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Social Media Marketing Strategies

We all know that when it comes to the modern ways of growing your business or service no matter the nature of your business, you think of social media marketing. If your business or service is not online then you are missing a lot. Technology have tuned the way we do things these days, ordinary seasoning can now be ordered online, with your phone in your house you can place order for taxi and they will come into you compound to pick you up, isn’t that amazing and enough reason to start telling people about your business or service online? Get the complete guide on social media marketing strategies to boost your revenue

In this article I have complied top social media platform to use and skyrocket your business or service beyond your imagination. Note, I’m not asking you to use all the social media, but you already know your niche and all the social media platform can’t work for the same niche, in this Social Media Marketing Strategies you will grab the hook fast

So if you are ready to take your business or service to the next level, sit back, grab some coffee, and let’s dive into the Social Media Marketing Strategies!


I chose YouTube as my number one in the list because video content is far more engaging that written content. Video is far more effective at commanding attention and engaging us. People believe more on what they see than what they read

When you use YouTube correctly you will command more respect and trust, people will click through to your business page if your message is compelling

The other big benefit of YouTube is that it is essentially a form of search engine like Google – but one with considerably less competition. You’ll probably never get to the top of Google for ‘biceps workout’ but it’s completely possible on YouTube. Likewise, YouTube lets you piggy back on the success of other popular videos by using similar tags and text.

Learn to add an end screen to your videos, an end screen is a mobile-friendly feature that lets you end your videos with a call-to-action to watch more of your videos. Channels or playlist

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It also allows you to encourage viewers to hit the subscribe button for your YouTube channel to promote your products, services, website, or newsletter. Your YouTube video must be at least 25 seconds long to be able to add an end screen because it will appear in the final five to 20 seconds of the video clip

Yes, YouTube takes a lot of investment and time. It is not for everyone. But if you’re not seeing results just yet and you’re close to quitting, then putting some investment into YouTube is certainly worth a try! Give it a go and it might just be what you’re looking for. Don’t give up


Facebook isn't just a marketing tool that you can use to interact and engage with prospects, fans, and customers, but it can also be an extremely valuable tool for generating leads. If you aren't already taking advantage of Facebook's potential to generate more leads, then you are missing in action

If you want to generate leads to your business or service through facebook, then put this tricks in action because the simplest way to give your Facebook fans the opportunity to convert to leads is by using the same content that you’re using to generate leads on your company site and share links to the content on your Facebook page. This works exceptionally well if that link directs people to your landing page with a lead generation form that provides downloadable content.

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Even though Facebook no longer allows users to add call-to-action buttons to the main profile page, you can still add custom CTA tabs within it by using iframes. You can point these to your landing pages for free ‘downloadable content and other offers and start generating more leads. Also ensure to sharing links in all your content on your Facebook page, make it easy for anyone who's reading your content to like your Facebook page and shares the content with their own Facebook network. Add the Facebook Like’ plugin and share on Facebook button to every piece of content that you publish to get that extra boost of reach.

Get on Twitter

Twitter is a platform that lots of people are not using, but If you're not already utilizing Twitter for business, you really need to think again? Twitter is a dream platform for generating leads because you can use it to reach out to influencers in your niche and start valuable conversations with them. The influencers followers, who probably match your target audience, will see your interactions with them and are more likely to follow you or visit your site.


Quora has about 300 million monthly visitors, it is a great platform to promote your business or service if done well. One good thing about Quora is that you can create a question by yourself relating to what you want to promote and then answers the questions the way that described you’re your products or service relating to the said question. So, if you are not using Quora, it’s high time you start using it


Before we proceed let’s understand what Instagram is and why you should use it as a part of your marketing plan. Just in case, you aren’t familiar with Instagram, it is and extremely popular social network that provides a fun way for its users to take and share photos with friends and followers online.

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Instagram is unlike other social networks you can only access instant great from a mobile application. So, to take advantage of this powerful network for your business you'll need is a mobile device like your smartphone, iPod touch, iPad, or tablet and an Instagram account. Then you can snap, upload and edit your photos on the fly for sharing on multiple social media sites like Facebook, Twitter,

Instagram boasts over 100 million monthly active users with approximately 40 million photos being uploaded a day. The success of Instagram is so massive it has images generating over 4800 likes and thousands of comments per second

It has taken off faster than any other app in recent years and has quickly become the go to choose for users that want to edit and share their photos on the go.

Instagram reaches out to a an extremely wide audience and allows for in depth searches on the web. With daily updates and added features like geotagging and hash tagging, Instagram followers can find specific products and information much faster and easier.

If you haven't considered using Instagram as a part of your marketing strategy here are some of the main reasons why you should.

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Primarily, Instagram provides instant gratification for its users. They snap, edit and upload. They can also

like, share and comment on photos that interest them which makes the viral power of Instagram virtually unstoppable.

Now imagine having thousands of people comment and share photos from your business, literally within seconds. It really can be that easy

I highly suggest you tap into the Instagram tips and you will be glad you did


Do you know, there was a report from webmasters that said Pinterest is creating more traffic for their websites than YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+ put together! Will you doubt the report? No it’s depends on the niche.

So what worked well for you on YouTube may not work well on Facebook because of the nature of your niche and other criteria

So, if you haven’t jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon, it’s the high time you take the bull by the head. You can start “pinning” and make your business or service Pinterest friendly.

Not only can you pin your favorite things you find on the web, but you can also browse what other people are pinning. You can follow your favorite Pinners and re-pin anything they like that also interests you.

When you pin an image on Pinterest, it creates a clickable link to the website where the image is located.

So, if someone pins a photo on your blog or website, every time another Pinterest user clicks it, you get free traffic.

Do you know that a pin if well pined on Pinterest can make an ordinary image go viral in a matter of hours! Start using Pinterest today guys.


Internet traffic god

Let’s have your thought on your best social media platform…. Shalom

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