Top 10 WordPress Cache Plugins to Increase Your Website Speed

Discover the top 10 WordPress cache plugins that is well designed to revolutionize your website speed and user experience. Take advantage of these powerful tools to optimize your site’s performance and keep your visitors engaged and satisfied

WordPress cache plugin is a remarkable tool crafted by WordPress developers to elevate the speed and efficiency of your website. By providing instructions to the server to store certain site files in disk or RAM based on your settings, this plugin works wonders. The result? When visitors access your website, the caching plugin delivers lightweight HTML pages, significantly reducing the burden on WordPress PHP scripts. The outcome is remarkable—improved page load times and overall site performance. Experience the joy of seamless browsing as your loading time reaches an impressive 3 to 4 seconds range.

What is cache?

A cache is a collection of data that is temporarily stored for quick access when needed. Computers typically store information on the hard drive. If necessary, the computer must go through some processes before presenting the information. Caching solves this problem by processing frequently requested information and storing it in memory or temporary storage. This allows your computer to access your files quickly.

The same caching concept can be used on your WordPress website to improve performance and make your website load faster.

As you can see, WordPress is a dynamic content management system. This means that every time a user visits your website, WordPress retrieves information from the database and performs some additional steps before sending the web page to the user’s browser. For more information, check out our article on how WordPress really works. This causes websites to load slowly when multiple users are accessing them at the same time.

Caching allows you to skip many steps on your WordPress site. Instead of going through the entire page generation process each time, the cache plugin makes a copy of the page after the first load and serves that cached version to each subsequent user.

Important of cache

Caching is important as it reduces the load on your WordPress hosting server and speeds up your site. To improve the speed and performance of WordPress, you need to set up caching correctly no matter your preferred type in the list below.

A faster website improves the user experience and encourages users to visit more pages. It also helps increase engagement and the time users spend on your site.

A faster website helps drive more visitors to your site from organic searches. Google offers significant SEO benefits to faster websites, so you can rank higher in search results.

That said, let’s take a look at the best WordPress caching plugins you can use to speed up your website.

Speed up Your Website Performance with the Top 10 WordPress Cache Plugins

1 WP Rocket

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is one of the best WordPress caching plugins on the market today that is recommended by many developers. This caching plugin is simple to and beginner-friendly, and it will be a great help if you are unfamiliar with the technical terminology used for the different caching options. This allows users to instantly host their website with just one click. The robot automatically fetches and caches your WordPress pages. The plugin will then automatically enable recommended WordPress caching options like gzip compression, page caching, and cache prefetching. WP Rocket also includes additional features to further enhance your productivity. This includes lazy image loading, CDN support, DNS prefetching, modification, etc

2. Litespeed cache

WordPress Cache Plugins

LiteSpeed ​​Cache is another 5-star WordPress caching plugin in your WordPress directory. You can minify and combine css and javascript files, lazy load images, auto-optimize images, and much more that happens in your dashboard for optimization results.

What makes LiteSpeed ​​Cache different from other plugins is that it is a server-level cache that is faster than a PHP-level cache. The plugin is free but requires the use of the LiteSpeed ​​web server for built-in page caching functionality.

One good thing about this LiteSpeed plugin is that the page cache can bypass PHP and database queries and use cookies to serve multiple versions of cached content depending on the device, geographic location, and currency of the user. To use this server, you have to pay a small monthly fee to purchase a license.

3. WP Fastest Cache

wpfastest cache

WP Fastest Cache is one of the easiest WordPress caching plugins available on the official WordPress plugin repository as it requires fewer WordPress caching settings.
The caching plugins generate static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress site. Serves as a cached version of a web page that loads faster each time a user visits your website.

When installed on your website, the plugin will minify HTML and CSS files in other to reduce the file size. You can also disable emojis on your website. One good thing about this plugin is that it effectively implements browser caching of your WordPress site to reduce page load times for frequent visitors and combines multiple CSS files into one to reduce  HTTP round trips. 

WP Fastest Cache comes with a premium version with many unique features to enhance your website performance like page speed, image optimization, database cleaning, mobile caching, etc.


  • Admin control to clear cached files
  • Enable/disable the mobile cache option
  • SSL and CDN support
  • WP-CLI preload and clear cache


The freemium and the premium versions are available at Premium plans start at $49.99 (one-time payment) for 1 site license.

4. WP Super Cache

WordPress Cache Plugins

WP Super Cache provides three cache modes. The first is called simple mode which is the most recommended method for caching files. This way you don’t need to edit your PHP files and configure your files. This plugin provides you with what they call an Expert” mode which is the fastest caching method for serving super cached HTML files to users. However, to do this, you need to modify the .htaccess file. There is also the WP Super Caching method, which is used to cache pages from famous users (users who visit your site, users who leave comments, etc.). This is the most flexible caching method in wp super cache, but it is a bit slow compared to other methods.


  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Cache recovery function
  • Garbage collection to clean up old files and optimize your site
  • Content delivery network integration (CDN)



5. WP-Optimize

WP-Optimize is a free powerful caching plugin developed by legendary, legendary is the developer of UpdraftPlus backup plugin that I recommend you should have on your WordPress site. They have over a million active installations; this UpdraftPlus plugin is one of the most popular performance plugins that will help you back up your files automatically or manually if you wish. 

Now with that being said, let’s continue with the wp optimize plugin that has helped many people and will help speed up your WordPress site if you install it by cleaning up your database, image compression, and page caching.

