The 8 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

The 8 best affiliate programs was created because you might be seeking for ways to monetize your blog material or you might wish to diversify the sources of income for a content site that makes money from display advertisements. There is probably an affiliate platform out there that will suit your demands, regardless of the business or area you decide to target.

Finding the best affiliate programs for beginners is one of the main obstacles you’ll have to overcome when starting an affiliate marketing business.

Thousands of lucrative affiliate schemes are available to select from, after all.

The improper affiliate scheme could hold you back several months, while the perfect one could enable you to start making money before your website is even lunched fully

We’ll spend our time together in this blog article looking at the best affiliate programs for beginners because this is a question we are frequently asked.

What is affiliate marketing

8 best affiliate programs

Simply said, affiliate marketing is the process of joining a business or network to promote their goods or services. A network is a firm that manages several offers from various companies. Once someone makes a purchase or carries out a particular action, you normally receive a commission.

These actions might be for a reader to click on a link in your blog and make an Amazon purchase, or they might be for them to accept a promotion from one of the affiliate networks we’ll discuss in this article. When traffic you drove to the retailers’ offer results in a desired action, you are subsequently compensated with a commission. Usually, this sum is included in the internet marketing budget of the business or affiliate network.

What to consider before joining affiliate program

Knowing the precise niche, you want to focus on is ideal before you get carried away with selecting the finest affiliate model for you. When selecting the program that will provide you with the highest return on investment (ROI) based on your company goals, knowing what you will specialize in can help you chart a course.

Check to discover whether other affiliate marketers and bloggers have already identified potential in the chosen niche before starting any affiliate campaign. To determine market demand, find out if other WordPress and beginner SEO sites in your niche are offering affiliate products. If there are other affiliates, it is typically a good sign because you know they wouldn’t try if there was no chance to increase money. You may compile all of their affiliate partner offers into a spreadsheet that you can use to rank your own website later on.

How to Select the Best Affiliate Program for Newbies

When selecting the ideal affiliate program with which to begin, there are a few things to keep in mind. You should research each program’s offers, the markets it serves, and the caliber of the real and digital goods it supplies. Consider whether investing time and effort in promoting these products on your website and social media is something you want to do.

With that been said let’s scan through for more detailed guide of what to consider that will make your affiliate marketing business more enjoyable as a beginners

Ease of usage

The ease of use is another factor to consider while choosing the finest affiliate program for individuals who are just getting started. Read reviews on the dashboards of the programs, the level of assistance provided to affiliates, and the software as a service (SaaS) tool offered for people without an experience in web building or technology.

You must have a website

You might want to discover a solution that can handle this for you if you have no experience with WordPress website development, email marketing, leadpage development, or even plugin usage. Only give consideration to programs that demonstrate how joining their network benefits both you and them. You might want to look into another program if you hear affiliates lament the lack of real-time help or how challenging it was to sign up at first.

Payout structure

You should also make sure that the affiliate marketing program you choose has a defined payout structure that is well-written and presented. You will likely have better luck choosing a network that truly pays you for your hard work if you find feedback concerning affiliate commissions not being paid on time, payouts not being completed, problems with PayPal payments, or anything else connected to this.

Who are their partners

When choosing the ideal fit, it’s also important to take into account how many merchants a particular affiliate network or program currently works with. Finding something that is at least making money for others is preferable if there aren’t many successful affiliates marketing and selling the item. After all, why would you invest time and money promoting something with such a little likelihood of generating profits?

We should discuss the differences between the various affiliate business models now that you are more aware of what to look for based on your personal and professional goals.

In-House Affiliate Programs vs. Affiliate Networks: What’s the Difference?

What are in-house affiliate programs?

An in-house affiliate program is one that is run by a merchant directly rather than through an affiliate network. For instance, a corporation like Amazon has complete control over everything through its own affiliate network. Amazon is one of the most well-known internal affiliate programs, while there are a few others as well. The network (in this case, Amazon) runs its own affiliate software, which may be custom-made or purchased off the shelf. It pays its partners referral commissions through a dashboard they create.

What is affiliate network

This technique involves driving traffic to the network’s offer, which could be a landing page or a form submission. The network will provide you recommendations on how to market the affiliate offer (often in accordance with a thorough marketing policy), and some even provide marketing materials that your company can use to increase conversions and foster customer confidence.

