what is wp optimize

What is wp optimize

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WP-Optimize Cache is a ground-breaking, all-in-one WordPress performance cache plugin that compresses your images, cleans your database, and caches your website. The cache feature was created using the fastest caching engine available.

You have everything you need to keep your website responsive and fully optimized with this straightforward, well-liked tool! In as much as we have different types of both premium and free cache plugins, wp optimize is among my favorite

Work of wp optimize

In addition to many things you don't need, your WordPress database also contains everything you need for your website. WP-Optimize Cache removes all of this extra data that you don't need for your website growth, organizes your tables, and even recovers storage space that was lost due to data fragmentation.

Numerous tests demonstrate that the cache feature by itself can make WordPress sites at least as quick as any other available caching or speed plugin and frequently faster. However, there is a noticeable speed difference when you combine the cache with database optimization, image compression plugins, and minify.

What is even cache

A cache is a hardware or software component in computing that stores data so that requests for it in the future can be processed more quickly. The data that is cached may be the output of a previous computation or a copy of data that is stored elsewhere. When the requested data can be found in a cache, a cache hit occurs; when it cannot, a cache miss occurs. The WP-Optimize cache accomplishes this by storing the page that WordPress generated on the disk.

Before WordPress is loaded when a user accesses a page, WP-Optimize will serve the cached version of the page. WordPress will compute the results if the page hasn't already been cached, and WP-Optimize will then store the information in the cache.

Why you need wp optimize WordPress cache

WordPress automatically saves the updated version to the database whenever you make changes to a post or page on your website. If you frequently edit something (especially if the post is lengthy), your database will quickly fill up with previous revisions that are just sitting there and taking up space. By eliminating these pointless post revisions, WP-Optimize Cache frees up valuable Megabytes of data, improving speed and effectiveness. With a single click, it also purges your comments table of all the spam and unapproved comments that have accumulated.

Website Structure

Your website can be kept organized, quick, and effective with the help of WP-Optimize Cache, which gives you insight into which database tables have overhead and unused space. Once enabled, WP-Optimize Cache can automatically clean up on a predetermined schedule, keeping a specified number of weeks' worth of data.

Why use wp optimize premium

The free version of WP-Optimize has some features like database cleanup for WordPress, image compression, and caching for pages and posts, but as we all know, free versions always have limitations. WP-Optimize Premium makes sure that your websites are ultimately lean, fast, neat, stable, and robust.

The recently released WP-Optimize Premium version provides users with a variety of improvements and added features that improve upon what is already excellent.

Multisite Support

Any site (or collection of sites) on your WordPress Multisite (Network) installation will be optimized if you are still using WP-Optimize Premium.

Multisite support includes an additional lock-down system to restrict management of optimizations to the super-admin only in order to maximize security.

WP-Optimize Premium is required if you oversee a Multisite WordPress installation.

Users have the maximum degree of freedom, flexibility, and choice thanks to the unmatched power of our WP-Optimize Premium version.

Multisite Support Flexibility

When “Super Admin” users are added to a Multisite WordPress installation, they can choose from a variety of over a dozen optimization options. These options can either run immediately, at a specific scheduled time and date, or on an incredibly flexible repeating schedule. These choices also give you the option to optimize specific tables.

Optimization scheduling and logging

A new, sophisticated scheduling system in WP-Optimize Premium enables admins to perform routine optimizations at any time of day, on any day of the week, twice a fortnight, or on a specific date each month. Additionally, users have the option to pre-schedule an unlimited number of single or combined optimization processes.

All of this indicates that optimizations may be carried out, for instance, after content addition and updates or at times when there are fewer visitors.

It's essential for site administrators (and super admins on multisite installs) to have a thorough understanding of changes to the installation in the complex world of multiple plug-ins, themes, PHP versions, and varying hosting platforms that exists today.

Standard Logging Support

The standard logging procedures are improved and expanded by WP-Optimize Premium, which adds three additional locations for log storage for maximum flexibility:

The standard logging procedures are improved and expanded by WP-Optimize Premium, which adds three additional locations for log storage for maximum flexibility:

  • Messages can be recorded in the system log.
  • Slack – log messages to the proper channel in Slack.
  • Log messages to the WordPress plugin called Simple History.

Image compression

With its new optimization method, WP-Optimize Premium removes orphaned images from WordPress websites. Additionally, it extends and improves image optimization by eliminating images that are too large, thereby minimizing the footprint (and cost) of your server (s). The main cause of your site's loading time being slowed down is frequently loading large images.

The image-compression tool in WP-Optimize Cache transforms large images—which take a while to load—into compressed files stored in your image library, where they can be instantly uploaded. It does this by using cutting-edge lossy compression techniques.

It has a ton of other helpful features, too, like the ability to compress images up to 5MB in size in PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, and TIF formats.

Bulk Compression

Bulk compression enables you to simultaneously compress many already-existing images.

An intelligent, multi-pass lossy compression algorithm can compress data twice as much with much less quality loss.

You can always retrieve or go back to your original images using the “Restore Originals” function.

When images are added to the website, the auto-compress function automatically compresses them.

Even after an image is compressed, EXIF Data-Keeping ensures that image data is kept.

A version of PHP and WordPress Recommendation

WordPress version 4 and PHP 5.3 are the minimum requirements in order to use all of the plugin's features. But we do advise using WordPress' most recent version.

It is also strongly advised to use PHP 7+ so that their caching feature can operate more quickly. on your website

More than a million WordPress websites use WP-Optimize, which UpdraftPlus purchased in 2016. The tool's website states that it “has everything you need to keep your website fast and thoroughly optimized.” Check out their review on G2 to decide if it's a good fit for you.

Wp optimize pricing

what is wp optimize

Final thought

You may be wondering why optimizing your website, well, it is very important because the Minify function of WP-Optimize Cache focuses entirely on making your WordPress site faster for users, if your website takes ages to load then you are on the verge of losing not just your readers but customers because no matter how beautiful your website is, no one ready to keep waiting for a slow website to come up

How Wp optimize increase a website speed

Wp optimize has built-in tools it uses in removing extra lines and spaces from the files and internally shortening long names in the code, Minify can reduce the size of your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, for example.

One more method is to combine all of your files into a small number of files. By doing this, your web server will be under less stress and may load files more quickly.

Any CSS or JavaScript file can also be delayed from loading, it also allows any large or obtrusive CSS or JavaScript file to be loaded independently from the WordPress site's core, giving users faster access to your site.

Thank you for reading. I highly recommend you try wp optimize, wp rocket, and 10web booster to see which one will give you the exact result you want, and share your experience with us in the comment section. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel… SHALOM

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