Wpforms vs Metform which one is better

Wpforms vs Metform which one is better

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Wpforms vs metform which one is better to build a professional and highly secure WordPress website form for your customers or reader to find it simple getting across to you is what a lot of people are asking knowingly fully well how important it is that when building your website for as long as your business or service is online and you want to be in business, regardless of the industry you are in. This is because the data you provide on your contact page will make your reader have some kind of relax mind since there is an address and contact form which will also build trust

There are several clear advantages to offering a web form on your website, If everything is done properly by providing an address, phone number, and email, your customers or readers will be happy for having a place they can easily reach out to you

Benefits of online forms


Online forms make it possible for website owners to keep track of how many people visit their site, when they visit, whether they fill out the form or not, and how long they stay there. Such data is crucial when creating strategies to enhance a website and boost traffic. And if they filled out the web form, you learn exactly what they were seeking for so you can meet that particular need.

Knowing which demands of potential clients to target, which items they prefer better, and which communication methods they are interested in will help your business flourish. And the good news is that you learn the information.

Response to Queries is Automated

Online forms enable users to narrow down the information they enter by stating their concerns and preferences as they go. It avoids broad inquiries that are time-consuming to answer and occasionally even too ambiguous to provide guidance on how to provide the best answers. Only manually responding to email concerns is a time-consuming operation, especially when there are many users involved.

When inquiries are sent through online forms, they become more precise and are more likely to be met with an automated response that is both precise and relevant to the enquiry. Responses are typically provided through email or on-site at the end of a web form, depending on how the forms are designed

It promotes Return Visits from Visitors

Following the time-consuming procedure of completing an online form on a website, a visitor is more inclined to check their email frequently or return for results. You may rely on them to regularly visit your website as they become a potential for your email list. The act of completing a form demonstrates your company's dedication and loyalty to the goods and services it provides. Therefore, using website forms is a reliable technique to determine whether visitors are trustworthy and whether they are likely to make repeat visits. It facilitates selling to them.

Reduced spam

The majority of online forms require users to provide their emails in order to obtain responses. Until you submit your completed form and receive a response, the site owner's email address is not instantly accessible. Spam bots can be easily repelled because users must fill out information rather than making email inquiries.

Less spam is sent to you as the site owner in company emails, which clears up and declutters your inbox. Because anyone eager enough to fill out a form is likely to be a serious user searching for long-term interaction, you can also create an actual email list from the form queries. You'll also be able to respond to particular and genuine correspondence if you keep junk emails out of the way.


Both the website owner and the website visitor will find online forms convenient. They enable you, as the company owner, to decide what data you require from website visitors. The information you need to provide can be tailored to match your marketing strategies or to be information that will help your organization expand. Additionally, the forms can be created to automatically guide users to the information they are most likely seeking for.

Web forms provide an easy approach for users to receive what they need without having to create email inquiries. They let you to order things online without a credit card and subscribe to email lists of your choice.

Metform vs wpforms wordpress plugins


Wpforms vs Metform which one is better

he most adaptable WordPress form builder is MetForm. With more than 100,000 active installations right now, it has expanded incredibly quickly since its inception. This WordPress form plugin has rapidly increased the number of active installations and won significant honors from the WordPress community, including The Monster Awards.

This powerful form builder plugin that is compatible with elementor page builder has drag-and-drop form functionality. Along with numerous sophisticated features including a pre-built template, third-party integration, and design friendliness, this WordPress form builder's success can be attributed to its design friendliness.

You will also get integrations for newsletters, email notifications, CRM, Google Sheets, and more. The Wpmet that created metform always updates its plugin and tests using the most recent PHP and WordPress versions to ensure it is compatible with other plugins.


With more than 5 million active installations, WpForms is another very well-liked form creator for WordPress. The majority of the survey forms for business use that this drag-and-drop form builder specializes in.

The more than 5 million active installations, WpForms is another very well-liked form creator for WordPress. The majority of the survey forms for business use that this drag-and-drop form builder specializes in.

Wpforms vs Metform which one is better

For the purpose of saving you significant time, this wpforms WordPress form plugin has a sizable selection of form templates. Furthermore, this plugin provides a variety of extensions for simple and seamless third-party interaction.

