The 8 Best WordPress Download Plugins

The 8 Best WordPress Download Plugins was compiled because as a website owner managing file access and user permissions can often be a daunting task, but in this comprehensive article, we present you with 8 robust WordPress download plugins equipped with invaluable tools to effortlessly control file visibility and management activities on your WordPress website.

With these plugins, you can set up restrictions on file downloads, updates, deletions, and even allow users to edit only their own files. Moreover, you gain the power to limit access to specific files or file categories solely to designated WordPress users.

We will delves into each plugin unique features, all geared towards optimizing your WordPress  website’s download capabilities, the way you handle file access and management with these 8 Powerful WordPress Download Plugins.

Explore the 8 best WordPress download plugins

1. Subscribe to download

8 best wordpress download plugins

Subscribe to Download Lite makes things easier for you to unlock the potential of your WordPress website by seamlessly collecting subscribers. This powerful plugin offers a quick and easy way to entice visitors with a freebie, which they can download upon successful subscription. Even if you don’t have any freebies to offer, fear not! This plugin can also be utilized solely as a subscription tool.

Choose from five stunningly designed templates to craft a captivating layout that suits your website’s style. Customize each form component by enabling or disabling them to create the perfect subscription form. Worried about security? Not with Subscribe to Download Lite! Encrypt your download link for added protection.

Stay in the loop with real-time download status monitoring and effortlessly export subscribers for further engagement. Integrate a subscription form into any website with ease, and start building your subscriber base in just a matter of seconds thanks to this user-friendly plugin.

Features for lite version

  • Five Templates for Pre-Designed Subscription Forms
  • link for a secure download
  • Pop-up Sign-Up Form
  • Turn each form component on or off.
  • Form Submission through Ajax
  • Export Subscribers CSV
  • Reverse Form Preview
  • responsive to mobile
  • Translation completed
  • Personalize the From Name and From Email in the email.

Features for paid version

  • Unlimited Subscription Forms – Create as many forms as necessary, without limits, with various restrictions on each form.
  • 22 Pre Designed Subscription Form Templates – Select from a variety of beautifully built pre-designed templates to avoid the burden of creating forms from scratch.
  • Lock the download link to a certain user and monitor the download progress with an encrypted download link.
  • Popup Subscription Form: Display the form as a popup using a popup trigger.
  • Delayed Subscription Form: To make it more interactive, display the form in a pop-up after a predetermined amount of time.
  • Configuring emails for users – From the backend, you can alter the emails that are sent to users.
  • You can store your subscribers in your Mailchimp or Constant Contact mailite, sendinblue account directly if you want to.
  • There is an interactive integrated form styler available if you wish to add your own styling to the form.
  • Activate and deactivate each form component – You have the option to activate and deactivate certain form elements.
  • All of their forms are ajax-driven, allowing for rapid submissions and preventing page reloading after each entry.
  • Subscribers CSV Export – Exporting your subscribers is as easy as a few clicks away.
  • Notice of Download
  • IP verification has been incorporated for better link encryption in the download link expiration
  • User IP and Subscriber Subscription Date GDPR Agreement Checkbox
  • Before deploying the form on your website, preview it from the backend to see how it looks.
  • Compatibility with and operation on all browsers and devices
  • Developer documentation is readily available. If you are a developer and would like to add new functionality to the plugin, you can do so using the filters and actions that are currently offered.
  • Devoted Support – Because we place a higher value on our customers than we do on our products, our support team is always there to help with any questions about them.
  • Translation Ready – If you’d want to translate our plugin into your language, you can do so!

2. WordPress download manager plugin

When it comes to the WordPress Download Manager plugin, you have two options at your disposal: the free version and the premium version. While the free version is a good starting point, the premium solution takes the experience to a whole new level by offering an array of additional features and enhanced customer support, making it a valuable investment.

For developers seeking multiple licenses, the premium version becomes even more crucial, with prices ranging from $59 to $99 per license.

Importance of Add-ons for download manager

Add-ons play a significant role as well, offering countless possibilities to customize and expand upon the main plugin’s functionalities. With the flexibility to cherry-pick the desired features, you can avoid purchasing the entire premium package. From download restrictions to related items and private messaging, there’s a plethora of add-ons to suit your specific needs. Some of these add-ons are available for free, while others range in price from $49 to $100, enriching your WordPress Download Manager experience.