Wp Optimize has a powerful caching feature that allows you to automatically create a cache when a user visits a page or posts a message on your site. It offers many useful features such as cache prefetching, per-device caching, and browser caching.  WP-Optimize helps you optimize your website database by removing all unnecessary data such as post versions, deleted/spam comments, etc. It also comes with an image compression tool that converts large images to compressed files and significantly reduces server resources by reducing page load times.

The premium version of the plugin gives you access to more features such as multi-site support, lazy loading, and priority customer support.


Gzip compression to reduce site loading speed

Lossy image compression and bulk compression

 Collapse and combine CSS and JAVASCRIPT

 Optimizing Google Fonts and Font Awesome


Free and paid version start from $49 per year.

6. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is a free and open-source caching plugin for WordPress. It improves the performance of your server by caching every aspect of your website, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images. The plugin also offers content delivery network integration—this means that it can push an optimized version of your website to users on mobile networks without harming their experience. The developers claim that W3 Total Cache can save up to 80% bandwidth through minification, which reduces the size of your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript without any negative impact on page load times.  W3 Total Cache supports Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for faster loading times on mobile devices and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption for secure connections between you and your visitors’ browsers.


  • Content delivery network (CDN) integration
  • Improved web server performance
  • Sustainability of high traffic periods.
  • 10x improvement in overall site performance


Free and premium starting from $8.25 per month (billed annually).

7. Autoptimize plugin

Autoptimize is a great and free WordPress caching plugin that ensures speed optimization is made really easy. It comes with a comprehensive API that allows you to tailor the Automation plugin to the specific needs of your website.  it auto-optimizes bundles all your scripts and website styles together, minifies them, and compresses them. It then adds expiring headers, caches them, moves styles to the header, and scripts to the footer. It also minifies the HTML code of your site itself, which can speed up your WordPress even more.  With Autoptimize caching installed and enabled, your pages will load at super-fast loading speeds, which will keep your visitors coming back, and if you’re into e-commerce, it does. That means you will sell more.


  • Compatibility with most websites
  • Lazy-load
  • Image optimization
  • Pro Support for auto configurations



8. Hummingbird

Hummingbird is a powerful caching plugin for WordPress. Developed by WPMU DEV, who is the creator of the Smush Image Optimization plugin. By setting up the plugin, it crawls your website and finds what is slowing it down; then, it fixes these issues with one click to improve your site’s performance. This will help improve results such as Google PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom Web Page Test. Hummingbird gives you access to top-notch caching features such as full-page caching, browser caching, and Gravatar caching; it also provides compression capabilities for CSS and JS files as well as lazy loading for images on your site.


  • Built-in integration with Cloudflare.
  • Image optimization with Smush plugin
  • Compress Gzip Files
  • Performance reporting dashboard

9. Cache Enabler

Cache Enabler is a powerful lightweight WordPress caching plugin that creates static HTML files on your website and makes them available on demand to the majority of your site visitors. It is easy to configure and has all the main features that a WordPress caching plugin should have to function optimally.

Cache Enabler is not like most free WordPress cache plugins, Cache Enabler comes with extensive documentation and tutorials to help you understand how the plugin works and the various features that can be used to make your site to function well. The documentation explains various aspects of WordPress caching with beautiful screenshots and video guides that are easy to learn.

When using Cache Enabler, it is highly recommended to avoid mobile-specific themes or plugins that display different layouts for mobile and desktop users with Cache Assistant because that will bypass the cache and becomes unusable.

10. Comet Cache

Comet Cache is a popular caching plugin that is been used by over 40,000 website users. It is available in English and German, unlike other caching plugins. Comet Cache also has features that enable you to cache logged-in users. For instance, if you run a membership site, e-commerce site, or any other site that requires user registration, this plugin is highly recommended because it uses the WordPress browser cache on the Apache server.

This means you can speed up your pages by avoiding a lot of loops between the server and the browser when you have the Comet cache plugin installed on your WordPress website. You can also stream all cached files from a Content Delivery Network (CDN) of your choice. They support popular CDN networks such as CloudFront, stackpath formally MaxCDN, etc. To avoid creating new cache instances while the server is busy uploading files from another source (such as another website), Comet Cache monitors server load and Temporarily disables cache expiration for pages where it is detected.

Final thought

Finally, when it comes to choosing a caching plugin for your WordPress site, there is no “one size fits all” solution, one must have an advantage over another in one or two areas, maybe because of your active theme, type of niche, hosting plan and the location of their saver

But If you seek my recommendation of the best WordPress cache plugin that offers tremendous support and requires minimal configuration on your end, choose WP Rocket.

You can also use the SG Optimizer caching plugin which is free for those websites hosted on the SiteGround hosting company. I deliberately did not want to cover it here because their hosting company is limited to certain countries

Since you can only get the best from the WP Rocket premium plan I recommend if you’d like to choose the best free WordPress caching plugin that does the job, then choose either litespeed, ewww, 10web booste, or WP Super Cache. Both of them are constantly being updated and are used by millions of websites.

I hope this article helped you choose the best caching plugin for your website, but wait, what if I recommend my favorite and a trending cache WordPress plugin that outsmarts all the plugins, A plugin that is not just a plugin but a plugin with different that will change your website speed beyond your imagination… well there is and that is what I’m using on this website, check it out here….

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