NitroPack vs WP Rocket

NitroPack vs WP Rocket

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When you think about the best wordpress cache plugins, Nitropack vs Wp rocket are plugins you should also include in your list, each of the features of NitroPack and WP Rocket is unique. While NitroPack is an All-in-One speed optimization solution that incorporates CDN, image optimization, and cloud caching to speed up your WordPress website, WP Rocket is a caching plugin with extra capabilities to increase site speed. It has been established that NitroPack enhances Core Web Vitals field data more effectively than any other solution.

Wp Rocket

Wp rocket

Over 2,600,000 websites use the premium WordPress caching plugin WP Rocket, which comes with three different levels of licensing depending on the number of websites you have. When comparing Nitropack vs Wp rocket there are lots of things to consider

Imagify, a tool for image optimization, and RocketCDN, both rated 4.9 on Trustpilot, are accessible as add-ons made specifically for WordPress.

Each of Wp Rocket's features is described in detail with a page that includes examples, and for some features, it also includes issue debugging instructions with a guide on how to fix the difficulties. The majority of edge situations from typical users are covered in addition to its robust and large development community.

Just like I said earlier that when comparing Nitropack vs Wp rocket there are lots of things to consider, for instance when it comes to features, NitroPack is the undisputed champion. While WP Rocket performs the majority of tasks more effectively, NitroPack offers cutting-edge tools to raise the PageSpeed Score. For instance, while NitroPack comes with a full image optimization stack, WP Rocket lacks any image optimization tools.



Over 154,000 websites are powered by the all-in-one web performance improvement solution NitroPack, which has standard licence for only 1 website which is not so suitable for freelancers or agencies that have multiple website

With the strength of its script manager, Nitropack can deliver the greatest Pagespeed scores while storing all of your content on the CDN and speeding up even the slowest of websites. Nitropack does have a price, though. If you utilize it improperly, it could drop your CLS and LCP.

Incorporates CDN and image optimization with a Trustpilot rating of 3.9 It is not especially made for WordPress like 10web booster another powerful plugin

And although WP Rocket only conducts advanced lazy loading when the option is enabled, NitroPack performs advanced lazy loading including background images defined in CSS. Hope you are following the features each of them carries to enable you make your decision on Nitropack vs Wp rocket

Wp Rocket and Nitropack

In order to assist you increase Core Web Vitals, address Google PageSpeed recommendations, and achieve better performance scores without ever compromising user experience, WP Rocket is always in step with the latest web performance criteria.

When using the most aggressive settings, NitroPack is heavily focused on increasing your PageSpeed scores, whereas WP Rocket is meant to enhance the functionality of your website as a whole.

Which one is the best

It's difficult tosingel handedly point out one particular plugin Nitropack vs Wp rocket based on your kind of website and what you want to actually achieve, your webhosting is another criteria because they provide distinct services and have various features, that some many not actually be required on your kind of website since you already have them but they are both quite potent and will each contribute in their own unique manner to raising your website performance results in every angle.

I also believe that after reading this complete article with the detailed analysis like the features, how they operate, user interface, pricing and what have, you should come up what suits your kind of website as an individual or a freelancer between Nitropack vs Wp rocket

While NitroPack supports WordPress, Opencart, and Magento websites, WP Rocket is entirely WordPress-based.

NitroPack is the solution for those who require a full-featured speed improvement suite. WP Rocket is a fantastic starting point if you have a light theme and strong hosting and believe you will understand more as we proceed, so keep reading

Features of NitroPack

Smart cache invalidation, auto cache warmup, device and cookie-beware caching, browser-beware caching, and session-beware caching are all examples of advanced caching mechanisms.

Lossy and lossless image compression, advanced lazy loading, adaptive image size, and WEBP delivery are all included in the image optimization suite.

High cache hit ratio and 200+ worldwide POP locations are part of the built-in CDN.

Compression and minification of HTML, CSS, and JS should be done to speed up load times.

WP Rocket's Page Caching Feature – Caches the entire page and serves it to users faster.

Wp Rocket features

  • WP Rocket searches your website to create the first visit to the page when using the cache preloading feature. Preloading the page improves delivery for all future visitors.
  • Compression – WP Rocket shrinks HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make pages smaller and load more quickly.
  • Lazy loading – Only when a user visits the region will the images load.
  • Database optimization decreases the size of the database by cleaning it up and removing bloat.
  • GZIP Compression – Improves website rendering and shortens browser load times.
  • Delay Script Loading: Put off loading non-essential scripts until later to reduce the time it takes to load the page initially.
  • Reduce the number of DNS lookups for external domains via DNS prefetching

Hosting companies, theme and plugin compatibility

With 99% of hosts, WP Rocket is compatible (and the only caching plugin allowed by and Pressable). The most widely used tools, themes, and plugins are also compatible with it. In comparison to NitroPack, it is more stable because to its Delay JS function, which has enhanced interoperability with page builders and reduces the likelihood of breaking even the most complicated websites.