Features of WordPress download manager

WordPress Download Manager also includes some essential features like

  • Password security,
  • Restricted access,
  • support for multiple domains.

The password protection package enables users to password-protect all of the files in a package or a single file within a package. It is a basic, user-friendly download manager. One of the most often updated WordPress download management plugins is this one.

Why use WordPress Download Manager

WordPress Download Manager offers numerous advantages that make it a preferred choice for managing downloads on WordPress websites. Here are some compelling reasons to use the WordPress Download Manager plugin:

  • Easy File Upload: Uploading files becomes a breeze with the plugin. You can add downloads just like creating a new WordPress article, making the process intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Drag-and-Drop Upload: The plugin’s drag-and-drop upload module allows you to quickly and effortlessly transfer files from your PC to your website’s file manager.
  • Override Uploading Limitations: WordPress has default limitations on file upload sizes, but the WordPress Download Manager plugin provides multiple ways to override these restrictions, enabling you to upload larger files without hassle.
  • File Protection: The plugin ensures the security of your uploaded files, offering protection for all downloads. This feature is especially important if you want to restrict access to certain files or make them available exclusively to authorized users.
  • External Storage Integration: You can seamlessly connect the plugin to various external storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox, expanding your storage options and enhancing accessibility.
  • User Permissions: The plugin enables you to rearrange settings, granting specific users the privilege to view and download files while restricting access for others, giving you complete control over file access.
  • Customizable Download Buttons: You can easily change the link icons for Download buttons through the plugin’s settings, ensuring that the download buttons match your website’s design and aesthetics.
  • Easy Embedding: Utilize widgets and short codes to embed download modules throughout your website, allowing users to access files conveniently and efficiently.
  • Support for Various File Types: The file manager supports a wide range of file types, including videos in MP4 format, catering to different media needs.
  • Digital Asset Manager: Access to a digital asset manager lets you visually generate and modify files, complete with previews for both audio and video files, simplifying content management.
  • Addons for Enhanced Features: The availability of numerous addons allows you to upgrade to additional features and functionalities, tailoring the plugin to suit your specific requirements.
  • Premium Solutions for Online Stores: For those looking to set up a digital storefront, the plugin offers premium solutions with tools for PayPal integration, one-click purchases, and discount management, streamlining the online selling process.
  • Mobile App Notifications: Receive notifications via mobile apps whenever users download and install your files, keeping you informed and connected while on the move.
  • Free Themes Availability: The availability of free themes designed for hosting online files or running a file-selling website simplifies the process of creating an appealing and functional interface.

WordPress Download Manager plugin provides a comprehensive and feature-rich solution for efficiently managing downloads on your WordPress website, making it a highly recommended choice for all types of users.

3. Advanced file manager

Managing files and directories on your WordPress website for individuals and businesses alike. Whether you’re a content creator, a website owner, or simply someone looking to streamline their file handling, Advanced File Manager is a game-changer you shouldn’t overlook. In this post, we’ll delve into the features, benefits, and reasons why Advanced File Manager stands out as a top-notch file management solution.

A User-Friendly Interface for Everyone

One of the most significant advantages of Advanced File Manager is its user-friendly interface. From beginners to seasoned professionals, the plugin’s simplicity and intuitiveness cater to all. Navigate through your files effortlessly and discover the true joy of seamless file management.

Video and Audio Previews:

Gone are the days of opening individual files to check their contents. Advanced File Manager lets you preview video and audio files directly in the interface. This feature is invaluable for content creators, allowing them to quickly verify media files in their directories.

Boost Productivity with the File Search Feature:

As your files accumulate, finding specific items can become a daunting task. Fear not! Advanced File Manager comes to the rescue with its efficient file search feature. Easily locate files based on name, type, or other attributes, and watch your productivity soar.

Efficient File Transfers and Uploads:

Managing file transfers and uploads becomes a breeze with Advanced File Manager. Whether you’re moving files between folders or uploading new content, the plugin ensures a smooth and efficient process, saving you valuable time and effort.

Secure File Deletions and Permissions:

Security is paramount when dealing with files. Advanced File Manager offers robust features to set permissions, allowing you to control who can access, download, edit, or delete specific files. Maintain complete control over your data with peace of mind.

