Prettylinks the best link shortener

Prettylinks the best link shortener

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No matter how experienced or inexperienced you are as a blogger or affiliate marketer, and you are not using prettylinks the best link shortener, then it takes time and effort to search through every page of your website for places to insert affiliate links. It's also impossible to manually place the best affiliate links on each page, post, and widget of your website, even if you use a simple affiliate link cloaker.

How to cloak affiliate links with prettylinks

Why do you need links shortener as an affiliate

Managing affiliate links manually is equivalent to leaving money on the table, in other words. My extensive online experience has repeatedly shown me that an unattractive link has a 50% or higher chance of directing you to dubious websites, toolbar downloads, and other undesirable content.

However, we as affiliate marketers have no control over how the affiliate links will appear once you insert them into your pages, and that's where prettylinks the best link shortener can come in handy. but you shouldn't use just any URL shortener because some won't give you the exact tool you need, and some might even direct you to a third-party application. Link shortening and redirection are crucial marketing strategies that you must get right, however if you don't have the right equipment, the lengthy process might aggravate you.

What is prettylinks


Prettylinks the best link shortener is a wordpress plugin that you can quickly integrate URL shortening inside of WordPress with the help of the plugin Pretty Links. You can use PrettyLinks to create more attractive external affiliate links, or quickly deploy short URLs for your social media or marketing campaigns.

Although Pretty Links Lite is available, the prettylinks premium version provides a wide range of extra redirection types, conversion reports, and a wealth of automation and sharing tools to enhance how you present the links on your website.

Why choose prettylinks premium

With the help of the premium plugin Pretty Links, you can quickly shorten, hide, share, and even track your affiliate links. From the WordPress dashboard, all of this is possible, and it has a lot more features than a standard link shortener and that is why I can stop using prettylinks the best link shortener

I have been able to share with you the basis of what prettylinks the best link shortener is and why choose it for those who require a straightforward, all-in-one link management tool, Now, let's dig further as I introduce you to prettylinks the best link shortener a WordPress plugin with more facts and features in this post.

This plugin offers nearly all the link automation, management, and customization tools you could imagine, as well as more, all in one central dashboard, which is your WordPress dashboard.

Benefits of using a link shortener

In blogs and email campaigns, on Twitter and Facebook, and anywhere else you can think of, bloggers and affiliate marketers distribute their links everywhere. So, why shouldn't there be a central location to manage all of these links? This will save you a lots of time because in the case the affiliate program you promote changes their link you don't need to start going to all your post to change the link individually but can be done from one central dashboard

Function of Prettylinks

Pretty Links' primary purpose is to serve as a link reducer, also known as a URL shortener, which enables you to turn a lengthy link into one that is brief and simple to remember. what purpose? We'll get there.

However, there are many additional players in the URL shorteners applications whcih you can access here but the most well-known is Bitly, but there are also rivals like Cuttly, TinyURL, and Shortify, you can real my full list here about url shorteners

Why then should I recommend Prettylinks above all?

Pretty Links enables you to create unique URLs using your own domain name and many more, just check the list below

  • Create uncomplicated, clean URLs for your website (301, 302, and 307 redirects only)
  • Custom URL slugs or random generator slugs
  • Keep count of the clicks.
  • straightforward reports
  • View click information, including the referring website, operating system, browser, and ip address of the remote host.
  • Custom parameters can be passed to your scripts through a pretty link while maintaining full tracking functionality.
  • omit IP addresses from statistics
  • For tracking visitor activity across clicks, use a cookie-based system.
  • Link creation for nofollow/noindex
  • Set each link's tracking to on or off.
  • Beautiful Link Bookmarklet
  • Update redirected links quickly to new URLs (great for updating links across the entire website!)

Why you need Prettylinks

Right from the admin interface of your WordPress website, PrettyLinks gives you quick access to your URL redirects, social media links, affiliate links, and any other kind of link you desire. Additionally, because it uses your domain name, you have full control over the appearance and redirection of your links.

Consider that you manage a YouTube channel that you advertise on various channels. You can make a URL like and use PrettyLinks to track how many people click on it, regardless of where they came from.

Partnerships are another illustration. If you send traffic to partner sites using a Prettylinks shortened URL, you will be able to precisely track the number of unique visitors you are sending to each site.

Disadvantage of using a third party url shortener

As a blogger or an affiliate marketer deploying your own URL redirection software and utilizing a third-party service have significant disadvantages. Your credibility may be damaged if you use a third party. Furthermore, there is no assurance that you will always have access to your links. Rolling out your own solution is time-consuming, challenging to manage, and challenging to track. It also requires technical expertise.

Friendly user interface on prettylinks

Prettylinks the best link shortener makes it much simpler to manage your social links, URL redirects, affiliate links, and QR codes all in one beautiful and easy to understand and use user interface. All you need to do to start creating links with your website is upload and activate this WordPress plugin, which also functions as a link manager and a QR code generator. It combines the functionality of a third-party product with the strength of a unique solution.

You can present the affiliate links on your website as internal links by using Pretty Links. Since affiliate links are frequently lengthy and ugly, few people will likely click on them. They'll have more faith in your company name and shortened links.

Support update with prettylinks

One thing I like about prettylinks the best link shortener support team and their product is that they are committed to keeping Pretty Links running smoothly.

Because of this, they guarantee that it always functions with the most recent version of WordPress and that any bugs are promptly fixed. They continuously add new features while keeping it safe and performant. They ensure that you receive value for your money by releasing frequent updates.

Additionally, if you encounter difficulties, you are never abandoned because they provide premium support for PrettyLinks. To ensure you get the most out of Pretty Links, they offer a wealth of training materials, and well trained and devoted support staff is always available to assist you.

How to install Prettylink

You must first subscribe to the pro plan in order to start using PrettyLinks Pro features. The plugin must then be installed and activated on your website before being registered using your license key. please read this complete guide on how to install any WordPress plugin in different ways

Now once you have installed the plugin, on your WordPress dashboard, go to Pretty Links > Activate Pro then Copy the license key thereafter and paste and then click “Activate, is that simple that anyone can do it.” See image guide below


You are now prepared to begin managing, redirecting, and shortening your affiliate links.

Go to Pretty Links >

Add New on your WordPress dashboard to add a new link > See image below or You can watch my video tutorial here on how to use prettylinks by clicking here

Prettylinks the best link shortener

Once you open the page like the image below, it's time to start creating your affiliate custom links to skyrocket your affiliate program with use of prettylinks shortener

Prettylinks the best link shortener

As you can see the image above that I am promoting elementor pro, so you need give your page a tittle and select permanent if you intend to promote the link for long and page your destination affiliate URL. Give it a name that is related to the said product, remember all these are under the basic setting, after then click on advanced setting at the top left of the page. Please see image above

Prettylinks the best link shortener

Now, in the advanced setting page check on the sponsored box and click on pro to complete your affiliate setting, Please see image below

Prettylinks the best link shortener

In this pro setting, you will need to type in your keyword that when people click on it, it will take them to the affiliate page because it will automatically becomes active once you click publish

Final thought

It is impossible to overstate the significance of tracking and managing affiliate links. This is why all affiliate marketers should have a solidly constructed, fully featured linking plugin like prettylinks because it will make the work very simple for you

  • Link truncation
  • Redirecting links
  • Link management and automation

Thank you for reading, if you have any question or thought in regards to our post, please don’t hesitate to drop us your comment in the comment section… Please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel… SHALOM

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