the best web hosting company in Nigeria

The Best web hosting company in Nigeria

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Getting the best web hosting company in Nigeria demands a totally different approach from the other web hosting companies’ options that are available to us in the United States, Europe, and other region of the world.

As we all know that the most important factors to consider when choosing the finest website hosting provider abroad are often uptime and load times, along with their pricing plans, because it's important to know what you're buying before making a purchase. However that is not the case in Nigeria when you want to choose the best web hosting company in Nigeria

Because the majority of Nigerian web providers don't make this information available to the general public, it is impossible to check a hosting provider's uptime here in Nigeria, I'm curious why

I often advise my students that if they want to thrive in an online business, they should opt for the best web hosting company in Nigeria rather than the cheapest one. This is because selecting the best web hosting company in Nigeria is by far the most crucial step in developing a new website for your company. Don't get me wrong, the design is important as well, but it won't matter if your website is slow or difficult to use, as these factors have been proven to reduce sales and reader or customer confidence.

Given that the information mentioned above isn't always readily available to view before making a selection, I'm sure you'll be asking what you can do to find the best hosting company in Nigeria.

In this article I have outlined the best hosting companies in Nigeria that can actually offer you what you want to globalize your business or service at affordable and support even if you are a beginner






These list above are my top web hosts in Nigeria with the fastest loading times and highest level of dependability.

However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, I suggest choosing an international hosting company like the list below with fantastic prices, high quality uptime, and customer support that has their saver all over the world. This way, you won't need a CDN especially when your website traffic is still small because the company has the capacity to best meet your needs for hosting a website in Nigeria.





This top-tier international competitor has unrivaled performance and uptime data from more than 40 test sites we've set up, and you can use this particular website hosted on Hostinger as an example to support our claim. And not just that I have some of my client website hosted on bluehost which wordpress itself recommend and A2hosting which is another great hosting comapany, Namecheap and hostinger are more used by Nigerians so i suggest you test them out as well

You can check out additional hosting providers that are great but were not included here, so don't take my word for it; instead, read their reviews and compare their costs, uptime, and customer support policies, all of which are crucial factors to consider when selecting a web hosting provider.

What is web host

The area where you can show the text, pictures, and videos on your website is provided by a web host. The URL that users enter to access your website, such as, is not always provided by a web host.

If your home's address were your domain name, then your hosting server would be your actual home. To build a website, you require both a domain name and web hosting.

The domain name directs users to the files stored on the web server when they attempt to access your website by typing your web address (domain name) into the browser's URL bar.

The type of hosting determines how much space is allotted to a website on a server. Shared, dedicated, VPS, and reseller hosting are the four basic forms of hosting. They differ in terms of the server technology, the level of management offered, and the extra services they give.

In a simple term, web hosting is the process of leasing or purchasing space on the World Wide Web to house a website. To be viewed online, website material including HTML, CSS, and images must be stored on a server so that people can easy access it them the type in your domain address

What does a server actually do?

A server is a computer that connects other online users from all around the world to your website. Web hosting service providers, as the name suggests, have the servers, connection, and related services needed to host websites. They cater to a wide range of hosting requirements, from small blogs to huge enterprises, by providing a selection of hosting options.

Types of web hosting

1. What is Shared hosting

Since it is more affordable, most websites are hosted on shared hosts or servers, where your website is kept on the same machine as many other websites.

The RAM (Random Access Memory) and CPU of the server are shared by all domains with a shared hosting plan (Central Processing Unit).

However, shared hosting plans are quite inexpensive because all resources are shared. They are therefore a great choice for website entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

Being at the mercy of the other websites on your server is the main drawback of a shared hosting account. The functionality of your website might be impacted by an extremely popular site. However, if your website is the most visited one on the server, you

2. Dedicated Hosting

Website owners have the most control over the server that houses their website with dedicated hosting. That's because you are the only one that rents the server, and only your website is kept there.

As a result, you have complete root and admin access and can manage every aspect of your computer, including security and the operating system you use.

You won't have to be concerned about other websites using up your resources on a shared server and slowing down your website if you have a dedicated server.

3. Cloud Hosting

A large number of actual web servers are combined to form this virtual server. It is more dependable than standalone servers and should not experience any downtime since if one fails, another will step in to take its place.

Users can utilize as many resources as they require, and they automatically scale to manage rising load. without having to create and maintain their IT infrastructure.

Your website can expand as needed thanks to cloud-based hosting's scalability. While just paying for what is necessary, as many resources as are needed are used.

4. Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server is referred to as VPS. This hosting option is an improvement above shared web hosting. It's customary for owners to move to a VPS when a website outgrows their shared plan.

Your website will still share a server with other websites even if it has a virtual private server. The number of websites you will share it with is substantially less, though.

The name comes from the fact that the main server is divided into numerous virtual servers. Individual websites can modify these virtual servers.

You can choose to have optional root access as part of your VPS hosting package if you want to run custom configurations on your server.

With greater resources, your site will operate more effectively. You will therefore experience quicker loading times and improved uptime rates. Your website won't crash as a result of an attack from another website.

A dedicated server is not usually necessary (we'll discuss that more below). However, you may get some of the advantages of dedicated hosting at a far lower cost with a VPS.

It's like renting your own residence while using a virtual private server. There won't be any other people living in the same room with you, and you won't have to share a bathroom, kitchen, or living room. Your ability to use the space however you see fit is greatly increased by this.

Why must you choose a good hosting company


Your website may become a gateway if another site suffers a security vulnerability. Given that you are no longer in control of the security of your data, this can be very frustrating.

We frequently disregard website security and only give it a second thought once it's too late. In order to prevent anything negative from happening, you need make the necessary security measures investments.


