social media marketing plan

Social media marketing plan

Social media marketing plan is one of the best way to plan and create your business awareness to make sales because if you don't tell people what you can offer for a solution nobody will know you exist no matter how good the said products or service is.

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In this article I have put together 11 strategy of social media marketing you can implement to achieve quick result in your online business or awareness

Choose a niche

Once you have chosen your niche and the business is live and running, it’s time to start not just selling but you will need a continual stream of prospective clients willing to give you a try, and happy clients willing to give you word-of-mouth marketing – for example, on the social networks. One way to drum up business is to advertise. However, since paid ads cost money, you need to develop a strategy that will give you the most cost effective

Give yourself an identity

Since you already know your niche, your area of specialization it’s time to give yourself an identity, an address that will showcase what you are made off, so you can start benefiting from the digital world, an address that will tell people what you are capable of doing because word of mouth alone can’t do the work if you really want to make it big in your selected industry. This includes both your new and old project, your partners and award-winning details. Why you need all these is to build trust among your prospective client or customers

Spy on your competitors

Checkout for what other successful entrepreneurs and business owners in your chosen niche or industry are doing and how they are doing, don’t copy them mimic and add some features to make your products or service unique and professional

Outline your expertise

Outline your expertise and don’t be a jack of all trade but that doesn’t mean you should not list related profession in your niche that your clients might also need and you can handle very well.

For instance, let’s say you are a web developer and your client contacted you for a professional and responsive website, while the job is ongoing, he called to help him get an SEO expert which your company can as well handle perfectly, in that case you don’t need to deny yourself that opportunity because that does not make you a jack of all trade. So, you need a list of services you can perform well that will take the burden off your busy client or customers.

Identify Your Target Audience

You need to identify who your fans are and to look for them, search for where they spend most of their time? Consider their age and demography? What are their interests? By creating a profile of your ideal customer, you can start to focus your ads with a greater accuracy.

Time to choose the ad network that will convert

Google AdWords is a good place to start with depending on your niche in an effort to compete in the search engines in relation to certain keywords. This is one way to drive traffic with paid ads, but the Google system can be complicated to learn and expensive to compete in. Their “quality score can be somehow confusing to most users, but that’s fine because it is one of the main determinants as to whether your ad will ever even run, and what placement it will get if it actually does.

Google ad

Hey, don’t lose hope if you don’t know much about google ads because other social media sites now have a range of advertising opportunities that are generally easier to set up than Google AdWords, and are better targeted too. They also tend not to have lots of mysterious rules. This means more visibility and clicks, for less money.

Facebook ad

Facebook and Instagram for instance will allow you to run ads with an image and video. Come up with a great headline and a link to your Facebook, Instagram or even your home page, and you will get a good deal of traffic. Make sure your home page has lots of interesting information about you and the niche. Include a link to your portfolio, and on your portfolio, details about your services with the URL of your service or home page.

Twitter ad

Twitter is another great social media platform to use because it allows you to promote one single post, or your entire account in order to get more followers. The good thing about Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is that you can be a great deal more precise about who you want to target. If you wish to find an audience of men or women within certain age bracket, who are interested in watches, for example, all you have to do is set those parameters and your ad will show only to those interest group.


LinkedIn also has opportunities for professionals to connect with their target audience. Again, you need to create an eye-catching ad and send them to a page that offers them useful information, not just a sales pitch, a lot of people do this most time, you first need to provide them with useful information why they should trust you or the service you offer before bringing in the selling side

Linkedin Pro

The LinkedIn Pro service will also allow you to see jobs related to keywords you choose, but you need to be quick. They only accept five quotes for each assignment, and most assignments listings tend to expire within 24 hours. Showing them your portfolio, rather than your rate card, is the best way to generate more interest in your services.

Ads cost money, but the right ad can make a big difference to the number of clients you get. Find out as much as you can about the most popular social network(s) for clients in your niche, and focus your advertising on that to start with.

Follow up

If you really want to make it big in any industry, be it freelancer or service provider, it is important to maintain a list of contacts and clients in order to nurture those relationships and hopefully get a steady stream of work from them.

When you create the habit of following up, it will lead you to new projects which is great because they offer you the chance to work with new people. However, don’t underestimate the value of current and also past clients who might be willing to offer you regular projects that will keep your business moving.


Marketing yourself or creating awareness about your niche can take up a lot of time. But you can as well do that by applying for new jobs at freelance marketplace websites and some other places your service might be needed. Doing this will bring you or your company to the lime light of professional in your industry

Treat your client or customer with care

A lot of business owners make the mistake of focusing on potential clients so much that they neglect their current and past clients. This can be a big mistake. Past clients who are happy are your best resources for word-of-mouth marketing and recommendations. Don’t feel shy about asking them for a testimonial or reference in relation to your work. The Pareto principle says that 80% of your business will come from 20% of your customers. It is easier to convince someone of your value when they have already used your services if you have done a good job, than to try to convince total strangers to give you a try.

Current Clients or customers

you need to impress your new client on how professional and efficient you are. Producing your best work even under tight deadlines is what being a good freelancer or service provider is all about. Communicate clearly, be friendly but respectful, and you could end up with regular clients who really appreciate what you do.

Email Marketing

One of the easiest ways to keep in touch with past, present and future clients is to maintain email marketing lists. A service like Getresponse, AWeber, convertkit are powerful tool that will allows you to create up to 1000 lists in your account for free, so you should have no trouble being able to create three separate lists to nurture these different relationships.

Regular updates

Sending out monthly valuable updates to your current and past customers has been proven to increase sales. Treat them like special people, which of course they are, and consider offering them discounts and coupons, or special service packages that bundle your offerings. For example, you might be into digital marketing agency, consider offering them a one-week professional post for free while they pay for three weeks

For prospective customers, get them on your list first by offering them a useful free item related to your niche. It could be a checklist, cheat sheet or other item that shows you are something of an expert, and can help clients work smarter, not harder. Then send them more details about the services you provide.

Continue in a good relationship with your current and past clients as well as looking for new ones, you will get more business with less effort.

Pricing Strategies for Attracting quality client

Once you start running your own business, it is a good idea to learn more about what is termed psychological pricing in order to attract the right type of clients. You might be tempted to start off low just to get some business, but this might backfire in terms of you getting nothing but “bargain basement clients”. It might also mean you get quite a few regular clients, but you end up locked into a low price for your services and will have a hard time justifying an increase. You must know your worth because cheap price does not guarantee you hundreds of clients instead sometime quality client might even run away from you believing that your price is too cheap for quality service.

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