Build Conversations & Dynamic Forms for WPBot Pro


Version: 1.3.4
Updated: April 10, 2020
Developer: Quantum Cloud

The Conversations & Dynamic Forms for WPBot Pro is the cutting-edge plugin that empowers your WPBot Pro chatbot with intelligent discussions and dynamic form capabilities. Elevate your website’s user experience, streamline lead generation, and boost customer engagement like never before.

Engaging Conversations:
With Build Conversations, your WPBot Pro chatbot becomes more than just a static bot—it becomes a dynamic conversational partner for your users. This robust add-on allows you to create interactive dialogues that mimic natural human conversations. Engage your website visitors in personalized, context-aware discussions that keep them hooked and encourage them to explore more of your products and services.

Customizable Dynamic Forms:
Gone are the days of dull and static forms! With Dynamic Forms, you can now create forms that adapt to users’ responses in real-time. Say goodbye to lengthy and intimidating forms that lead to drop-offs. Our intuitive interface lets you build user-friendly forms that ask relevant questions based on previous answers, making the form-filling process a breeze for your customers.

Key Features:

Seamless Integration: Easily integrate Build Conversations & Dynamic Forms into your existing WPBot Pro setup without any hassle. Effortlessly enhance your chatbot’s capabilities in just a few clicks.

Drag-and-Drop Interface: No coding skills are required! Our user-friendly drag-and-drop interface allows you to design interactive conversations and dynamic forms with ease, making the setup process smooth and enjoyable.

Context-Aware Responses: Create chatbot conversations that adapt to user inputs, providing relevant responses based on their previous interactions. This personalized approach leads to higher engagement and increased user satisfaction.

Smart Form Logic: Dynamic Forms intelligently adjust question flow based on users’ responses, ensuring they only see questions that are relevant to them. Say goodbye to irrelevant questions and maximize form completion rates.

Enhanced Lead Generation: Engage users in meaningful conversations, gather valuable information, and convert leads effortlessly. Dynamic Forms help you build a database of qualified leads, ready to take the next step with your business.

Analytics and Insights: Measure the effectiveness of your chatbot interactions and form conversions with detailed analytics and insights. Gain valuable data to optimize your strategies and improve customer interactions further.


Boost Customer Engagement: Interactive conversations keep users interested and involved, increasing the time spent on your website.
Increase Form Completion Rates: Dynamic Forms reduce form abandonment and lead to higher completion rates, leading to more conversions.
Streamline Lead Generation: Gather valuable user data through engaging conversations, turning prospects into qualified leads.
Improve User Experience: Provide a personalized and user-friendly experience that leaves a lasting impression on your website visitors.
Take your WPBot Pro chatbot to the next level with Build Conversations & Dynamic Forms. Transform your website into a dynamic and interactive platform, driving higher engagement, increasing conversions, and propelling your business toward success.


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