Top 9 Best PLR Websites For Quality Content

9 best PLR websites are online platforms designed for people to download for free or buy digital products for personal use or sale with or without restrictions.

What is PLR

The PLR stands for Private Label Rights. When you buy or download PLR products, you have the right to sell this item you downloaded or the premium version that you bought from plr websites to someone else. You can modify and customize the product to your liking (if you wish, but be prepared to check their term of you which I shared lighter in the later part of this article. 

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With PLR products, you can put your name on it, change graphics, add or remove content, and more. Basically, it’s your product now! The point of the PLR ​​is that you can now sell these free PLR ​​downloads directly or give it out for free!

Discover the Top 9 Best PLR Websites to Access Premium Content

1. PLRMines

Best plr websites

PLRMines is one my favorite online free and membership site that offers free and membership downloads for its subscribers for different products. The site features a rapidly growing collection of fresh, quality digital PLR products created to help you succeed online.   Currently, the site offers PLR ebooks, software, videos, blogs, charts, and more.

What I like about this site is that it has a great selection of free PLR ​​products, most of which are quality ebooks that you can give away for free or as a gift to your subscribers.

If you’re looking to build an email list or drive traffic to your blog or website, this collection of ebooks is ideal for you.  The eBook covers a wide variety of areas including self-improvement, health and beauty, internet marketing, technology, business, personal management, wealth management, personal development, and more.

It should be noted that not all free eBooks come with gift rights. There are also e-books with other licensing rights such as master resale rights, private label rights, and others, so be sure to check those with gifting rights.


Best plr websites is ranked among the best PLR websites in the world today because they offer quality PLR products that you can hardly find on other plr websites.   The best part is that most of the ebooks are written by professionals and experts in various industries. This means you get well-researched and expertly written eBooks website anytime any day.

Most of the PLR ​​eBooks listed on this site are related to the coaching industry, especially on topics related to health, wealth, and wellness which is among the evergreen products or services.

When you check their free products, you will observe they don’t have as many free PLR ​​ebooks as other PLR sites, but that’s because the site focuses on quality, not quantity.  Most e-books are written by a team of professional, native English-speaking writers that ensures their reputation is preserved through their quality books

3. Buy Quality PLR

Buy Quality PLR is an online platform that offers a wide range of quality PLR products including coaching resources, lead magnets, PLR funnels, and great ebooks.

This site is an excellent resource for course sellers, internet marketers, product creators, and affiliate marketers, other professionals who are looking to grow their online business also take advantage of their quality plr products to grow their online popularity

4. PLR Free Online

PLR Free Online is another great free website that instantly offers unlimited free PLR ​​downloads to its visitors such as e-books, software, articles, and other PLR products to boost your online presence.

Another great thing about this website is that it is modern and well-designed, making it easy to navigate its users and you don’t even need to input your email address or whatsoever for registration before you can download their products

Most of the e-books on this site are on topics related to health, internet marketing, blogging, relationships, social media, parenting, finance, fitness, dating, and marketing. Email marketing, network marketing, weight loss, and more. On this site, you can find high-quality, free PLR eBooks to use for building your lists, educating your customers, or whatever you like.

5. PLR Downloads

We all know how free things are supposed to look like, the Free PLR Downloads is a platform for free PLR products and you should not expect high-quality products.

FreePLRdownloads is a website that offers tons of free PLR eBooks, videos, software, and other digital products. The website looks outdated and poorly designed but there are hundreds of PLR products readily available for download for free. The website offers free digital eBooks on a range of topics including health, relationships, law, advertising, finance, marketing, wedding and medicine, etc. No matter your niche rest assured to get eBooks that have your interests here. Without the need to register

6. Piggy Makes Bank

Piggy Makes Bank is run by Tracy and Susanne, two friends who focus on niche-specific PLR articles. They have full memberships, where you get 30 niche-specific articles a month, and a mini membership where you get five articles a month. Their blog contains several examples of their work.