To expand the scope of their offer, these networks will aggressively seek for new affiliates, and they frequently have an affiliate manager who is in charge of the entire program. This is a fantastic chance for business owners wishing to advertise a new product because these networks will manage the affiliates (in this case, you), freeing up the firm making the offer to concentrate on other areas of the business aside from marketing.

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Explore the 8 best affiliate programs for beginners

What are the finest affiliate programs for individuals who are just getting ready to set sail now that you have a better idea of what affiliate marketing is, are familiar with the various models to select from, and know which niche you want to set out for?

1. Amazon affiliate

If you’ve done any research on affiliate programs for beginners, it’s likely that you’ve heard of the Amazon Associates program. In terms of generating income using this monetization strategy, the Amazon affiliate program is a leader. On how to use this network to earn a decent livelihood, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of tutorials and courses available. It’s not surprising that the program came in first place on our list given its level of popularity. With this program, you do need to take a few things into account.

Unlike affiliate networks, Amazon is an online retailer. Most of the other programs on this list are affiliate networks where the network only manages the connection between you and the real business offering the affiliate offer. In spite of the program’s popularity, you might be interested in the advantages of using it for your company.

Pros of amazon affiliate

It is ideal for individuals who want to start going right away because it is one of the simplest tools to use and integrate into an existing business. The variety of products available through the Amazon program is unmatched, regardless of the market area in which you happen to be interested. The Amazon affiliate network is undoubtedly a top choice for newbies due to the wide variety of products available, and after you gain rank, you may subsequently switch your links to higher paying deals.

You’ll undoubtedly notice the program’s recently updated commission structures when reading reviews of the Amazon affiliate program. Some businesses that only generated revenue from this source were hit by this, but those that had diversified their sources of income were less affected. This program’s best feature is that you will always receive your payments on schedule (usually 30 days after the purchase).

Cons of amazon affiliate

In addition to unpredictable commission updates, this program’s one drawback is that you must abide by Amazon’s rigorous terms of service rules. You can find examples of affiliates getting tagged for violating terms of service for unidentified reasons if you look around Amazon affiliate reviews. The majority of the time, these problems can be fixed with a little work, but it is still important to note and keep in mind as an additional program nuance.

The Amazon affiliate program gives much lower payments than some of the other programs on this list because of its size and volume of affiliates. You should think about whether this program alone will assist you in reaching your business objectives in light of the most recent changes to these affiliate commission rates. The Amazon program’s much shorter cookie duration (often 24 hours), which is the tracking code used to determine whether a user who clicked on your link made it all the way to the checkout window, is another issue that many affiliates have with it.

The absence of a real affiliate manager to assist you in case of problems is another drawback of this scheme. It can be challenging to get clear answers from anyone in this program, and issues frequently take considerably longer to address before being resolved, according to many affiliates who complain about this. Due to these factors, we always advise you to diversify your sources of income as much as you can. You shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket, and if the only source of revenue for your company is Amazon affiliate commissions, you may want to think about expanding your diversification.

2. Commission junction cj

Commission Junction is a massive affiliate network that collaborates with businesses and promotes products all over the world. With over 20 years of experience in the affiliate space, it has a track record of being a great option for those just starting out.

Pros of commission junction cj affiliate

Given that it has been in existence for some time and offers a solid platform to build upon, this affiliate program is especially wonderful if you are just starting out. If this network aligns with your business objectives, you should give it serious consideration given the abundance of brands and businesses you may connect with to begin promoting products in your area.

Reviews of the CJ user interface are generally conflicting; some people find it to be quite user-friendly, while others find it challenging to get used to. Here are a few of the most typical drawbacks of using this network while you’re just getting started as a beginner:

Cons of commission junction cj affiliate

To be admitted into their program’s offer, every brand and business in the CJ affiliate network has different and very strict qualifications. In contrast to Amazon’s scheme, CJ restricts your ability to promote any and all products without permission.

While some merchant brands and businesses might allow access right once, others might not reply for weeks or even months. When you first start out, this can be incredibly irritating because you may have already put in a lot of sweat equity to get your content up to the standards of your niche.

The fact that many of the brands and businesses looking for affiliates will come and go is another negative of this affiliate program. It can be exceedingly problematic when even some of the most well-known brands abruptly depart from the program. Others have expressed worry about how challenging it was to reach customer service with problems like cancelled accounts with no justification. Although this program has a lot of potential, especially for those who establish connections with the affiliate brands and businesses in the network, you should take these drawbacks into account as a beginning.

