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What is the best ai writing software?

AI software's are AI-based tools that create human language content based on parameters outlined by the user. AI can help when it comes to writing blog posts, which will make your content distribution easier. In this article you will learn what is the best AI content writing tool and why you should start using them?

When deciding how to use AI for generating the content, moderation is key. It is better to create a few posts with quality content than it is to depend on AI systems with long blog posts full of errors.

AI tools are good for generating content quickly and efficiently on a range of topics. They can be used for different writing purposes such as to research, summarize, and rephrase the content.

Content writing AI can also be used to help with writer’s block. If you get stuck, use the content generated by the AI to continue writing your post.

AI writing tools can be especially helpful in assisting with the content creation process. Most of them are not perfect, but they have the ability to easily assist in writing content that is on par with human-written material when inputted with the right conditions. The tools can often generate content that needs significant editing.

10 best AI software's and benefits of using it

AI Writers can be a great assistant to copywriters who struggle with content diversity. Even though we are still in the early stages of AI writing tools, there are many questions from beginner perspectives related to the tools.

The best way to learn and understand the different tools would be to try them out with the free trials. A number of AI writers offer free trials and limited levels of AI-generated texts, But some of them require a subscription fee but with the free trial you must have gotten the idea on which one to use depending on the nature of your niche.

Why use AI to write?

You will need to use AI-powered tools to generate the texts or required content. Most of the current AI writing assistants use an API from Open AI, which is the world’s biggest neural network-powered language model.

Manually creating content regularly is tedious and tiresome. Writing content time after time can give you the feeling of being overwhelmed. Automating content with Jasper or copymatic and other AI reduces your workload and streamlines your creative process.

Which is the best AI tool?

Copymatic and Jasper writing software's are the most advanced tools on this list. These tools streamlined the process making it an excellent choice for the typical content needs of a blog post. if you master any of these tools, your writing speed will definitely increase drastically with quality content for your readers or customers

Jasper AI

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is one of the most feature-rich tools to use if you are looking for an AI writer. The tool allows you to use over 50+ templates and have content translated into more than 25 languages.

The Jasper AI team frequently updates the tool and continues to add new features that make it a great option for AI content writing. The different tones of voice programs enable to create of content with a specific tone

There is an option for both a starter plan and the boss mode plan. The best plan for you depends on your business needs and budget.

You can try the two plans by signing up for Jasper AI's free trial offer. This allows you to experiment and find out if Jasper AI is right for your blog posts.


Jasper AI Pricing

The Starter Plan is good for beginner users and gives them the opportunity to see how AI can create custom content. The Starter Plan is limited to 20,000 words and is mainly suited to creating short-form content.

Boss Mode Plan: $59 / Month: This plan is for those who want to create long blog posts, articles, and other content. It allows for 50,000 words per month and unlimited workspace documents.

They had an entry-level Pro Plan which was the best choice for long-form content previously. Now, they simplified their options to choose between long-form and short-form content needs.

All plans come with a 7-day guarantee, so if you don’t like it at any point during the first week, you can get your money back.

The learning curve for Jasper AI is high, but that shouldn't stop you from using it. With improved training resources, there's no reason not to go ahead and give Jasper AI a try.

Copymatic AI


Copymatic is an AI-powered platform to write engaging, conversion-optimized, and human-quality copy or content: from social media ads to full landing pages or blog posts in seconds. With Copymatic, you don’t need to input strict parameters as you would with a traditional platform, allowing you to create quality content fast.

Copymatic is a new AI writer. It uses GPT-3, an advanced algorithm that was developed based on the knowledge of advertisement experts. Copymatic’s API can be useful for advanced users.

Copymatic offers a number of services that can improve AI copy, including ad copy for Facebook, website copy content, and e-commerce copy. They also provide grammar checkers to make sure the content is grammatically correct.

