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Types of Landing Pages( tips to increase sales)

Landing pages are a key element of an online marketing strategy for big or small corporations and companies. Landing pages serve as a way to capture an individual’s contact information. They are an integral component of any marketing plan, and the best way to use them is by including proper headings and ensuring a clean copy structure.

What is a landing page and how does it differ from a home page?

Landing pages, according to Unbounce, can be a web pages designed with a marketing or advertising campaign. The page is created specifically for the purpose of that campaign, and usually contains one objective, known as a CTA.

It could represent your introduction to your target audience, persuade them, and even guide them towards becoming a customer.

What does a perfect Landing Page look like?

It is traditionally designed with a singular act in mind, but the home page has a more multifaceted purpose. Home pages usually represent an introduction to the website and show visitors content they can access, which doesn't offer anyone specific action to take.

Types of Landing Pages

Landing pages are pages that marketers create to achieve a variety of objectives. With so many marketing goals, there are various types of landing pages one can use depending on your niche. Below are a few of them you need to test out and see which one works for you best

Lead Generating Landing Pages

Lead generation are specifically designed to capture your personal information, such as the following. Note your kind of business or niche might differ from mind, therefore some may want few details from you while others may require more

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Job Titles
  • Zipcode
  • Country

Click-through landing pages

A click-through landing page should be simple with limited information about a discount, promotion, or offer. These are less in the buying cycle and are used later to convince the user of a purchase.

A click-through landing page is most effective at the bottom of your funnel. It encourages a visitor, who is already seriously interested in your offer, to take one more step toward becoming a customer. It allow them to read persuasive information about an offer to sell a product or service without being distracted by the terrifying “buy” button. To spark interest in a copy, use a headline to grab their attention and use your copy to deliver on that promise. You can also help readers imagine themselves as the hero in your story with images.

Long-form landing pages

As opposed to short promotional landing pages built on flashy sales copy, these long-form landing pages rely on heavy amounts of content to entice the user. The goal is to educate users by adding features and benefits, rather than relying on flashy graphics.

Landing pages are ideal for prospects considering a large purchase or requiring personal information. These landing pages relieve prospects of the need to sort through your website due to the focused nature of the content on them.

Product detail landing pages

Retailers provide customers with a variety of information about the product, such as a description, prices, shipping options, and pictures.

There is a range of landing page formats, each suited to a different type of marketing campaign. The type chosen depends on the tactics and the goals.

Marketers use different tactics to try and drive traffic to your landing pages, such as buying ads on other websites.

Video landing page

This type of landing page has a video as the focal point, which entices site visitors to watch it by removing buttons from the action.

Video content can be combined with text to offer in-depth customer knowledge, while still being able to seal the deal. The genres of video that perform best on a landing page are the ones that are congruent with what you are offering.

Here’s how video landing pages can help your business

  • Explainers can help get customers on board with your services.
  • These promo videos tell viewers about a product, and if they submit their email details, they may get more information.
  • Product demos show how your product works by playing a video of it in action.
  • Having testimonial videos adds credibility to your service or product. Satisfied customers and former clients speak about the value of your business.

Squeeze page landing page

They usually only require that a visitor enter their email address so they can obtain your product.

Although squeeze page offers less information than landing pages because landing page gives a consumer more information and can be longer than squeeze pages, usually containing more images. Squeeze pages contain fewer images and information as well as an explanation of what the consumer will get for entering their email into the landing page.

Sales Landing Page

They are used to entice potential customers and are usually located at the bottom of a funnel and their main goal is to complete the sale. They can include testimonials, quotations, videos, and CTAs in order to persuade visitors to buy something. A good sales page should look like a direct mail letter so that it can be as extensive as possible.

A sales landing page is a place to quickly navigate, easily see what you need, and close the sale. The chances of purchasing an item will be increased through the inclusion of reviews, certifications, and testimonials.

Splash Landing Page

Typical types of landing pages include a simple backdrop or image and only very little text. Instead, they offer something to encourage purchases

Instead of the traditional “welcome,” this kind of page starts off with a splash page that offers you an extra 15% off if you sign up now. It encourages people to explore the website even if they end up there by accident.

How to increase your landing page traffic and increase your sale

Pay-per-click advertising

If you are investing in PPC ads on search engines, display marketing on related websites, or other forms of pay-per-click advertising, you need optimized landing pages to increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

Instead of sending clicks to your homepage, you should create a single landing page. This will entice users to buy your new product right away.

You can also invest in pay-per-click ads on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Social Media Marketing

Landing pages can be used when organic social media traction is wanted. For example, an ebook can be used for lead generation through social media. Visitors can be redirected to a landing page and post their information in exchange for the exclusive offer.

Contests and giveaways

It’s the year 2022 and people still love free things. Giveaways and contests are ways to engage with a prospect that has been difficult to reach. Giveaways and contests are a great way to get people's attention in the current era, especially since they're always looking for free giveaways.

Content marketing

Content marketing allows you to provide valuable, relevant, and consistent content that attracts and retains a clearly defined audience with the hopes of convincing them to become customers.

For example, let’s say you have a content marketing plan that offers useful resources. They can be something your market would want to take advantage of. You can use landing page forms to get people to submit their email addresses for exclusive access. From there, we’ve already hooked them and we can continue providing valuable content that aids in the buying process.

If you are going to be asking your visitors to take an action (like giving you their email address), then you better deliver some valuable content in return. Find out what your customers want and need, and give it to them on your landing page.

A recent study found that long-form copy pages, when used properly, increased conversion rates by 220%. However, if this doesn't seem to be the case for your campaign, you should keep your CTA above the fold to present it quickly to new visitors.

Landing page optimization takes some time, but to achieve the best results for your campaign, you should test everything: from where to put the inquiry form to which headline works better and ensure your page is optimized for SEO.

Do you use landing pages? Please comment below with your thoughts. SHALOM

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