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What Is Content Marketing

Content marketing and attraction marketing maybe confusing sometime especially if you are new to the digital marketing world but in a simple understanding, they are all the same if you ask me

You may be thinking why I said so if you have a contrary view?

Well, let’s check their uses and the intention for using them

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is all about telling a story inform of article to make people believe your story, you are not in anyway forcing them to believe it but with your articulated points they will willingly believe your stories. Now since you can make people believe your stories you can as well present them a solution to certain problem through your story telling and because there is value in your story, they will do what you asked them to do

What is attraction marketing?

Attraction marketing is a way of writing or telling a story to encourage people to see reason why they should believe your stories without actually mandating them to do so. They believed your stories because they might have experienced or used your story to solve a problem

As you can see, the two definitions might be different but all boiled down into building a relationship through story telling.

Now, that you have a good relationship with people you can include more value to your stories, maybe by availing them with products or services you may have used or someone close to you, and since they had already trusted your judgement through your stories, subscribing for whatever offer you present to them becomes easy

How to you maintain that relationship?

As long as you post regularly, it doesn’t really matter what the content you share is. Once someone reads your posts and sees they’re coming in regularly with undiluted facts and figures, they’ll continue following you.

Don’t get it twisted as a beginner because people don’t get wowed by the stories you tell anywhere or on your website on the first visit for the most part.

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Normally, they are reading the web because they need some information quickly.

Things only start to click into place if they then visit that site again. And again. Through fluke on Google, or because a friend keeps sharing the content, they start to see the same brand crop up a few times with enormous value, they will start to recognize it.

Content marketing isn’t a rock science or magic bullet. It is hard work and it is only effective at all if you consistently put out excellent quality work.

We have laid some foundation on what content or attraction marketing are, now it’s time to share how you can make content marketing work for you

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Write a sharable content

Content makes the web go round. If you want more traffic, if you want more loyal visitors and if you want better search engine rankings, then you need quality content.

How often do you share your content on social media? Sharing your own content is perhaps the best social media strategy and if other people share it with their networks your article or story will go viral within a shortest period?

 Make your content Specific

The single most powerful tip I can possibly share on this topic is to aim your content at someone specific. That means that it should be tailored for your ‘persona’ – the demographic that you think will want to read your content.

This works because it leverages the communicative nature of social media. Generally, we share content with someone to show that we are thinking of them or we share in their pain

Facilitate Discussion

Another tip is to facilitate discussion, or to make your post something that can be used as part of discussion.

Making your post something that asks a challenging question and takes a potentially controversial stance is one way to do that. A safer way is to make a post that can explain a topic or back up an argument, thereby making it something that people can share with their friends or people in online communities when they’re having discussions.

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Choose the Right Images

The right images go a long way to making your content more sharable and engaging. Did you know that a lot of the time, people click ‘like’ or ‘share’ before they’ve even read the content by just seeing a good and quality image? In that case, you need to make your images professional

 Choose the Right Title

What is a good title for social media?

A good tittle is a title of your article that resonate with your audience, make your titles emotionally resonant, unique and interesting while having some meat to deliver on when people click through!

Thank you for reading, would like to hear your understanding about attraction and content marketing… Shalom

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