Multi-Selection and Keyboard Shortcuts:

Working with multiple files simultaneously is simplified with Advanced File Manager’s multi-selection feature. Select and manage numerous files at once, streamlining your workflow. Additionally, the plugin supports convenient keyboard shortcuts, enabling you to perform tasks swiftly.

Advanced File Manager is a powerful file management solution that caters to diverse needs, providing an enhanced user experience while ensuring optimal productivity. Whether you’re an individual managing personal files or a business handling vast amount of data, this plugin has you covered. Embrace the ease of file handling, the peace of mind of secure permissions, and the convenience of video and audio previews – all packed into one incredible package. Streamline your file management process and unlock your true potential with Advanced File Manager today.

4. Easy digital download

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) is a versatile platform that not only excels at handling multiple file downloads for each product but also serves as a premier ecommerce solution for all types of digital downloads. As an avid user of EDD, I find it particularly beneficial when selling downloadable courses, as it allows you to customize and disable unnecessary features for a streamlined digital product collection, ultimately increasing your conversion rates by reducing the number of fields customers need to fill out.

One of the standout features of EDD is its flexibility in managing various digital products with different price points or packaged offerings. This makes it an excellent choice for businesses offering diverse product ranges, providing a seamless and efficient purchasing experience for your customers.

EDD comes pre-equipped with default payment methods like PayPal and Manual Payments, ensuring hassle-free transactions. Additionally, if you require more payment options, you can easily incorporate additional ones for a nominal cost, tailoring the platform to suit your specific business needs.

Easy Digital Downloads is a game-changing ecommerce solution, perfect for managing digital products efficiently. Its ability to handle multiple downloads, coupled with the ease of customization and diverse payment methods, makes it an invaluable tool for any digital product business. Take advantage of EDD’s features today and optimize your online store for increased conversions and improved customer satisfaction.

Why use easy digital download

The main plugin incorporates features into WordPress for selling digital goods to site visitors. To put it briefly, you may upload these files to your website, advertise them as an e-commerce product, and then automatically send out download links in emails as individuals choose to purchase them.

While upgrading to the premium edition or choosing one of the many paid additions will make the simple digital download more helpful. For example, most payment gateways call for a premium extension.

The payment gateways are integrated with the plugin and support both Amazon Payments and PayPal Standard out of the box. Just enough of the free version is available to get you started organizing and selling your digital products.

Features of easy digital download

  • Numerous file kinds, including images, music, and ebooks, can be downloaded and managed with Easy Digital Downloads (EDD).
  • The plugin can be localized to be translated into languages outside English.
  • Payment gateways can be accessed either by updating with one of the extensions or by using the core plugin.
  • Don’t let certain of your users download anything.
  • Give your customers the option to download any number of files.
  • Customers can establish their own account pages to view download history and retrieve previously purchased stuff.
  • Utilize the admin dashboard to keep track of every download.
  • Connect to remote applications via the REST API.
  • The plugin provides comprehensive reporting information so you can gauge how well your downloads are doing and connect to an accounting app.
  • EDD may be integrated with a vast array of other programs including MailChimp, Stripe, and Zapier.
  • On the product pages, list every file you’ve uploaded.
  • Giving your customers download links and processing payments swiftly are both made possible by the entire shopping cart.
  • The EDD interface offers a lot of automation because emails are delivered to you and your clients when purchases and downloads are done.
  • Advanced options, such as email marketing functions and the capacity to promote download subscriptions, are available with the premium subscriptions.
  • For topics like accounting, analytics, and gateways, EDD includes a library of extensions.

5. WP File Download plugin

For WordPress website owners, managing files effectively is a crucial aspect of ensuring smooth user experiences and seamless content delivery. Whether you run a blog, e-commerce platform, or membership site, handling files efficiently can greatly impact your site’s functionality and user satisfaction. Fortunately, the WP File Download plugin offers a powerful solution to simplify file management and enhance your WordPress site’s performance.

Features of WP Download Plugin

Intuitive File Management Interface

WP File Download presents a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it easy for beginners and seasoned WordPress users alike to manage files effortlessly. The plugin seamlessly integrates into the WordPress dashboard, streamlining file organization and simplifying tasks like uploading, categorizing, and renaming files.