3. Impact Radius

Impact is another excellent affiliate program to take into account when getting started in affiliate marketing because it sets the standard for dashboard functionality and user interface (UI). This tool is excellent for companies looking for more performance data to guide business decisions because it has an intuitive interface and delivers extensive performance tracking and reporting.


This affiliate network will undoubtedly have something that suits your target demographic with over 1,000 brands spread over a wide range of niches. It is understandable why so many affiliates have such glowing opinions of this program given that it is known for providing one of the best user interfaces and reporting dashboards.

Because Impact supports each and every participant in its program, it is also well renowned for having excellent customer service for both new and experienced affiliates. You sense that the software genuinely cares about your success when helpful information and thorough “How-to” articles are provided in addition to support queries. Many brands will welcome you into their program in a short period of time is another aspect that sets Impact apart from the competition.


The Impact affiliate program is not as simple to join as the other options we have discussed so far, as was already noted. Depending on how you look at it, something can be both positive and negative. Depending on your long-term objectives, you can find this advantageous because many brands will opt to take you into their program sooner as a result of the increased application standards. A lot of people have also complained about the program’s steep learning curve due to the dashboard’s new features. Because this affiliate network has so many features built in, some customers have discovered a few glitches and other backend problems that you should be aware of while choosing this affiliate network.

4. Awin

Over 13,000 advertisers are already engaged inside Awin’s affiliate network, making it a typical online marketplace like Amazon and Etsy. There are four different categories in which the goods and services covered by this program fall:

  • Finance and Insurance are your standard products from banks, credit cards, real estate, savings, and investments.
  • Fashion, accessories, electronics, and other shopping-related items fall under the category of retail.
  • Telecommunications and Services: Offers in this category deal with services including web hosting, education, and training.
  • Cruises, vacations, railroads, hotels and other lodging, vehicle rentals, airlines, and general tourism all fall under the category of travel.

An affiliate can select from the aforementioned categories to market through the Awin affiliate network, which offers a variety of digital goods and services in a variety of areas. The platform excels as a marketplace for content producers, website owners, influencers, and technology-based partners who wish to market their goods by developing successful connections.


The Awin affiliate program’s availability of more than 15,000 active advertisers and more than 200,000 publishers inside its network makes it a fantastic option for newcomers. There are many offers and items available for someone just starting out, and with over $150 million in sales created since 2019, there is undoubtedly money to be made through this program.

You can profit from Awin’s higher commission rates from a variety of global partners if your company operates outside the US, Canada, and UK markets. A Chrome plugin that enables affiliates to quickly create links across all of Awin’s partners is one fantastic feature of the affiliate program.


The Awin affiliate program’s age is the first prospective drawback that springs to mind. Despite being a younger network, it was formed by the union of two more established affiliate networks. Some might think that this is less “reliable” and thus not the best infrastructure to base your entire business on. Be sure to diversify whenever you can, once more.

The dashboard’s user interface, which appears after acceptance, is another issue that many affiliates have with this network. The majority of customers have consistently complained about how challenging it is to use the UI and dashboard. Although it doesn’t require any technical knowledge, the dashboard is not very user-friendly.

In comparison to some of the other applications we describe here, the approval functionality inside this network is likewise rather sluggish, and response times might vary greatly. Be cautious to constantly be vigilant when looking for an affiliate offer to promote because some users have also reported “spammy” type sites.

5. Shareasale

Another well-known name on this list is ShareASale, which collaborates with the Awin network. The program offers cutting-edge technology to make it easier for merchants and affiliates to collaborate on successful marketing campaigns.

In addition to offering a vast variety of brands and items, this network’s client services include tools that can help you create and develop your own affiliate business.


Beginners can easily use this momentum to propel their adventure because ShareASale’s application process is likewise very simple and straightforward. Though helpful statistics like your typical sales, conversion rates, and earnings per click (EPC) are shown, they can occasionally be challenging to comprehend.

Over 1,000 active merchants are currently part of ShareASale’s network, which has been in existence for a while. You will have a lot wider assortment of offers to find a good fit because it offers everything from e-commerce to software.


It is challenging to go through the dashboard to understand the offered metrics because of the archaic portal interface, as was already highlighted. It can be challenging to build relationships with possible partners due to the UI’s widespread criticism for not being user-friendly, which won’t help you advance as a newbie.

6. FlexOffers

Over 12,000 affiliate programs and more than 500 sponsors may be found on the affiliate network FlexOffers. The affiliate program’s categories include anything from business to education to entertainment to legal services to sports to travel. Its new publisher platform has drawn a lot of positive attention, and the affiliate program itself might be one of the biggest in the industry.


