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The main purpose of Quillbot has remained unchanged from its inception: paraphrasing, changing the word order and substituting some words for others, Quillbot AI paraphrases content using it's built-in artificial intelligence AI tool.

It has, however, developed into much more than that. The grammar checker, which examines your document for typos, spelling errors, and other grammatical problems, is primarily of interest to us.

David Silin, Rohit Gupta, and Anil Jason founded Quillbot AI in 2017. Since then, it has gained popularity as a cheap and effective tool while steadily introducing new features. Quillbot's AI price, which is incredibly reasonable for any kind of tool that boasts AI integration of any kind, is possibly its best feature. The cost difference is significant when compared to other AI tools like Jasper AI, copy.ai, copymatic, fraser, writesonic, and more.

What is quillbot


Quillbot AI is an AI re-writer you can use for the purpose of paraphrasing, rewriting, summarizing, and changing the structure of any content, QuillBot AI is an AI rewriter tool that can be added as a browser or text editor extension.

Using grammar and fluency corrections, QullBot can rewrite articles or essays. Instead of merely substituting synonyms for the original words, artificial intelligence is used to keep the context while preserving grammar and sentence structure.

Quillbot paraphrase

QuillBot AI will do a good job of summarizing, editing, or rewriting any papers, articles, documents, or blogs that you have. You save time because it is a complete package. By selecting Rephrase, you can rephrase a sentence. The meaning of the sentence won't be changed by QuillBot AI when you receive a different version of it.

Free plan availability

All of their tools are accessible to free users in their simplest form. An additional benefit comes with a paid subscription for a Premium account.

It costs nothing to use a free account in quillbot AI. These accounts can paraphrase up to 125 words at once and have access to two modes and three Synonym settings. They can also use their available extensions to summarize 1200 words at once.

High-end account. You can pay for a Premium account either monthly, semi-annually, or annually. These accounts receive additional features that are only available to Premium users as well as the same features as free users.

Why choose quillbot

Choose quillbot AI because it has been proven to be one of the best AI re-writer tools with affordable prices in the market today, the free account is very useful, it enables you to test their product before signing up for premium unlike its rivals, I was actually surprised at how much I could accomplish without spending any money. The fact that you can do some of that for free is really helpful because it is challenging to find AI writing tools that allow you to paraphrase or summarize content at any price tier.

Quillbot User friendly

Once you start using Quillbot, you'll notice that it has a simple interface and is incredibly simple to use. It was easy for me to understand what to do, where to go, and how to use the tools.

Tools that are powered by artificial intelligence are excellent, but they are frequently expensive. Quillbot AI's strength can be obtained from the price that they charge.

There are numerous features offered by Quillbot, even though the majority of them are not 100% accurate in and of themselves except you edit them briefly. When considered as a whole, Quillbot might prove to be a helpful service for particular writers.

Affordable: Quillbot AI is still very reasonably priced, even when you purchase the premium version. If you purchase the annual plan, you can get all of the services for less than $10 per month, which is unheard of in this market, at least for AI tools.

Why upgrade to premium

  • It increased the number of characters. Up to 6000 words can be summarized at once and there is no word limit for premium accounts!
  • The following four modes. With a Premium account, you can unlock the Creative, Formal, Shorten, and Expand modes.
  • Maximum setting for synonyms. With the Synonyms tool set to its highest setting, you can replace the greatest number of words.
  • More rapid processing A faster paraphrasing service is available for premium accounts.
  • Compare the modes. With the help of this function, Premium subscribers can compare outcomes by simultaneously viewing a single sentence in various modes.
  • The words freeze. Some words or phrases can be protected from being changed by the paraphraser using premium accounts.
  • Longest words that haven't changed. The longest passage of text that has been paraphrased while maintaining the original is displayed for Premium users in this way.

Which mode is better

What you're trying to say and how you're trying to say it will determine your response to this. For instance, the Formal mode is ideal for business correspondence and more somber topics, while the Creative mode is fantastic for creative writing projects and lighter tones. To determine which mode is best for your current project, it helps to experiment with the seven available options.

What are modes?

The QuillBot AI will focus on different things when you paraphrase depending on the mode you choose. Each mode concentrates on a different aspect of your text.

Standard and fluency modes are available for the free members. The modes of Creative, Formal, Shorten, and Expand are now available for premium accounts.

There are a total of seven modes

  1. Standard. The default mode is this one. In order to make the text sound as natural as possible, it strikes a balance between changing it and keeping the original meaning.
  2. Fluency. This mode makes sure the text is authentic-sounding and free of grammatical errors. Fluency mode undergoes the fewest modifications, but the meaning is unchanged. It is set to the lowest setting for synonyms.
  3. Formal. With this mode, the text is altered to sound and look more formal. This is a fantastic option for writing in professional or academic settings.
  4. Simple. This mode attempts to make your text easier to read and more approachable.
  5. Creative. The text is changed the most in this mode, completely altering how it appears and sounds. Using this mode could result in a change in meaning.
  6. Shorten. In this mode, the text is condensed as much as possible without losing its original meaning. This helps to lower the overall word count.
  7. Expand. This mode adds more words to the text in an effort to lengthen it as much as possible. This is beneficial when you need a higher word count overall.

