all know that as new users, finding the ideal WordPress plugin for your website might be intimidating with more than 59,000 options available. People frequently ask me for advice on the best WordPress plugins for SEO, social media, backups, and improving the functionality of their websites.

Whether you're a newbie or an expert, using the proper combination of WordPress plugins will make it easy for you to expand your online presence and make the task pleasurable for you and your visitors

In this article, sharing with you some useful WordPress plugins I think you should give a try to help boost your WordPress website user experience for your readers or customers

Big File Uploads

must have WordPress plugins

With Big File Uploads by infinite uploads, you can upload large files without worrying about size limits set by your server. You can upload files to WordPress with Big File Uploads so you can avoid server timeout errors by uploading files in chunks. You can also increase the maximum size of a file upload.

To bypass upload limitations on your server, use must-have WordPress plugins as a third-party service that doesn't put any limits on uploads. With one such provider, you can remove the restrictions to your media library and upload large files. Saving time on coding for Apache or PHP, use this plugin to upload media files without any hassle.

Big File Uploads Plugin Features

  • It allows you to set maximum file upload file size as large as your host’s available storage
  • You can upload large files to your media without FTP or SFTP
  • It has a built-in file chunking (upload large files in small pieces preventing timeout errors)
  • The power to control maximum upload size limit
  • You can set maximum file size for each user role with upload capabilities ( like Administrator, Editor, Author)
  • Set the maximum  file size in Megabytes (MB) or Gigabytes (GB) just as it pleases you
  • Compatible with any server or hosting provider
  • It allows you to upload any size file directly to a connected Infinite Uploads cloud account if you have any
  • Very easy to set up and small plugin footprint that doesn’t bog down WordPress
  • You can upload a directory disk utility for quickly analyzing storage usage in your media library


must have WordPress plugins

WPForms is the most user-friendly contact form plugin for WordPress. It's easy to install and easy to use. This drag and drop form builder creates forms such as contact, email subscription, online order, and payment forms. The form builder can be used to create a variety of different types of forms from surveys, to polls. They have over 300 pre-built templates to use in order to make the process easier.

This must-have WordPress plugins like WPForms, allows for the construction of marketing forms in just 5 minutes. It is powered by marketing and payment platforms, so you have full control over who can access your forms.

it has powerful features that give you the ability to build engaging conversational forms, form landing pages, user journey tracking, form abandonment, geolocation tracking, and GDPR-compliant forms.

My websites and those of my clients use WPForms page builder with more than 5 million additional users, and it continuously receives an average rating of 4.9 out of 5. However, as technology advances, more helpful WordPress plugins continue to emerge, such as metform. You can read my comparison of the two forms here.

WPForms Lite offers a free version for those seeking a simple solution. The Pro version comes with all the powerful features that you need to grow your business quickly. Live Chat

must have WordPress plugins

With the Live Chat app, you’ll be able to monitor and chat with visitors across all of your WordPress websites. It allows you to respond to unlimited messages and tickets as well as make a private knowledge base that is 100% free.

To stay on top of the growing demand for instant response and personalized customer service, is a browser extension that allows chats among different Never lose a sale again! has the perfect app for any customer's platform for on-the-go use.


One of the features in is that it integrates with WordPress seamlessly, which is just one of the 5 million companies that use it for real-time support to their customers. The interface is user-friendly and saves time by surveying multiple websites in one place. It also has a chat feature for real-time communication with your customers. is another powerful must-have WordPress plugins you can use to Trigger Messages, to personalize greetings and share promos based on a visitor’s location, previous visits, and page views, and easily provide assistance to customers with your own Knowledge Base that automatically covers common topics, such as FAQs.

With a built-in support desk, it is easy to log tickets and follow up with customers in order to create outstanding customer experiences each time.

The tawk. to chat tool is free and provides unlimited agents, no chat volumes, and unlimited sites with widgets.


must have WordPress plugins

Constant Contact is an email marketing service provider for businesses all around the world. The email list is the most effective and reliable marketing tool for business owners. Its effectiveness allows you to stay in touch with your users even once they leave your website. This is why we recommend that every business owner start building their email list right away. You can upload and download your rss feeds and manage your newsletter scheduling strategically.

Constant Contact offers a simple setup for non-techy users and integrates well with other software such as OptinMonster and WPForms.


must have WordPress plugins

OptinMonster is the top email marketing platform for conversion rate optimization. Using OptinMonster, you can convert website visitors into subscribers and customers by creating custom lead magnet landing pages, forms, popups, and one-click options. This WordPress plugin and app helps you get more email subscribers

The AI helps you create custom WordPress popups, slide-ins, announcement bars, and opt-in offers. You can get some templates to start with or build your own to grab the attention of your prospective visitors.

If you want to add content to your opt-in, or campaign template, it has a simple drag and drop builder so editors can easily customize the form. You can target the display campaigns with OptinMonster so that the appropriate message will be shown to each user. You can make more money from your website traffic by showing OptinMonster to your visitors, who will find it a helpful tool. OptinMonster provides you with tools to generate conversion-friendly popups and powerful landing pages. Companies recover abandoned carts, convert website visitors, and grow their email list by using it and also is open to anyone who subscribes while they are signing up for their WordPress account.


must have WordPress plugins

UpdraftPlus allows you to back up your site automatically, or manually. You can then store that backup on any of the many places it offers, like Google Drive, Dropbox, S3, Rackspace, FTP, and email. You can restore content from backups with their free plugin, or pay for additional features.