Organize Files with Folders and Categories

With WP File Download, you can create folders and categories to organize your files logically. This hierarchical structure ensures that your files remain neatly arranged, making it convenient for both site admins and visitors to locate specific documents quickly.

Advanced File Access Control

Security is paramount when managing files on a WordPress site. WP File Download offers extensive file access control, allowing you to set user-specific permissions for downloads. You can establish restrictions based on user roles, ensuring that sensitive files are accessible only to authorized individuals.

Drag and Drop File Uploads

Uploading files becomes a breeze with the plugin’s drag-and-drop functionality. No need to navigate through multiple screens – simply drag your files from your computer and drop them into the appropriate folder in your WordPress media library.

User-Friendly Frontend File Display

WP File Download also offers a frontend file display feature, enabling you to showcase your files directly on your website’s pages or posts. This functionality is particularly useful for sharing resources, downloadable content, or even providing a file repository for your visitors.

File Versioning and Revisions

Keeping track of file versions and changes is crucial, especially when collaborating with a team. The plugin offers a comprehensive file versioning system, allowing you to monitor revisions, compare changes, and revert to previous versions when needed.

Works with Google Drive and OneDrive

Depending on your hosting company, we all know that the size giving to you to store file are always small, so with plugin you can Connect your website to online services for sharing and storing files, such as Google Drive and OneDrive.

The WP File Download plugin is a game-changer for anyone seeking to optimize file management on their WordPress site. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive access control, and advanced file organization features, this plugin ensures that your files are secure, easy to locate, and seamlessly delivered to your audience.

Say goodbye to file management complexities and embrace a more efficient approach with WP File Download Plugin to elevate your WordPress site’ functionality, boost productivity, and enhance user satisfaction

Whether you’re running a blog, an e-commerce store, or a membership site, WP File Download is the key to taking your file management to the next level.

6. Shared Files for WordPress.

In the ever-evolving world of online content, easy access to shared files is a crucial element for seamless collaboration, enhanced user experience, and efficient content management.

WordPress website owners, the integration of Shared Files brings a whole lot of benefits, simplifying the process of file sharing, distribution, and access control.

What are Shared Files for WordPress?

Shared Files for WordPress is a feature or plugin that allows website owners to upload, store, and manage various types of files in a centralized location. This feature facilitates the sharing of files with other users, teams, or the public while maintaining control over who can access, view, or download these files. Whether you run a personal blog, a team-oriented website, or an online business, Shared Files can play a pivotal role in streamlining your content dissemination process.

The Advantages of Utilizing Shared Files

Enhanced Collaboration: Shared Files enable effortless collaboration among team members, clients, or external contributors. With files stored in a centralized repository, all stakeholders can access the latest versions, minimizing version conflicts and enhancing teamwork efficiency.

Streamlined Content Management: The ability to organize files in folders and subfolders ensures a systematic and well-structured content management system. This feature becomes particularly useful as your website grows and you accumulate a vast array of digital assets.

Improved User Experience

For websites that offer downloadable resources, Shared Files simplify the process of accessing and downloading content for your visitors. With easy-to-find download links, users can quickly access the information they seek.

Access Control and Security

Shared Files for WordPress offer granular control over file access. You can designate specific files for public access, while keeping others private or accessible only to registered users with appropriate permissions. This ensures that sensitive information remains protected.

Reduced Data Redundancy

Instead of uploading the same file multiple times across different pages, Shared Files allow you to link to the file from various locations. This approach saves server space and ensures consistency in the content displayed to users.

Media Versatility

Shared Files support a wide range of file types, including documents, images, videos, audio files, and more. This versatility allows you to accommodate various media formats and cater to diverse user preferences.

Simplified File Updates

When you need to update a shared file, the process becomes straightforward with Shared Files. Simply replace the existing file with the updated version, and all instances of the link will automatically reflect the changes.

Integrating Shared Files into your WordPress website offers a multitude of advantages, making it a valuable asset for efficient content management and seamless collaboration. By centralizing your files, controlling access, and providing an excellent user experience, you can elevate your website’s functionality and user engagement to new heights.

Whether you’re managing a team, providing downloadable resources, or seeking a streamlined approach to file distribution, Shared Files for WordPress empowers you to optimize your content strategy and enhance your website’s overall performance. Embrace the power of Shared Files and witness the transformation of your WordPress site into a more organized, user-friendly, and dynamic platform.