The majority of servers and tools are compatible with NitroPack, but there are certain problems with page builders, although a complain from some customers, but this is usually normal you cannot have hundred percent positive reviews from any product, some people will definitely give it a negative remark and in some case a mistake from their end might be the issues they face.

Support Accessibility

The success of WP Rocket is often credited to its support staff, who are known for their dedication. No matter what kind of license you have, there is a helpful, technical support team available in various time zones to answer all your questions.

You can get the highest performance results possible with their assistance In paid NitroPack plans, priority support is included. As indicated by the numerous negative evaluations on the subject, NitroPack is now having trouble with ticket flow and delayed response times as a result of its rapid corporate expansion.

User interface

An easy, 4-step installation procedure is provided by NitroPack. The user experience is not quite as strong as WP Rocket. When it comes to adjusting your settings, there aren't many options. NitroPack includes CDN integration, but WP Rocket is the only plugin that offers these features as add-ons.

Although, that does not mean wp rocket is that difficult to naviate the interface because they have done a good job to make everything easy for like In case you require support, pop-ups in the WP Rocket dashboard are ready to help. With little chance of destroying your website, WP Rocket's default settings may get you up and running quickly.

Years of experience

2018 saw the launch of NitroPack as a stand-alone service. With constant feature updates, it presently runs more than 80.000 websites. While WP Rocket is a well-known and dependable product that has been updated frequently and continuously since 2013, Its team of site performance specialists works tirelessly to meet the most recent performance requirements and offer a fantastic user experience.

Price of WP Rocket

Starting at $49/year, WP Rocket offers three distinct annual options (for one, three, or an infinite number of websites). All WP Rocket users have access to the company's additional products, including RocketCDN and Imagify, an image enhancement tool, as well as additional perks. The combined cost of the 3 products was $208,8 for the first year, with annual renewal discounts available. What's best? Unlimited bandwidth is provided by RocketCDN.

Pricing for NitroPack

Pricing for NitroPack is determined by page views. It provides a free version with some limitations (only 5,000 page views per month). For instance, you must consent to their banner appearing in the footer of your website. Custom plans are available upon request, however standard plans can only be utilized on one website. Price for one website starts at $210 per year.


The add-on RocketCDN costs $7.99 per month for each domain. Another add-on for image optimization is Imagify, with monthly prices beginning at $4.99.

WP Rocket is the best option financially because it just costs $49 per year for one website.

For $249 per year, it also includes an unlimited website license. Renewals also receive an automatic 30% discount. As opposed to that, Plans offered by NitroPack only permit one website; if you want to host a second website, you must purchase a different plan.

Core web vitals and speed comparison

Due to the fact that Google's Pagespeed does not check or have a user-interaction feature to give your website a genuine user testing experience, you must make sure you are passing Core Web Vitals field data.

If you're using any of Nitropack's Javascript optimizations and passing the lab data, you must additionally test locally using the Core Vitals extension and/or set up Cloudflare Web Analytics to collect field data and confirm you're passing with field data.

This also holds true with Wp Rocket's latest 3.9 version, which delays all Javascript but not internal Javascript files, Jquery, or inline scripts.

NitroPack vs WP Rocket

According to Core Web Vitals field data, Nitropack and Wp Rocket metrics are interchangeable with one leading the other in one section , checkout their statistic from February to September 2022, with a little percentage lead by nitropack. Additionally, Nitropack plugin compared to other plugins has a smaller page size (kb) and a better median Lighthouse.

NitroPack vs WP Rocket

Despite having a built-in CDN, Nitropack is ranked lower than Wp Rocket for mobile on CLS. Keep in mind that Nitropack can lack features to increase CLS while selecting an option to improve your Core Web Vitals.

Final thought

Any other caching plugin that has any of the following capabilities enabled cannot be used with NitroPack:

  • Caching of pages
  • sluggish image loading
  • optimization of CSS
  • JavaScript enhancement

Their optimization method may not function at all as a result of the overlapping functionalities.

Because of this, they do not advise using NitroPack along with another caching plugin, in contrast to WP Rocket, which is practically compatible with some cache plugins. However, they have committed to keep making improvements to their compatibility with other cache plugins.

As I previously stated, the cache plugin you choose will depend on your needs. For example, Nitropack differs from Wp Rocket primarily in its CDN solution and offers a free plan that lets users test their applications, while Wp Rocket has lower annual price than Nitropack.

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