As a website owner, you need backup to keep your blog or website safe. A major component of the success of a site is protection from unexpected computer crashes and hardware failures.

WP Rocket

must have WordPress plugins

WP Rocket a WordPress caching plugin to instantly improve your WordPress website speed and performance. It requires no technical skills, as it automatically handles all of the caching tasks for you.

You can improve website performance with automatic WordPress caching features like gzip compression, page cache, and cache pre-loading. You can also turn on optional features like lazy loading images, CDN support, DNS pre-fetching, minification, and more for better performance.

WP Rocket does not wait to save a page. It crawls the entire site, pre-loading all the pages needed on startup. Ultimately, when a visitor comes to your site, it is ready for them from the very first moment.

This plugin also has a free service called Imagify that will help you optimize your images faster it is the easiest and most beginner-friendly caching software.


must have WordPress plugins

As the owner of a WordPress site, security should be your top priority. Sucuri offers a WordPress security plugin and web application firewall. You’ll have one of the best protection available with these cyber-security measures.

Firewalls help to monitor and protect your site by protecting against various types of attacks. You need a firewall if your website is vulnerable to an attack. Sucuri prevents cyber-attacks and helps improve your site speed by adding a CDN layer and it is the best security plugin because it offers the best protection among the alternatives. Aside from Sucuri, a lot of people use WordFence and Akismet Anti-Spam plugins. Jetpack WP Activity Log and Cloudflare are also popular in some niche markets.



If you have WordPress and want to use more modern features like push notifications, PushEngage is the plugin for you. Watch your blog analytics increase as your website visitors are notified of changes whenever they load a page that interests them. I use some notifications on my website as well as my email newsletter to increase customer engagement.

PushEngage is a powerful tool that comes with drip campaigns, analytics, and goal tracking. It has all the features you need to grow your network of community members and sell more products or services.

With the PushEngage eCommerce module, you can create cart abandonment notifications and alerts to increase sales. New bloggers and publishers can use PushEngage to automatically send notifications to all of their subscribers. It is a WordPress plugin for web notifications making it easy for business owners to improve their conversions.

PushEngage is the best decision you can make when it comes to push notifications. They are unlike other providers in the market because they don't sell your data.


raffle press

With RafflePress, you can get more website traffic, social followers, email subscribers — by running and sharing compelling giveaways and contests. The easy-to-use interface of RafflePress lets you quickly create an attractive giveaway template.

In order to enter the giveaway, you must use your email address. This allows you to have more subscribers to your newsletter.

Incentivize users to follow your social profiles and share the giveaway with their friends to increase social media engagement.

With the help of word-of-mouth marketing, you get more traffic without having to spend a lot of money on advertising. This can result in more followers, more sales, and more revenue. You can easily connect the plugin with your other platforms and software with little work.

RafflePress Lite is a free version of the app and comes with some powerful features. If you want to create more raffles and other promotions, then you need to upgrade to RafflePress Pro.



SEMRush is an all-in-one marketing tool to help you with your social media, content strategy, and digital marketing. The tool has powerful tools that can help you improve your SEO traffic strategy, and social media. It gathers competitor data, so you can outrank them and achieve success in your industry.

It is a tool that mainly helps companies do things in marketing that would help them work better. A few examples of what it helps with are keyword research, backlink audit, tracking brand mentions, spying on competitors, and more.

The word SEMrush is used to describe the power of SEMRush because it's something that many people can use and it looks good with AIO SEO.

Pretty Links Pro


Using Pretty Links Pro will provide the user with a more thorough overview of their links. The plugin also ensures that affiliate links are short, memorable, and easy to share. Automatically create short URLs in WordPress with help from Pretty Links. The tool is perfect for those involved in affiliate marketing, podcasting, and business ownership.

AddToAny Share Buttons


AddToAny Share Buttons is a social media plugin that will allow you to easily add beautiful social sharing buttons on your website. This free plugin is better than others when it comes to coding quality, performance, and accuracy. It can be a solution from the sheer convenience of its accessibility.

If you want to display popular content such as your last Insta post and have your social media feed on your website, take a look at Smash Balloon plugins. It’s used by 1.6 million sites, and it’s the top plugin for social media feeds in WordPress.



WooCommerce rises to the top as the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress It comes with the features that you need to create an online store. These include powerful features such as A/B testing, abandoned cart strategies, reviews, and more.

The WooCommerce plugin is the most popular design for an eCommerce package. It's created by the team behind WordPress, which creates other popular services.

There’s no more need to worry about where to host your WooCommerce site, as there are now dedicated providers for that. There are also WordPress themes and plugins that work specifically with WooCommerce.



Nextiva provides a variety of features that make it the best business phone service. It allows you to enter your website's phone number, which will get routed to your personal cell phone. You can also use voicemail as well is perfect for sending faxes.

The best part about this is that you can receive calls from your business number straight to your cell phone. You don't have to worry about answering during holidays or non-work hours. This can be great for a small business like yours.

The platform offers you many tools to promote your company with just a few clicks, such as CRM and live chat. You can manage every aspect of these features through an easy-to-use web-based admin panel. Nextiva features top-quality business phone service for the most affordable rate. You can start your service with the basic plan and upgrade to any of their other plans as your business continues to grow.

Thank you for reading, let’s have your favorite plugin in the comment section, and please don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel..SHALOM

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