More features of Quillbot AI

The Synonyms tool

The number of words in the text that are changed to synonyms was made possible with the use of the synonyms tool. The number of new synonyms added can be changed using the slider. The meaning of a text may change if there are many synonyms used.

To the right of the modes, above the input and output boxes, is where you'll find the Synonym tool. In case you want to make use of it, but remember not to overuse the synonyms else you will alter the meaning of the whole sentence

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What is the Synonyms setting

The configurations are arranged from weakest to strongest. Accordingly, 1 will substitute the fewest words, while 4 will do so most frequently. With the exception of Fluency, which has a default setting of 1, the tool is always set to 2 by default.

By clicking and dragging the dot or by clicking directly on the line, you can adjust your setting. Only premium users can access the highest value; those with free accounts will see restrictions like those shown in the following image:

Note that by changing the value on the tool, you can instantly re-paraphrase a selected sentence. However, after changing the setting, you must click the green Paraphrase button if you want to rephrase the entire text.

Freeze word

Freeze Words is a premium feature as the name implies that enables you to stop the AI from paraphrasing specific words or phrases.

Near the top of the screen, in the settings bar, is where you can find Freeze Words. In the picture below, it is highlighted in red and circled:

To use Freeze Words, open it by clicking on the icon first. By doing so, a new section will appear on the right side of your screen, as shown below:

Simply enter the words or phrases you want the paraphraser to keep out of the sentence to use it. Make sure to comma-separate each word or phrase. Before you paraphrase your text, remember to enter the words and phrases you want to keep When you paraphrase your text, the parts of it that you didn't want to be changed will not be altered.

it should be noted that Freeze Words does not support symbols, special characters, or dashes.

What is the summarization?

You can use the summarizer to condense lengthy articles or other chunks of text into a manageable paragraphs or to identify the key phrases in the text.

Type, paste, or upload the text you want to be summarized before using the summarizer. Next, select “Summarize” from the menu. Once your text has been processed, the output box will display the summary or key sentences.

The summarizer has two settings that you can change.

Key Sentences/Paragraph: You can decide whether to view your summary as a paragraph or just the most crucial phrases from the original article. Length of Recap: This slider regulates the duration of your results.

Try their co-writing tool

The Co-Writer is an all-in-one writing environment that brings together all of QuillBot's tools in one place, allowing you to write your essay, summarize it, make citations, and paraphrase it without switching between different QuillBot products. It was designed to give users a seamless writing and research experience without ever having to leave the page, they’ve also added online research capabilities, note-taking, and AI-assisted autocomplete.

One good thing about this Quillbot AI tool is that you can use it in your free account but has the same restrictions that apply to free users of the other products, such as length restrictions on input for the Paraphraser and Summarizer, while Premium users also enjoy the same Premium benefits of using the complete tools available.

Can Quillbot AI be used on the chrome extension?

My favorite with quillbot AI is that you can use it on the google chrome extension although for now only Google Chrome and Chromium-based browsers are supported at this time by the QuillBot for Chrome Extension. This indicates that it can also be used with Microsoft Edge; just make sure to turn on Edge's “Allow extensions from other stores” setting.

Additionally, you can access the edge:/extensions settings page and enable extensions from other stores by Simply clicking on the QuillBot icon in the browser toolbar to access the QuillBot for Chrome Extension settings. You can change the following settings in the popup that appears:

Recommendation for easy usage

To make it simple to access the settings whenever you need them, I advise you to pin the extension to the browser's toolbar. Remember: to access and modify QuillBot for Chrome settings, you must be logged in,

The QuillBot for Chrome Extension generally supports almost all websites, the AI tries to support as many websites as possible. But in some cases, your website is not supported the extension icon will appear in the toolbar as OFF. You can reach out to them for assistance if necessary

NOTE: The enable/disable Red underlines can be displayed or hidden on the page by using QuillBot's full-featured grammar checker (only for Google Docs)

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Final thought

In my testing of the Quillbot AI tool, the user interface is topnotch that anyone can use and I also found that it does a respectable job, particularly if you are willing to give it a quick edit. There are frequently a few sentences that seem unclear, especially for long articles, but since AI is not a human, you shouldn't expect perfect accuracy. All you need to do is a few editing and you will get a unique and complete article or easy you can use for any work

The rewriting or paraphrasing tool is comparable to other similar tools used in the field. In essence, it changes a few words in your text's sentence structure and gives it a new look that no other AI can with their price range and it is also helpful If you are concerned about plagiarism.

Online writers and academics alike benefit greatly from the Quillbot AI plagiarism checker. Any content that appeared even slightly plagiarized was quickly identified.

Thank you for reading, I hope this article was helpful, let us have your thought in the comment section, and please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel…SHALOM

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