Reasons You Are Not Getting Quality Clients

Reasons you are not getting quality clients is that you are finding it difficult to distinguish value and price as a freelance, sales personnel, or service provider is one of the reasons you are not making it big in business.

Avoiding this misconception can actually mean the difference between struggling or running your business perfectly, with a steady stream of clients willing to pay you for what you are worth.

Stop worrying about the price

A lot of service providers or vendors worry about price and are willing to sell their services for less than what it is worth because of their competitors. The trouble is that you can get locked into the corner of cheap price, and will definitely find it difficult to raise it in the future. In addition, the lower price might attract only bargain-basement clients, rather than quality ones with whom you could have a long-term relationship, and also Top business people might actually dismiss you for being too cheap.

Why upgrade your value

Let’s say, for instance, Canva has other competitors but so many of us can’t do without Canva even though their competitor’s price is cheaper

That brings me to the question of value. Value and price are not the same. Your value will be in how good you are with your products or service, how reliable are you, and how well you are able to stick to your deadlines(timing).


Your value is also determined by your experience. if you are good at writing you can actually earn a few dollars here and you can write as many as you can within the shortest time but someone who is not that too good may charge the same price or less and the article might get rejected because his expertise wasn’t just enough

Present all your expert

Make a list of everything that you are good at that you could offer to your clients. Then narrow it down to things that you enjoy and can do quickly. Next, decide how closely related they are to each other. Can you offer a number of services that cover many of the basics that busy business owners would find it useful to hand over to others? They might include customer service, email marketing, uploading content to a blog, and so on.

For example, let’s say you can do email marketing and you also have a health background, this might be worth mentioning in some cases, but not in others. A person interested in finance, for example, might not think you were the right person for them.

Choose a field

Service providers who choose a particular niche to work in often find that it is easier to get work because they start to build up a reputation as an expert in that niche.

Top four Niche

  • Health
  • Finance
  • Relationship
  • Self-help.

Your portfolio should give examples of each of the services you wish to offer, if at all possible. Give items a title, link to them, and if there are many samples, group them according to the category of services being offered.

Brief quote

It is great to want to prove that you are a talented worker who can deliver the goods, but time is money, and so is the work you do. A lot of new service providers give away far too much in terms of free information and their time. Free samples are not really needed – you have your portfolio to show what you can do.

You should also avoid long consultation calls. In an effort to be helpful and prove you are the right person for the job, you would probably give away far more information than you should. Then they really have no reason to hire you, because you have already told them what to do.

Create Awareness

Once you are a service provider, you need to tell the world you are available for work. This is not a time to be shy.

Determine where your high-end prospective customers are likely to spend most of their time. Then come up with marketing material that speaks to their needs, offering real solutions at an affordable price.

Ensure Your customers are satisfied

Word-of-mouth marketing is key to a successful business. Happy customers spreading the word about how reliable and professional you are can make all the difference between a full calendar of regular assignments, and you have to chase all over trying to get gigs

A lot of freelancers' websites and service providers make the mistake of focusing on themselves rather than on their clients’ needs. They also do not make it clear what value they provide. For example, they might tell everyone they work as a virtual assistant, but not make it clear exactly which top services they provide. Writing intriguing marketing copy in relation to your services can help you get more clients, and it is easier than you think.

Final Thought

I believe that from today onward you will never go too low for the service you render if they are worth paying for and you are willing to make your client happy because doing so will limit your financial potential and will take you years to make decent money to carter for your needs

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