This wpforms plugin includes other features in addition to simple payment connection, including quick notifications. You can download both the free and paid versions of this robust form builder.

Features comparison for both form builder

Now let's discuss their features and some additional factors, such as the number of active installations. However, when comparing them, don't jump to conclusions based solely on the number of installations of a particular theme or plugin because many factors, such as when it was launched, whether it was free or premium, could contribute to why one had more installations than the other. The quantity or caliber of features that any Form builder has to offer are not necessarily represented by the live installation.

Features for metform

  • Can create contact forms that are device responsive
  • Spam protection and GDPR compliance
  • Simply drag and drop elements to create forms without writing a single word of code.
  • 30+ built-in templates for contact forms
  • Advanced input field validation options to make sure you get the right data in the right format
  • Option for developing multi-step forms to boost submission rates
  • Using the conditional logic features, you may display or conceal any form fields according to various criteria.
  • You can quickly incorporate difficult mathematical operations into your form field.
  • 38+ input fields allow you to build any form from scratch.
  • Multiple file and media upload options are available when submitting forms.
  • Utilizing the Elementor page builder, you can easily alter the form fields, settings, and style.
  • Integration of secure payment processors like Paypal, Stripe, and others to facilitate payment receipts
  • option to distribute information from completed forms to users and administrators
  • Additionally accessible is the email verification choice.
  • The WordPress Dashboard makes it simple to manage entries (edit and delete in bulk).
  • It is simple to export and import form data into the PDF format.
  • By making logging in necessary, you can limit form submission to only those users who have registered.
  • Users' browser information, such as their IP address and browser name, can be collected.
  • The GDPR-compliant of this powerful Elementor form builder offers translation capabilities.
  • Can use REST API with ease. Integration with third parties is possible using tools like Mail Chimp, Hubspot, Google Sheets, MailPoet, Aweber, ConvertKit, FluentCRM, Slack, etc.
  • Able to create device-responsive contact forms
  • Compliance with GDPR and anti-spam measures

A brief explanation of GDPR.

The strictest privacy and security law in the world is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Although it was created and approved by the European Union (EU), it imposes requirements on any organizations that target or gather information about individuals residing in the EU. The rule becomes effective on May 25, 2018. The GDPR will impose severe fines—up to tens of millions of euros—on those who break its privacy and security criteria.

There are hundreds of pages worth of new obligations for enterprises worldwide in Europe's new data privacy and security regulation. This GDPR overview will assist you in comprehending the law and identifying the provisions that pertain to you.

Features for wpforms

With over 5 million active installations, WpForms has a ton of amazing features that have contributed to its popularity. Here are some of WpForms' features

  • Simple drag-and-drop form creation is available
  • Includes built-in form templates
  • You may quickly collect payments, contributions, etc. via payment options and easily embed in various places of a WordPress website.
  • Utilize section dividers, HTML blocks, and custom CSS to modify the form to meet your needs.
  • Can quickly include a file and media upload feature in your forms
  • Compatible with the page builders Elementor and Divi
  • An immediate contact form notification system allows you to respond to incoming questions.
  • Option to save users' progress while filling out forms
  • Several add-ons for third-party integration, including add-ons for HubSpot, Drip, SendinBlue, etc.
  • Users can click or swipe their fingers to sign online forms using the Signature Addon.

User interface and easy to use for both form builder

Although the drag-and-drop functionality is shared by all of the aforementioned plugins, does this imply that all plugins are equally user-friendly? No! Examining which form builder is more user-friendly in comparison, let's explore more closely.

MetForm ease of usage


When it comes to the actual process of creating forms, MetForm offers a similar interface to Elementor because it is an Elementor-based plugin.

On the left control panel, you will find all the input areas. as you can see in the image above You can look for them manually as well. Additionally, the dashboard makes it simple to access all the form options and manage the form data. Also worth mentioning is the dashboard's incredibly simple integration settings for all third-party plugins.

Wpforms vs Metform which one is better

Additionally, you will have the choice to amend your form submissions from the dashboard. You have the option of editing/deleting entries one at a time or in bulk. With only one click, the form's data may easily be exported in a pdf format. Additionally, you may bulk-edit the forms directly from the dashboard.

You have the greatest degree of design flexibility with MetForm. Each form field has advanced-level style options that you can personalize as desired. Additionally, the form area as a whole has extra variables (including margin, padding, custom CSS, etc.) that make it quite simple to make the forms device-responsive.