7. Download Monitor

To expand your audience, monitor download performance, and turn visitors into purchases, Download Monitor is a simple-to-use digital download manager plugin for WordPress.

You can sell and distribute digital files on your WordPress site by using the free plugin Download Monitor, which integrates flawlessly with all WordPress themes.

Download Monitor has sophisticated report functionality. You may use it to view your downloads over any time period, quickly inspect your top downloads (including the most popular download in your shop), examine your daily average download count, and do a lot more.

Features of download monitor

  • Your digital files can be sold and distributed in a few simple steps.
  • All forms of digital materials, including PDFs, software packages, audio tracks, video files, digital art, etc., can be uploaded, categorized, tagged, and managed with ease, along with their various versions.
  • Add numerous file versions to your downloads, each with its own data set, such as the number of downloads and the URLs to the individual files.
  • The number of downloads of your various files and their various versions will be tracked automatically, saving you the trouble of setting events in Google Analytics.
  • supports PayPal and more payment processors (coming soon).
  • Hosting your files on Google Drive or Amazon S3 will allow you to offer links that expire automatically and give you access to a network for lightning-fast file delivery.
  • With a single click, export and import every download you have, along with categories, tags, and file versions, to a CSV file.
  • Extensions that lock content include pay with a tweet, require users to fill out a form before downloading a file, lock emails, and many more.
  • Design stunning, scalable download experiences.
  • imposes a Google reCAPTCHA requirement on users before allowing them to download your files to prevent bots from subscribing to your email-locked downloads and gaining access to your protected contents.
  • It is compatible with Gutenberg, allowing you to use the new block editor to add downloads from anywhere.

8. Multiverso

For frontend file management and secure downloading, Multiverso works just fine. If you want to secure your download manager and perhaps prevent downloads for particular users, this is one of the best options.

On CodeCanyon, you can purchase this powerful plugin multiverso for $30. Additionally, it is possible to purchase a pricey extension of your premium support period.

The Multiverso plugin is inexpensive but also offers a number of other advantages, like support for shortcodes, localization, and sophisticated theme compatibility. As an illustration, this enables you to upload files directly to your website, include a shortcode on a page, and then let your users download those files to their personal PCs.

Multiverso has six widgets made available to you. These are excellent for adding Download buttons to locations like sidebars and footers.

The frontend upload feature is one of the additional things to anticipate. With this, you can hand over power to your users and let them see upload buttons on the front end as well as some file management tools. If you are not in front of a computer, the remote upload option is also helpful.

The Multiverso plugin’s features for managing access rights and limiting file upload sizes are another reason to take them into account. The plugin also heavily relies on encryption.

As an illustration, you might want to make sure that downloads are secure while being made by your clients. No matter what, it’s typically easy to intercept the transfer of those files. To reduce your concerns, the encryption gives an additional layer of protection.

Features Multiverso plugin

  • In order to handle files and downloads for admins and users alike, the Multiverso plugin integrates frontend and backend uploading.
  • For greater security, file downloads and uploads are encrypted.
  • It’s possible to directly connect to your file by attaching it. By doing so, the file need not be uploaded in the first place.
  • Modify your access policies so that only a select group of people is permitted to upload and download files.
  • The plugin has settings that let you adjust the maximum file size and the number of allowed file uploads.
  • Similar to making a WordPress post, uploading a file and including a download link for it are both common web tasks.
  • With the plugin, you may share lists and collections of files using a number of shortcodes.
  • You may add Download buttons to your website using six widgets.
  • Developers have access to advanced capabilities that allow them to link the plugin with external applications and customize it.

Final thought

It depends on what you intend to achieve, for instance if you want to build or increase your email list subscription, I recommend you use subscribe to download plugin and you can watch the complete video tutorial HERE on YouTube and if your aim is for digital download, that is to disable some field like address, state, country and phone number since all these are not necessary for digital download, I recommend you use easy digital download.

You know what you really want to achieve and after reading this article you must have gotten the idea that suits your aim on which of the plugins to use and also weather paid or free plugin. I recommend you go for premium plugin since most of them are one-time payment and the plugin becomes your forever unlike other plugin are monthly subscription in nature

Thank you for reading please, let us have you thought in the comment section and also please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel… SHALOM

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