No matter what kind of affiliate content you intend to provide, this program is undoubtedly a wonderful fit for any topic with such a vast network of merchants to pick from. Comparing FlexOffers to other programs we’ve already explored, there are a few differences in how they operate. If you decide to use it, it offers special sub-affiliate programs that make it simpler to join that merchant’s program by having you sign up as a FlexOffers affiliate using its link and splitting the commission you make.

If something doesn’t currently meet your preferred specialty, FlexOffers claims to launch 50 new advertiser programs daily, so something may do so in the near future. This is a fantastic chance for individuals who are just getting started because you could wish to have some new offerings to include in your business plan.


As mentioned above, FlexOffers has an excellent flow of offers available; nevertheless, one disadvantage is the difficulty some affiliates have receiving payment. There are several reviews online about affiliates who were not promptly compensated for various reasons. If you have additional investments in your firm and rely on this money to make additional improvements, keep this in mind.

You can anticipate to gain money with this network depending on the route you follow, as was previously indicated with the sub-affiliate scheme. The challenging signup process is another barrier because partners are selective about who they accept into their programs, which may explain why a sub-affiliate scheme was required in the first place.

7. VigLink,

A fresh strategy to using conventional affiliate marketing tools has been adopted by VigLink, also known as Sovrn, an affiliate network. Sovrn purchased VigLink to broaden its publisher monetization platform. This platform was created in 2009 to assist publishers in making money from their content by automatically embedding affiliate link to their content with ease.


One good thing I like about this affiliate network is you don’t have to start looking for where to place your affiliate link because it does that for you authomatically creating, tracking, and managing any of your affiliate links, the only thing required of you is to add the VigLink code to your website’s header or footer, and the automation will take care of everything else, sound nice right?

When VigLink scans each page on your website, it looks for domains or URLs that might be connected to businesses in the VigLink affiliate network and turns them into VigLink affiliate URLs. Additionally, the software looks for specific phrases like people, places, points of interest, and other things that might be connected to an offer from a certain partner in its network.

This implies that the affiliate links will automatically be added to your pages without any effort on your part. The most important choice you’ll need to make from this point on is whether to select a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-acquisition (CPA) merchant offer. For those wishing to monetise user-generated material like on forums and communities hosted by your website, this presents excellent possibilities.


The placement of these links on your website or inside your content was done by AI, and as they can’t think like humans, it can result in lesser conversions than if you had picked a different product than what the AI automatically selected for you.

The performance of your website should also be taken into consideration in this situation because adding extra code that must be checked every time a user fills out your landing page could potentially result in reduced conversion rates. Trying out the automatic link tool and observing whether manually adding links results in higher conversion rates is the only way to determine whether it is a suitable fit.

8. Clickbank

With more than six million customers worldwide, ClickBank is a sizable affiliate network that has been operational for more than 20 years. It is renowned for having some of the highest affiliate commission rates (some go as high as 75%) and for being simple to enroll.


The fact that ClickBank doesn’t require prior authorization from a merchant before you can begin marketing its offer makes it one of the greatest affiliate programs for individuals who are still new to this field. Prior to acceptance, certain merchants may request particular items, but this is quite uncommon.

It is also important to note that the ClickBank affiliate network has a reputation for timely payments and offers some incredible earnings. Pre-sale pages, product photos, and brand logo designs are among the marketing materials and page language that the majority of the merchants found on its dashboard will also offer.

For those wishing to develop an automated system to increase conversions and ultimately money, many of the offers on this network also provide recurring commissions.


The fact that ClickBank has grown so successful over the years and that there is tremendous competition for these products is its biggest disadvantage. It could seem as though the most “obvious” money-making products are already overrun with other affiliates due to ClickBank’s low quality control standards and high approval rates. The fact that this network’s return rates are far greater than those of some of the other programs on this list is another drawback.

In addition to being antiquated, the ClickBank interface provides fewer performance tracking metrics than some of the alternatives already mentioned. The offers listed on ClickBank’s network appear to be older, interspersed with an antiquated interface.

Final thought

If you want to be successful, it is imperative that you always learn how to diversify your affiliate programs because doing so will assist keep your company alive in the event that any of your other affiliate income suffers. You may provide interested purchasers a more desirable business that can then command a higher sales price if you have a respectable volume of traffic and income coming in from many affiliate offerings.

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