This plugin's ability to be customized from both the WordPress dashboard and the front-end editor of the Elementor page builder is yet another excellent feature. Furthermore, you have the choice to quickly use a form's shortcode wherever you wish.

Wpforms ease of usage

Wpforms vs Metform which one is better

All the forms, entries, settings, tools, add-ons, etc. are accessible from the dashboard once WpForms has been successfully installed.

With the help of this plugin, you can create wonderful forms with shortcodes at any location of your choice. You also have the option to add forms to your widget area, though it's not quite as straightforward as MetForms, I must admit.

Another task that is not particularly user-friendly, unless you are ready to practice, is selecting a template because you cannot see a preview of the form on the dashboard. You are provided with a button to view the preview in another tab. This procedure can occasionally be unpleasant.

Additionally, the free edition of WordPress does not save form submissions in the dashboard. So, if you're looking for a free form plugin that will let you easily manage all of your form submissions from the WordPress admin, look elsewhere. The relatively limited amount of style customization choices in WpForms is another drawback.

Support and Documentation for both form builder

The documentation you need to start using the capabilities that your favorite plugins have to offer is the user manual. Additionally, you would need the Software team's top-notch support if you run into any problems. Let's examine the level of these plugins' documentation and support:

Support and Documentation for MetForm

MetForm has an excellent documentation library that is very simple to follow. You can quickly discover the paper you need thanks to the categorization of all the documents. Additionally, the plugin team (Wpmet) has a YouTube channel where they provide in-depth video tutorials on how to use the features that this plugin has to offer. MetForm delivers when it comes to customer service. The team are topnotch

Support and Documentation for WpForms

WpForms provides thorough documentation for each functionality. The documentation also includes information on how to debug typical WpForms-related problems in the troubleshooting area. You can also rely on their YouTube account to learn how the features function since they post video guides for each one.

You can reach the plugin team through the support form provided by WpForms, although their response duration is not as quick as the support team of metform

Pricing for metform and wpforms

Pricing for metform

Wpforms vs Metform which one is better

The cost of using MetForm is rather adjustable. Three package options are available for this incredible form builder: Personal, Professional, and Agency. Additionally, you can purchase these packages on an annual or lifetime basis.

The cost of using MetForm is rather adjustable. Three package options are available for this incredible form builder as you can see in the image above: Personal, Professional, and Agency. Additionally, you can purchase these packages on an annual or lifetime basis.

You receive a MetForm Pro license for one site with the personal package, five sites with the professional package, and an unlimited license with the agency package.

Wpmet offers a bundle option in addition to the annual and lifetime packages, which includes 5 premium plugins ( ElementsKit PRO, ShopEngine PRO, MetForm PRO. WP Social PRO and WP Ultimate Review PRO ). There are two different bundles available:

Wpforms pricing

Wpforms vs Metform which one is better

Given that they only offer yearly subscriptions, WpForm's price is less flexible than MetForm's. However, WpForms provides 4 distinct bundles while taking the needs of the user into consideration. The pricing for the bundles are listed below: 14-day refund policy available from WpForms

Final thought

Since there are so many factors to consider when selecting the best form builder for WordPress that also support almost all WordPress themes, there isn't a definite victor, and there can't be one. And if you've followed the article closely up to this point, you've probably also seen that all of these plugins are in fierce competition with one another.

But if I had to pick one, it would be MetForm since, while being relatively new, it offers the well-rounded capabilities you need to integrate a contact form into your WordPress website with the most often used third-party integrations. And if you are using the paid version of metforms you will agree with me that it has everything you need to setup professional forms with a simple clicks

Furthermore, it allows you the most flexibility for responsive design. In addition, it has the best support team of the three and is the most affordable plugin. Together with Simple Captcha and reCAPTCHA, it will also provide you with the finest spam protection choice.

So, compared to the other WordPress form builders, MetForm is the plugin that genuinely has the advantage my sincere opinion

In the conclusion, I would say that I tried to properly compare MetForm, and WpForms. Choose whichever you believe will work best for you, your company, and your wallet.

Thank you for reading, hope this article was helpful, let us have your thought in the comment section, and please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel… SHALOM

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