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Web icon you should know and start using to save you lots of time because icons are a useful and visual way of helping people understand your content. They can be created in a variety of ways, but one of the most time-consuming is finding the right icon for your blog or website to match your stock photos. In this article, I have compiled below 11 free websites that offer web icons that will help you save time when it comes to finding exactly what you want.

1. Icons8

web icon

Icons8 is unlike a file resale creator marketplace because they actually produce their content by themselves and also label it and create custom tools to keep it handy.

You can use their icons for free but please note that all icons and character icons belong to their rightful owners when using them and also commercial use will be subject to permission.

All icons in icons8 that is up to 100*100 px are freely available in PNG format, but the link attribute is required

Icons in the Popular category are available for free as well in all formats and sizes, but again, the link attribute is required.

Icons from the Logos and Characters category are freely available in any format and size, requiring an association attribute. All questions regarding the commercial use of these symbols should be addressed with the respective owners of the symbols/characters if you must use them.

What is the Mega Creator plan in icons8?

Icons8 has what is called mega Creator which is an online graphic design software that can let you create your own clipart, templates, and collages using a built-in library of AI-powered icons, illustrations, photos, faces Create, and Wallpaper.-Plan.

It allows you to use up to 100 assets per month, edit them and download them as SVG or PSD. The Mega Creator subscription is our stand-alone product and is not included in any other package.

Mode of usage after subscription expiration

You will be able to continue using any downloaded content while the subscription is active or expired. And you won't have to credit them anymore after the expiration and also have the right to re-upload them later in a different color, size, or format.

Are their icons free for commercial use?

You are free to use their icons with links back to their website for commercial and other purposes. But resale and distribution of original icon files to third parties are prohibited.

All logos and character icons belong to their respective owners and permission is required for commercial use.

One good thing with icons8 is that they can offer discounts to verified students. If you are a student and would like a discount for icons8, please contact them through their contact form. 

2. Iconmnstr

Web icon

Iconmonstr is a huge, free,  and simple icon source operated by one creator. It was created by the German chief designer Alexander Kalkopf with over 20 years of professional experience in icon design. Unique and consistent icons from proprietary sources. Clean and accurate icon design on a 24-pixel grid. You can choose the size, color and shape of the background.

One of the best sites for fast, simple and customizable icons. The maximum pixel size of a PNG is limited to 240×240 pixels, but it's always a good idea to choose a default icon here. License: Free vector icon for commercial or personal use with credit.

3. Flaticon

web icon

Flaticon is home to many talented icon designers. Each works in a different style and uses different concepts, so you can always find the right icon for your project. We help you turn your ideas into reality. Their goal is to provide the highest quality content such as illustrations, photos, icons, layouts and presentation templates. 

The origins of Freepik were established in 2010 by brothers Alejandro and Pablo Blanes with their friend Joaquín Cuenca, founder of Panoramio (acquired by Google). Alejandro wanted to create a platform where designers could find free graphic resources. Pablo and Joaquin supported his idea and

Freepik was born. Browse and discover millions of vectors, photos, PSDs, icons, presentation themes and editable online templates. Enjoy your creativity without limits.

4. Dryicons

web icon

Unlike other icon design websites, DryIcons creates your own icons and icon sets, vector graphics, and web templates, and offers them for free initially with a free license. As such, DryIcons prioritizes independent coders/developers, small design firms, and organizations. For the rest of the users who can't use Works with a free license, DryIcons offers two licensing options: a regular license and an extended license. All DryIcons work (meaning “icons, icon packs, vector graphics, and web templates”) is free but read their terms and conditions. All DryIcons artwork is distributed under the free DryIcons license.

You may use their icons, icon sets, vector graphics and web templates in any website, web application or any other form of presentation publicly available via the World Wide Web only in the following ways.


  • DryIcons Free License terms and conditions: you must place a backlink with credits to https://dryicons.com on every page where DryIcons works are used
  • You must include the correct backlink to the DryIcons website, which is: https://dryicons.com;
  • You must put the link in a place that is easy to see and recognize, so as not to confuse the original author of the work (DryIcons)
  • When copying or paraphrasing the descriptive text (or title) on any Work, you must ensure that there are no typos; does not attempt to claim or imply that you and not DryIcons are the original authors of the works of DryIcons (icons, icon sets,and graphics).

5. Mr.icons


Mr.icons Many standard and unique icon sets are for free download. The site is easy to navigate for ease of use. Mr.Icons may host different license agreements for each vector or set of vectors, so please check their license agreement before using their icons.

6. Graphic burger

graphic bugger

GraphicBurger is a premium design resource buffet program that is freely available to the community. Here you'll find exclusive “ready-to-go” PSDs as well as top freebies from advertisers around the world.  All content is available for download on GraphicBurger, including but not limited to logo mockups, product mockups, text effects, icons, user interfaces, illustrations, backgrounds, packages, and more. 

You are authorized to use the Resources in certain personal and commercial projects for yourself or a client. You can modify the resources according to your needs and include them in works like websites, apps, printed materials, and others. No attribution or link to this site is required, but any credit would be appreciated.  Prohibitions

7. Pixeden


Pixeden was born with the idea of ​​creating a one-stop shop for all the tools a modern designer might need in their daily routine.  We strive to bring you the very best in each of our free and premium graphic, web, and design resources.

As a designer and developers, we are always looking for a place to quench our thirst for quality resources to facilitate our work and inspire us.

Becoming a Pixeden member is an advantage because you can ask them to create the design you need with their resource community system and with their paid subscription you will have access or support service to modify and use their resources in your projects.

8. Iconfinder


Iconfinder is a small international team based in the beautiful city of Copenhagen,  some working remotely. Together with our passionate design community, we create the world's largest resource for high-quality icons and illustrations. They help designers make a living doing what they love. Feel free to use it as long as you link it to your logo. Their service, Logos is available in vector (SVG) and raster (PNG) formats. Click on the image below.

9. Captain icon  

captain icon

Captain Icon has created a customizable icon pack that allows you to change everything from size, color, shape, and more. He knows exactly how it works so he's created everything you need for a vector or graphic design application. EPS, PSD, and SVG formats are available for you to use in your web, mobile, and desktop projects. Check out the new Sketch release!

A free icon set of black and white icons is available to download. These are great if you're looking for something a little more unique or informal for your project.

10. Good stuff no nonsense  


Good stuff no nonsense standard license allows you to create an end product for sales, such as custom stickers or decals. When you exceed the 500 sales amounts, you can simply buy another simple license. You can also purchase an extended license for unlimited sales and it costs ten times the standard price.

The Space Icons are released under the CC BY 4.0 license, meaning that you may use the icons for personal and commercial work, but you must give me appropriate credit (Icons by Good Stuff No Nonsense). Just keep in mind that the icons from the Fan Art section are for personal use only.

11. Iconarchive


Icon Archive is a professional online icon search engine with over 600,000 icons for web developers, end users, and graphic artists. It is also a source of inspiration for new design ideas and a place to enjoy beautiful icons. Here you can easily collect, organize and share your favorite icons. If you want to customize your desktop, you can download icons for most operating systems or choose from one of the many operating system variations on its website (Win, Mac or PNG files; web or SVG files for Linux). Website or software developers needing custom icon designs can find professional icon artists here. This can lead to freelance work or design assistance for projects of all sizes. On the ‘Icon Artists' page, you can choose an artist who offers custom icon designs.”

Thank you for reading, let’s have your thought in the comment section and don't forget to read terms of usage for any of the web icon that catches your eye and also if they are way too big you can compress them using these tools… SHALOM

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