Tubebuddy alternative

Tubebuddy alternative

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Tubebuddy alternative can only be understood when we get to know what Tubebuddy is and how it functions before moving on to the finest paid and free tubebuddy alternative. We can evaluate options more effectively if we comprehend its fundamental operations.

TubeBuddy is an app which belongs to the web browsers category, Tubebuddy is used by youtubers for YouTube Channel Management and Video Optimization Toolkit.” There are numerous tubebuddy alternative. available for a range of features, operating systems, including Windows, Online / Web-based, SaaS, Mac, and Firefox. VidIQ is the ideal substitute for tubebuddy, although I have included other that might work like tubebuddy but the similarity is a bit far when compared to tubebuddy vs vidiq

TubeBuddy is an arsenal of tools for managing and optimizing channels on YouTube, this powerful tool will allow you to examine YouTube channel data and creating SEO-friendly YouTube channels and videos with pertinent tags, titles, and descriptions, this tool aids in the quicker growth of your channel.

Why the search for tubebuddy alternatives

Although many people may be looking for tubebuddy alternative for a variety of reasons, some of them might be as follows

  • You lack the funds necessary to purchase the premium version.
  • You weren't familiar with the user interface's operations.
  • You expected to see more growth on your channel, but none materialized You are a novice searching for a totally free tool
  • You've seen some reviews from people that were unfavorable.
  • You don't want to increase your YouTube channel so quickly.
  • YouTube only operates as a side business.

5 best tubebuddy alternative

1. Vidiq

We are all aware that video marketing may produce significant passive income in addition to building brand awareness for companies and individual artists that are serious about dominating their respective sectors.

You must become familiar with both algorithms because YouTube is the second-biggest search engine in the world and is owned by Google, the largest search engine in the world.

Making YouTube videos is one thing, but getting people to view them is quite another. This is where tubebuddy and tubebuddy alternative come in to make the process easier and less taxing.

As a quality tool for managing channels and optimizing videos on YouTube, VidIQ is comparable to TubeBuddy. It assists you with gaining the skills and information required to expand your following on YouTube and elsewhere more quickly.

The best feature of VidIQ is its trending alerts tool, which indicates which topics are likely to become popular in the future so you can plan what kinds of videos to make.

Three premium plans and one free plan are available with VidIQ; the paid plans start at $7.50 per month, but you can experience VidIQ Pro for the first month without paying anything.

Similar in every way to Tubebuddy is this tool. VidIQ offers nearly all of Tubebuddy's capabilities. Consequently, if you're looking for a similar alternative to Tubebuddy that has additional features

Features of Vidiq

  • Scorecard
  • Keyword Resources
  • Alerts about Competitor Trends
  • Compare Opinions
  • Most popular Tools for Productivity
  • A thumbnail maker
  • Real-Time Stats for the Facebook Syndication Channel Audit Bar\sAchievements


2. TuBeast


For YouTubers, TuBeast was created by YouTubers. An sophisticated set of tools and functionalities may be found in the online platform and extension known as TuBeast. The most cutting-edge and potent technology available, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and big data, were used to create TuBeast.

Compared to Tubebuddy, Tubeast has less features. Tubeast was just released, and it costs more than Tubebuddy.


  • Benchmarking.
  • Reporting.
  • Analytical Statistics.
  • Tools for market research.
  • Keyword tool for YouTube.
  • in-depth subject research.
  • The Beast Hunter.
  • Tools for artificial intelligence.
  • A.I. Video Analysis


Tubebuddy alternative

Social Blade

Tubebuddy alternative

All users of Social Blade have access to our public database, which makes use of cutting-edge technology to provide you access to worldwide analytics for any content producer, live streamer, or brand. Social Blade has you covered whether you're looking for well-known YouTube producers or Twitch streamers who are playing a particular game! For the finest experience we can provide for our users, we are constantly looking to extend our feature set.