7. PLR ​​Database

The PLR ​​Database is a membership site that offers the largest selection of free PLR ​​eBooks, and you can rebrand them into your own products. While most other PLR sites offer free product sections that have been discontinued to attract new customers, this site has been offering quality content for years. The platform currently has over 1,500 free PLR ​​products, including many niche e-books.

8. Bestplr

Bestplr is a premium plr website with a difference and I so much like their platform for various reasons unlike other plr website you don’t know more about the quality of their products and someone like me don’t like a refund if it happens that I don’t like their products. But with bestplr they will allow you to make use of their unlimited products to test run their products if it best fits the quality of the products you want for a whole month for only 1$. isn’t that amazing to use a complete premium prl website for whole one month without restrictions

They provide quality free content and products that you can rebrand and resell as your own so you can make money with it. Their product is high quality and can be downloaded instantly.

Bestplr is one of the best PLR sites on the web because they provide quality products that you can’t find anywhere else. The best part is that most of the e-books are written by experts in their fields and are well-researched, meaning you get quality eBooks at any time of the day. Many of their PLR products are related to almost any niche, especially on topics related to health, wealth, and happiness under the products or evergreen services categories.

Use of BestPLR content grants you a “non-exclusive license.” Just like stock photography, other people license the same item. You can approve the content, mark it as your own and keep 100% of the profits with you. There are no ongoing license fees or royalties. And no attribution is required. Licensed content spans multiple industries, from digital goods such as photos and software to physical goods to educational resources such as courses, content, and books.

PLR content differs from Ghost content in that you receive a non-exclusive license to the content. So, as I said, other people can use the same content like stock photo sites. Plr is perfect for your business needs as it can be edited in a variety of formats including video, audio, and converted text.

Content written by ghosts costs much more because you have to hire people to research, write, edit, and design. You will also want to find someone you can trust. To be honest, all these things take time, patience, and a large budget and that is why you need bestplr to get most of the work done for you with a little budget, and guess what, they upload three products every week which a win-win for your business

9. Plrbookprovider

Are you looking for free articles, reports, and ebooks? Then look no further because plrbookprovider has you covered. They provide quality free content and products that you can rebrand and resell as your own so you can make money. Their free articles can be downloaded instantly. You can head to their website to find the latest PLR products, videos, articles, ebooks, and SEO keyword packs so you can grow your business absolutely free! Browse their free private label rights products and content created for you and download it now! Market and grow your business online using the power of PLR content and products. Get our free products with private label rights today at plrbookprovider and start earning or growing your online presence

What you must know before using plr products

I’m sure you know things like these terms below because it’s very important that you familiarize yourself with them before you start using plr products even though they are free 

Personal Use (PU) – These materials may only be used for personal purposes, such as reading, sharing (when indicated only), or teaching. Products with PU may not be resold or modified as this license restricts such practices.

Right to Resell (RR) – This means that the particular item can be resold to your customers (but they cannot sell it). Additionally, you cannot edit the item. You cannot claim copyright or copyright.

Gift Rights (GR) – Gift Rights allow the purchaser of content to gift it. Buyers may not claim ownership of content or charge for content. In most cases, the content cannot be significantly changed. It is better to use it as a gift product. This type works well when using giveaways like free opt-in mailing lists.

Master Resell Right (MRR) – This license allows you to transfer the right to resell to your customers. If you upload a product with primary resale rights and then sell it, your customers can resell MRR products just like you did. As with RR, you cannot modify the product, claim its copyright or copyright it. 

Private Label Rights (PLR) – This is a license for a product. The PLR ​​gives users the right to do whatever they want to do with it. You can put your name on it as an author, but you can’t copyright it.

Final thought

Plr products are very good if you want to build your email list, drive traffic to your website or sales page or even rebrand them for sale when you download the quality once with the premium version which I have given you the glue on where to get it

Thank you for reading, let us have your thought in the comment section on your best free plr website, hope the article was helpful. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel… SHALOM

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