Your website is costing you money every minute it is down if you depend on it to generate leads or sell things. Your website may go offline for a number of reasons.

A trustworthy host makes every effort to prevent hosting-related problems from impacting your website and server vulnerabilities from jeopardizing your security. In addition to making an effort to fix problems, good hosts also make sure that you won't experience them again in the future.

Support for Clients

It is unpleasant to have your website malfunction or stop functioning altogether. Sometimes you might have made a mistake and taken your site offline after modifying the code. However, sometimes your host may also be to blame for this.

You need to have a committed support group behind you whenever a situation like this occurs. Having a problem with your website after running an advertisement or sending out an email newsletter is the worst. Or perhaps you're using a significant sales or marketing strategy that draws traffic to your website only for it to crash.

Consider the support staff to be the lighthouse. assisting in the restoration of your website's functionality.

Site Content Backup

File loss does occur, which is sad. You need to know that all of your crucial data is being backed up because you can inadvertently remove a lot of material from your website at some point or experience hacking.

Having your website regularly backed up by your web hosting company always pays off. Nevertheless, not all businesses offer this, so be sure to inquire with a supplier before enrolling.

Okay, a lot has already been so far explaining the important of choosing the best hosting companies as against the cheapest hosting companies, now lets get back to the top web hosting businesses in Nigeria that offer cPanel hosting, SSL, domain name registration, email services, and hosting for WordPress right away.

5. Best web hosting companies in Nigeria

1. Smart Web Nigeria Limited

the best web hosting company in Nigeria

Smart Web Nigeria Limited offers the most excellent, dependable, and top-notch customer support available. They promise a 10 minute response time and a 99.9% server uptime with daily website backups. Purchase a hosting package right away to begin using a dependable hosting service for your company.

Smartweb Pricing Plan

smartweb pricing plan

This web hosting provider is based in Nigeria's capital city of Abuja with over 100,000 websites, blogs, and applications throughout the world are served by them through economical domain registration, web hosting, and cloud services.

2. Truehost

the best web hosting company in Nigeria

They provide a 30-day Money-back Guarantee and have a network uptime percentage of 99.9%. They accept cash payments, bank transfers and deposits, online ATM card payments (Flutterwave), and other payment methods.

What I appreciate about Truehost Cloud is that when you utilize the chatbot on their website, they also offer real technical support services and reply to problems or inquiries within two minutes.

Truehost Pricing Plan

Truehost has about eight different pricing plan you can choose from, I highly recommend you visit their site to see all their plan because it was arranged in such a way that I won't be able to show all the plans here

truehost pricing plan

Amodu Tijani Cl, Victoria Island, Lagos is home to the reputable web hosting firm Truehost Cloud. They provide services like domain name registration, affordable web hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated email hosting, SSL certificates, VPS and dedicated server hosting, among others.

3. Whogohost

the best web hosting company in Nigeria

Whogohost is one of the biggest and most well-known web hosting companies in West Africa. The business began offering web hosting services in 2007 and has since assisted over 40,000 customers.

Whogohost provides WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting, domain name registration, and SEO solutions to boost sales for your small business.

There are numerous possibilities, just like with every other web hosting provider in Nigeria. Shared hosting, reseller plans, cloud hosting, and VPS hosting are a few of them.

Whogohost Pricing Plan

whogohost pricing plan

WhoGoHost is also a certified Cloudflare partner, a Google Suite reseller, an Inter Switch partner, and an authorized IBM business partner.

4. QServers

the best web hosting company in Nigeria

In Nigeria, QServers is another reputable provider of website hosting. And the primary reason I made this statement was due of their service uptime.

They host a number of my websites, however I hardly ever receive a message from the JetPack monitoring service informing me that a website is down or inaccessible.

QServers Pricing Plan

QServers pricing plan

Although their basic hosting server can handle a respectable amount of traffic better than most hosting providers I have tested, you may get fewer features than with the other web hosting plans.

5. KingHost

the best web hosting company in Nigeria

The reason KingHost is a highly recommended web hosting provider in Nigeria is that they offer a wide range of tools to help you launch your idea or business online at a very affordable price with amazing features. They can also make your website run as quickly as light thanks to our Litespeed Server.

Web hosting services for small, medium, and big organizations as well as for individual websites have been Kinghost's primary focus. This is especially true for customers in Nigeria. One of the many reasons we have been successful in the web hosting sector is due to our competitive price and excellent client assistance.

KingHost Pricing Plans

KingHost pricing plan

Money back guarantee

Because they are convinced you will adore their safe web hosting solutions, Kinghost stands by their 14-day money-back guarantee. Kinghost understands its customers' needs and is dedicated to providing the fastest and most secure hosting solution, at the lowest price, period. If you ever feel that they are not upholding their end of the bargain, or you want to get in touch with them directly, you can do so by contacting them directly. In order to accomplish this without harming their client rates, they must constantly innovate, adopt innovative technologies, and continuously improve their services.

Final thought

It is crucial that you select a reputable web hosting provider if you intend to have an online presence for your organization.

By picking the best hosting package, you can ensure that your website's users can access it with the correct allotment of time, tools, and resources.

Potential clients won't hang around if a website has an issue, such as one that takes too long to load or doesn't exist at all. They will leave that website in search of one that functions properly and can effortlessly provide what they are looking for.

Choose a buy a domain name

After purchasing a domain name, you must sign up for a web hosting service to store your website's files and present them to the public. For simple access along with your web hosting, the list of Nigerian web hosting businesses mentioned above also offers domain name services.

We now have the greatest web hosting for your company's website, which will increase, generate, and persuade potential clients to acquire your goods or services.

I hope this article was helpful. Please share your opinions about the finest web hosting services for beginners or the ones you are currently using and find to be effective in the comments below. Please remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel. SHALOM

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