Copymatic Pricing


Copy AI

Copy AI

Copy AI offers a cloud-based copywriting platform that produces human-level content for all of your marketing channels at an affordable price, with many satisfied users. The transparency of the tool is in its unique approach to generating quality content

They have also launched document editors, so if you wanted to make a blog post, you could add another template to your blog post.

Copy AI is one of the leading copywriting tools out there with a large following. It has a high-quality, transparent platform that uses structured data and machine learning to generate quality content. Many highly satisfied customers have posted on Twitter about their experience with Copy AI's platform

Copy AI features

  • The best AI tools for content generation
  • It uses structured data and machine learning to generate custom content with the same quality as that created by human writers.
  • COPY AI helps users create compelling content, without the hassle
  • Ability to translate AI text into 25+ languages
  • Copy AI is easy to use, streamlined, and available for all types of content creation like headlines, introductions, product descriptions etc.
  • Ability to generate similar content
  • UI is great and easy to use. Their templates are helpful!
  • Recently added support for a long-form content editor (also integrated with templates)


Copy AI also offers business plans with a custom package deal that takes into account the needs of a company, including collaboration features. The cost of this plan varies depending on how many users purchase it.

Copy AI

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO

Long-form content, like blog posts, must have SEO in mind because it often takes a lot of time to create quality posts. I have included Surfer SEO because it is tightly integrated with Jasper's AI tool for creating quality content.

The pro plan allows you to use 30 editors and 60 audits monthly. You can also invite up to three team members to use the same Surfer SEO account under this plan. As a business, you might find the Pro plan above is sufficient for your needs. However, if you need extra people to edit content and perform audits, consider upgrading to this business plan which includes 70 Content Editors and 140 audits per month. The API and white labeling features help it work for your clients, and the added team members allow this plan to be optimal for larger teams.

Surfer SEO features

  • You can use the content planner to generate your own blog post, or you can use Surfer’s algorithm to help structure your content.
  • Automated content analysis and SEO tasks with Surfer Grow Flow
  • The only SEO tool that integrates well with AI writer.
  • Surfer SEO gives you the ability to integrate with other content tools
  • Get content guidelines and suggestions to increase your rankings for existing content
  • Know your website's strengths and weaknesses with a detailed audit

Surfer SEO's pricing?

Surfer SEO

Frase AI tools


SEO writers have taken to Frase rapidly because it can quickly produce high-quality, grammatically accurate content. The tool optimizes the whole content workflow. This includes generating a content brief, generating the main content, and then going back to optimize it based on competitors in other search engines.

Frase AI can write entire content marketing pieces for you. The AI uses predetermined structures as well as machine learning to generate new and high-quality content every time. Generate content briefs with the goal of improving your Google search ranking. · This can also be used by other people writing for the blog, so everyone is on the same page

Useful features

The Frase AI is the best option for those who want to use an AI-based writing tool for full content marketing needs.

  • Generate content with search engine ranking in mind
  • Content scoring features based on data for the target keywords
  • best AI tools to use for content generation
  • Ability to send editable links to writers and create team project folders
  • Frase AI uses data to determine if an article is relevant.
  • Ability to create templates and guidelines suitable for the general public
  •  Includes text editor equipped to provide users with a rich set of content creation
  • Ability to send editable links to writers and create team project folders
  • Ability to integrate SEO tools, including monthly search volume for keywords, domain authority check, and backlink data for top search results


frase pricing

The SEO add-on will cost customers an additional $35/mo. Among other perks, this add-on includes more advanced features of Frase AI Writer.

Frase AI is a content marketing tool that can help your team create relevant, unique content. It has an average rating of 4.8/5.

Semrush Writing Assistant

semrush writing assistant

Semrush is a leading SEO tool, and its latest feature was its writing assistant. As the creators of many content pieces, they saw their tool grow quickly as they were great at SEO. It is a great AI tool that can create content with SEO and many other features

Tools like Jasper AI and copymatic and other AI Tools are useful for generating quality content, but you want to make sure to proofread and edit them with keywords before publishing. Semrush is a tool that can help with this.