Social Blade offers daily and overall stats for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube (social media platforms). For independent creators or marketers who need to know specific statistics about influencers, the video platform works well.

Features of social blade


Obtain analytics for the YouTube channels you follow or your own. Subscribers, page views, and even projected earnings are included.


Utilize YouTube certified experts by following their step-by-step guide to channel growth.

Top Rankings

Discover the most popular YouTube channels quickly. Utilize such statistics to grow your YouTube channel and your follower base over time.

Discord community and server

There are thousands of people on the Discord server, and they frequently assist one another by providing common answers or discussing comparable experiences.

Highlights of additional features

Earnings Calculator Partner Program

Pros and cons


  • Live Sub Counts
  • Affordable
  • a thriving user base
  • lists of the most popular channels


  • Bulk statistics updates take a long time.
  • lacking a tag focus


Tubebuddy alternative

4. Animoto

Tubebuddy alternative

Animoto is a self-contained video creation tool that allows users to produce professional-looking videos in a matter of minutes. The drag and drop user interface does away with the need for prior video editing knowledge. This aids marketers in increasing sales, increasing website traffic, improving audience engagement, and increasing lead generation efforts. In order to get started quickly, creators can add images and video clips and select a storyboard template. Every component of the videos, including the colors, typefaces, music, and more, can easily be changed. They may now tailor the content to fit their brand thanks to this. Photos and movies are dropped into custom templates using the drag and drop interface. The given templates are flexible and give brands a great deal of flexibility in terms of the potential adjustments.

With Animoto, you can save your preferred colors, fonts, and logos and quickly apply them to your videos. Then incorporate eye-catching effects, animations, and transitions, and through their collaboration with Getty Images, customers can access more than a million stock images and movies.


There's no need to navigate confusing email threads and conflicting remarks. To add time-stamped comments to your movie, invite anyone. Directly from your video editing interface, respond to and take action on feedback.

Easily import from cloud storage or upload from your computer. Use our collection of Getty Images stock photos or the built-in screen recorder to fill in any gaps.

You may share your films immediately from Animoto with integrated social sharing, embedding, and email capabilities, or you can download them in 1080p.


Tubebuddy alternative

5. Vidooly


In-depth digital video insights are provided by Vidooly to assist individual video producers, advertising, and media companies in expanding their reach. More than 25 million content producers have confidence in it.

Features of Vidooly

Brand Influence

A campaign's effect on your brand can be measured by Vidooly. Additionally, it helps assess whether the proper audience is being targeted by your videos.

Information about advertisements

Before and after running an ad campaign, get thorough statistics. In-depth details about consumer purchasing behavior across platforms are provided by Vidooly, along with details about particular categories like location and demographics.

Integrated Market Research

You can get competitor information, demographics, market trends, and a thorough consumer study from Vidooly using both conventional approaches and AI. Currently supported industries include those in the media and entertainment, automotive, health and fitness, beauty and lifestyle, food and beverage, travel and tourism, telecom, banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI), as well as fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and children sectors.

Other features include

  • specific branding
  • Social networking (social media)
  • Lead gathering
  • Individualized call to action (CTA)


Affordable (beginning at $9 per month) Powerful insights by segment, such as interest, geography, gender, and age

4,000,000 video analyses across various platforms

Top YouTube channels, the most popular YouTube videos, and the top Facebook videos are all available for free without registering.


No free offer

limited features; extra software may be required for full features

Pricing levels for features are opaque, and depending on your needs, your monthly payment may change significantly.



Final thought

Give your potential viewers (and YouTube) every opportunity to find your material as a new YouTube creator. Finding the terms and phrases that best characterize your videos is important until you have a strong subscriber base to support increasing viewing momentum. As a result, when a user searches for content on YouTube using certain words and phrases, you are assisting YouTube in deciding whether it can present a video of yours to them.

Find keywords with less competition using their Keyword Explorer to improve your chances of having your videos rank well.

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