Semrush content assistant AI content generators can create quality content but make sure to check your content for plagiarism, not just for Semrush content assistant   but all the AI tools, and make sure it is original to you

The system analyzes your content, provides a readability analysis and suggests sentences that might need to be rewritten in order to improve the quality of your work and tries to ensure that your tone of voice is consistent with the target audience in mind.

Useful features

  • Making your content more SEO-friendly by helping you decide which keywords to target and other factors to consider such as images, links, and tags while publishing. 
  • Check your content for plagiarism – you want to make sure that the content generated from the AI content generators is original for you to use
  • Improve the readability of your content with suggestions about which sentences need to be re-written 
  • Ensure that your tone of voice is consistent with the target audience in mind. 

Semrush Pricing 

Semrush has three different plans and their higher-tier plans consist of more tools and functionalities.

semrush writing assistant
  • Pro Plan: $119.95 / month
  • Guru Plan: $229.95 / month
  • Business Plan: $449.95 / month


anyword tool

Anyword can generate AI-generated texts to help content creators find the best copy to convey their message. The predictive performance scores on the tool help them evaluate which copy will perform best.

Anyword a data-driven copywriting service has helped increase conversion rates by 20%-30%. Anyword can generate AI texts for all channels and formats including Ad copy, landing pages, blog posts, email, and SMS.

With Anyword, you can generate highly effective ad copies for social channels. The AI also has a number of other impressive features that make it an excellent choice for an overall and versatile AI writer. It has many different features that can make it an excellent choice for writing AI. One of its most popular features is generating compelling and highly effective ad copies.

AnyWord is a quick and easy generator for any type of content needed including articles, emails, and product descriptions.

Anyword features

  • Generate effective copy and predict its performance before launching a campaign
  • How WordAI creates plagiarism-free content in minutes
  • With the Anyword AI Business plan, you can generate unlimited AI texts
  • Trained on 2 billion data points to know what works and converts
  • Supports 25+ languages


anyword tool pricing



Grammarly is a tool that can fix any punctuation mistakes or grammatical errors, whether you’ve written the sentence, AI content, or both. The free version of the tool is powerful, but you need the premium version to take full advantage of everything it has to offer. Structure, plagiarism, and originality checking are just a few things available when you upgrade.

With Grammarly, you are able to review the essays that your content writing AI has generated ensuring quality because drafting content is only half the battle. As AI becomes increasingly sophisticated, it’s paramount that you vet the final product before publishing them on your website.

Grammarly can be integrated with just about every AI content generator. All you need to do is activate the Grammarly browser extension to get started and begin producing quality pieces of content.

After using Grammarly's features, it is evident that these features work well in combination with other AI content-generating tools. They are an outstanding overall writer's aide and by using their technology, a person can produce high-quality work quickly and efficiently. one good thing about the business plan is that up to three people can actually use the subscription





Writesonic is another AI writing tool in the market, with most marketing and eCommerce brands as their target audience. Their platform comes with professionally-written templates for different types of copy. You can use a template to create quality content quickly for any digital marketing campaign or content needs. All of these tools help an AI generate quality press releases with names and more.

The AI behind Writesonic was designed based on the copy of top brands. The AI creates content with a higher conversion rate and was trained to create better quality.

Writesonic offers a free trial and there is no payment necessary until it starts working for you. You can create 10 blog posts with data experience and machine learning before deciding whether to purchase the service.

Writesonic offers an annual subscription of $90/year, and 2 months of free service when you subscribe to the yearly plan.



We have just looked at a few of the best AI writers; now is a good time to make a shortlist and see which one you think will work the best for your needs by using the free trials.

Make sure your engines are compatible with the features you need and are within your budget.

Thank you for reading, Let’s have your Comment on what AI tools are your favorite to use…  SHALOM

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